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Train wreck roach

WHAT is one of the worst passengers you can encounter on a Perth metropolitan train on your way to work…apart from a racist?

The Australian cockroach. 448 more words

Cockroaches and Christianity

So…there is this really interesting observation I’ve made about roaches, humans and God. Let’s see if you pick it up. Women, how would you feel if you went to deliver your baby and a black cockroach came out instead? 349 more words


On the go

Been working, traveling and camping in my hotel room with cute little cockroaches… When I told the receptionist about my night visitors he finished the sentence for me… Apparently they are frequent guests… 😂😂😂 anyways, mangoes fixed it !


Oggy and the Cockroaches

We are all sure that you know main characters of this popular cartoon. But we want to present you some facts abouth them that we bet you didn’t know at all! 317 more words


Cockroaches in the cafeteria close section of General Brock Public School

Kelly Aquene is afraid one of the cockroaches from General Brock Public School is going to come home in her granddaughter’s backpack.

“Anybody who knows about cockroaches knows they go behind picture frames, they live in sockets,” she said. 575 more words


Cockroaches in the cafeteria close section of General Brock Public School

Parts of General Brock Public School have been closed off after staff found cockroaches crawling around the cafeteria where food had been left out through the summer. 187 more words