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Philippines local police chief killed by fighting cockerel

The police chief of a Philippine town has been killed during a raid on an illegal cockfight when one of the razor-sharp metal blades worn by the birds cut an artery in his leg and he bled to death. 114 more words


The Vagamundo in Colonial Philippines

Who was the vagamundo? This Spanish word when translated in English means a “rolling stone,” or what we now call as a bum. In Spanish colonial Philippines, the vagamundo was an inglorious term for a person. 484 more words

Article: Win Or Lose, Animals Suffer

By: Dabria Yiong | Edited by: Lisa Foo

Humans have ‘transferred’ their desire for competition to animals and now, animals are suffering.

There are numerous sports and competitions that exploit animals. 576 more words

Animal Welfare

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Focus on Knaresborough: Cockfighting

By Gwyneth Endersby, Record Assistant

The private records we hold for Knaresborough are broad ranging in both subject matter and date. I’ve chosen to focus here on one of our smaller private collections, which offers a different perspective of the town and provides us with a short but unique snapshot in time. 660 more words