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The Making of a Gurl (Happy Ending)

OK, settle down sluts, here is the end of the story.  Of course, like all sissy stories, there’s a little heart break.

Because Professor T had taken one look at M and knew that as a sissy, he was destined to be a cum dump and a shit stain tramp.   469 more words

The Making of a Gurl Part 7

So for the bimbo sluts who are just wiping the cum of their faces, M just drank down his first hot load of real man spunk.   366 more words

The Making of a Gurl (Part 6)

Happy Valentines Day, faggots.  Since it’s that special day of the year where we talk about love, Mistress J is going to tell you about something that I know is near and dear to all of your nasty, slut mouths.   323 more words

The Making of a Gurl (Part 5)

M had just swallowed his first taste of man juice and he realized that he loved it.  The thick, salty rush down his throat, the heat of it, the smell of it, he wanted more and when he held his tongue against the man’s slit and drank right from the source, he heard the professor moan.   301 more words

The Making of a Gurl (Part 4)

Well as you might imagine, because I’m sure you little sluts have, M raced home and rubbed himself for a few seconds before he exploded all over the front of the satin panties.   330 more words

The Making of a Gurl Part 3

If my little tramps remember, M was just about to get a look at a real man’s cock for the first time and as Professor T took down his pants, his heart was pounding and his little hard-on was twitching for attention and when his Professor unleashed the beast from his underwear, M couldn’t take his eyes off the huge, thick pole. 310 more words

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that big dildos would be found in there.

Oops, sorry gurls, just reading the Sissy Brothel version to my little sluts.   179 more words