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This sissy bitch wasn’t quite ready for the next step in its training! The slave was shocked when the pink custom ordered sissy dress arrived. 150 more words


Not Completely Useless!

One use this mostly useless tinydickwimp has as a cuckold in chastity is being a foot slave! When it doesn’t have a cock in it’s mouth or plugged up with various gags, it sucks on heels or cleans feet. 6 more words


Chastity sentence totals!

The chastity sentence days will be totaled on this post. After 1 day December 6, there were 16 views. Please visit often in December and view all blog posts as each view adds a day! 87 more words


2018 Chastity Sentence for littledickdaniel!

The time has arrived for a long term chastity sentence for littledickdaniel. Using blog views and comments in the rest of December, days will be added for the January 1, 2018 lockup. 46 more words


CONSEVATIVE CHRISTIAN CAUGHT CRUISING FOR COCK ON CRAIGSLIST ...Anti-LGBTQ lawmaker reportedly looked for gay hookups on Craigslist | New York Post

CONSEVATIVE CHRISTIAN CAUGHT CRUISING FOR COCK ON CRAIGSLIST .. Oh yeah, bad enough he got caught doing the dirty in his office, with a MAN that wasn’t his wife… Turns out he is a regular Craigslist cruiser…. 20 more words

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Suddenly Last Summer

My name is Dan Morton. I am single and a junior partner in a large CPA firm in San Diego, where I have worked since graduating from college two years ago. 6,768 more words

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