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The seat—if one can call it that—is made of concrete. It is hard and off white. Cockroaches—one or two or three—walk by the steps. They stop by and go on. 93 more words

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War of the Coprophages

AKA, the one with killer cockroaches!

While this is not a perfect episode — the episode loses me when it tries to explain what the killer cockroaches actually are, something to do with methane? 264 more words

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It has been a busy past two weeks. It began with All Volunteer Conference then a camp for preservice teachers called Teach 2 LEAD.

All Volunteer Conference (All Vol) is a conference for volunteers to share what they are doing at site, network, and just be with other Americans for a while. 2,127 more words


A Man Felt A Cockroach In His Ear, And Doctors Found 25 More Living Inside

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Someone wise once said the only good cockroach is a dead cockroach. Unfortunately, all the cockroaches in this story were alive and thriving inside a Chinese man’s ear… 179 more words

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Man finds cockroach living in his ear - then discovers it had 25 babies

A man who went to the doctors complaining of earache was horrified to discover he had a family of cockroaches living in his ear.

Not only was there a big mummy cockroach taking up residence in his ear canal, but she had spawned 25 little baby roaches. 131 more words


The Three Most Common Pests in Florida

Florida is known for many things — our beautiful weather, tourism, theme parks, crazy news stories. One of the things most of us would rather not even think about is our pests. 506 more words

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