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'Sects Friday 08/18/2017

*Sorry for the skip day on Thursday… I did something else, that I’ll be posting on the weekend.  Meanwhile you get a Saturday cartoon tomorrow to make up for it. 58 more words

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'Sects Wednesday 08/16/2017

*Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Where’s the joke? I mean, it’s just two guys talking… and the one guy’s wife calls him home for dinner. 77 more words

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'Sects Tuesday 08/15/2017

*That’s right… all the jokes that practically write themselves in a neat little package. The new character so awesome that you ask yourself why wasn’t he here all along?

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Nude Photos, Drugs, and Cockroaches: Wild Stories from Game Shops

(Source: kotaku.com)

Retail is a tough racket. It’s no easy gig. Sometimes, it’s boring. Sometimes, it exhausting. And sometimes, it’s completely bonkers.

Here are some colorful, disgusting, and just odd moments from the trenches of gaming retail, dealing with your fellow gamers. 1,138 more words