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Prince's Trust: Day 17 (Thursday 20th April 2017)

Hey everybody!

Kelly and Mel always say you can never fully predict what will happen that day when you turn up at the base (no, I’m still not naming it) at 9am every morning. 343 more words


Keep cockroaches at bay with Japanese bug-hater’s clever, non-chemical idea

Home-made “bombs” aren’t lethal, let you swap insect invaders for a pleasant smell. 318 more words


Bin Night

When humankind becomes extinct in a game of nuclear chicken between Trump and Jong-un and cockroaches, as the dominant species, evolve enough to wonder at our detritis, one of their real puzzles is going to be bins: why so many colours, why so many shapes, were the wheels a status symbol, what about the concrety built-in ones, are they even the same thing?  465 more words

Bin Day

Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo

After his success in Australia, detective Harry Hole is summoned to Thailand to investigate the murder of  the Norwegian ambassador. Found in a seedy hotel, known to be frequented by prostitutes, the ambassador’s family are reluctant to talk and are clearly hiding some secrets of their own. 268 more words


Console Repairmen Explain Why Cockroaches Love PS4s

(Source: kotaku.com)

Illustration by Jim Cooke

First, there were snakes on a plane. Then, we had sharks in tornadoes. Now, there is a darker and more prevalent combination of pests and unlikely places they exist: cockroaches in your PS4. 567 more words


What's the difference?

Dad told me the other day that he was upset that I haven’t posted any updates in a while, so this blog post is in part a response to that. 1,489 more words

Peace Corps

The cockroach who lived

Summer 2015, I was showering when something brushed against my toe. My eyes shifted instantly to find a cockroach running for his life. Contrary to what some people I know may think, I do not fear cockroaches. 310 more words