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Cockroach Extermination Ottawa ON

Are you struggling with cockroaches and don’t know what to do? Are they…


The roaches wore tiny backpacks that contained all the electronics used to enable researchers control their movement.A team of researchers implanted live cockroaches with electrodes that stimulate the nerves in the insects’ antennae, enabling the scientists to steer the creatures around like remote-controlled toys.

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Blessings Inside and Out

It is a complete blessing to do the Lord’s work, and to be a part of His glorious gospel.  The blessings I feel inside just can’t be described.  293 more words

Be prepared to face Adelaide "City-Wildelife"

When you think of Australia, the first things that come to your mind are: the cute koalas, lively kangaroos, playful dolphins and happy platypus.  But what you maybe don’t know is that Australia is also the home of dangerous animals such as: the Box Jellyfish, the Taipan, the Saltwater Crocodile, the Blue Ring Octopus, the Stone Fish, the Red Back Spider, the Brown Snake, the Tiger Snake, the Funnel Web Spider and the Great White Shark… scaring! 838 more words


My Mama Kissed a Cockroach (But Really She Did. Learn Why in My Personal Essay About Choices and Compassion, and Roaches, Don't Forget Those Roaches, and I Ain’t Talking ‘60s Slang for Marijuana, This Is Actual Creepy Crawly Vermin, Y’all)

Choice is a cornerstone of American society. The songs my classmates and I learned in grade school heralded freedom of choice—room for us all—as the unifying force that made the United States stand above other countries. 74 more words

Review: Cockroaches - Jo Nesbø

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It’s got to be said at the start that I have no idea why it’s called… 868 more words