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This Jumping, Crawling Robot Roach Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Robots can have a lot of cool, practical applications. In fact, companies are utilizing robotics right now to make people’s lives better, everything from helping people with disabilities… 215 more words


Testing Roach Trap Glue on Humans Is Pure Torture — Gizmodo

Well, I can say from personal experience that these traps do work.  But it doesn’t solve the overall problem of the thousands (or perhaps millions) that are firmly entrenched behind your walls… but hand it to the Japanese to make an even stronger roach trap… so if you’re being attacked by a Yokozuna Ozumo, or a cockroach alien like the one from Men in Black, this should stop them in their tracks. 66 more words

Dude, Seriously...?

Insanely huge Japanese roach trap is strong enough to catch a sumo wrestler 【Video】

Here’s a tip: if you’re ever stuck on a giant roach trap, do not let the adhesive get on your nipple. 470 more words


Indoor Pest Control Methods

Indoor pests can bring untold miseries for a lot of homeowners. The interior insects that are most popular are mites and ants, cockroaches ticks, bed bugs. 308 more words

Is Everything Really Upside-Down?

My Cousins; Jackie and Julie, who are Aussies, told me that everything is really upside-down in Australia.  This was where they came from, so who was I to argue?  598 more words


Four Insects That Invade Your Houses Routinely

Our residences are our host to retreat and you will find bugs and insect pests that find refuge inside them too. The residence penetrating insects are mites ants and silverfish. 209 more words

Pest Report: Cockroaches

Cockroaches, one of the most household bugs that are typical, can provide the creeps to also the bravest of us. These turbo-rapid experts at disguise-and-seek find a way to infiltrate our residences before we are not unable to behave and grow greatly,. 361 more words