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On the Subject of Cockroaches

You know cockroaches? Those freaky little flat things with legs, almost like bacon, but smooth and small. They taste like bacon, I would know. You can often find a cockroach under that old slab of decaying wood in your backyard, in a corner of your dark garage. 76 more words

Tips To Get Rid Of Roaches Permanently & Naturally

Roaches are one of those pests that not only spread harmful diseases, but also trigger allergic reactions in humans, specially allergic people, elders and children. It is, therefore, crucial to take measurable steps against cockroach infestation. 364 more words

Pest Control

Leicestershire restaurant closed due to cockroach infestation

An Indian restaurant in Glenfield, Leicestershire was shut down on the spot by health inspectors after they discovered a cockroach infestation in the kitchen.

Customers had to leave their half-eaten meals as inspectors waded in to intervene at… 268 more words


A step by step process of how a highly evolved being gets their life back on track

Step 1 – break up with your boyfriend to ‘find yourself’ in the process of this keep sleeping with him and be really unclear about future intentions and overall relationship. 533 more words

checking back in with the fears

Just over a year ago, on the cusp of leaving for Senegal, I jotted down a list of my fears about picking up and moving abroad with no job and very little idea of what to expect. 822 more words


If you love them, buy them a roach.

The Bronx Zoo had a great Valentines Day campaign going on the past few months: you could name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after someone for a small donation to the zoo. 180 more words