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My New Fancy Cocktail 

Nothing tastes as voluptuous as a drink made with egg white. Yup, I said egg white! This ingredient is probably the most feared yet simple one to add to your cocktail. 128 more words


Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes

I just decided I am ready for the change of seasons. I want to clear out my closets and wear a scarf and eat “warm your stomach” meals with the sound of cool rain in the background. 343 more words


Grapefruit Basil Freshy

So Labor Day has come and gone, and it is still 100 degrees? In my book that means Summer is still going strong (minus the white pants, of course). 191 more words


A Little Review: Franklin & Co.

The TASTER and I were out brunching/eating our way through the city and we stumbled on the queen of bloody marys. (I would say king, but we both know who is the real boss.) … 104 more words


Superfruit Spritzer

Who says red wine is the only drink good for your health?

This deep ruby little beauty has all the antioxidants a healthy and refreshing summer cocktail needs. 361 more words


Cotton candy and sticky fingers

It’s hard to tell sometimes if change is amazing and wonderful and yay, or WTF, can I just have something constant? I know myself well enough that if things never changed I would be bored out of my mind. 208 more words


The Lime Rickey

The Lime Rickey is American through and through. The original Rickey allegedly comes from a Missouri politician and staunch Grover Cleveland supporter, Colonel Joseph Rickey… 266 more words


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