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The Cask-Strength Bourbon Old Fashioned

A funny thing often happens when you “go deep” into a subject,¬†you often find yourself back at the beginning. And that is certainly true when you get into cocktails. 419 more words

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30 challenge - Talbot's Dream

For my 30th Birthday I received 30 miniatures with 30 recipes – here is the first feature of my 30 Challenge.

Miniature – Mozart white chocolate liqueur… 145 more words

Cocktail Recipes

Jim & Tonic

I was driving home this evening from my grandmother’s house where I’ve spent the day with family¬†preparing for my grandfather’s funeral tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure the universe was hurling metaphors in my face. 449 more words

Cocktail Recipes

The Corpse Reviver Number Blue

A cocktail by Jacob Briars created as a playful disregard for the world of snooty cocktails. The affect however was much greater, creating a revival for the until-now-ousted blue curacao. 55 more words


Cocktails that will cure your hangover

After a long wild night out, you don’t want to drink any more. However, doing so, will get rid of your severe hangover. This is scientifically proven! 144 more words

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A New Invention - Lime Strength Pineapple Juice

In Dave Arnold’s ‘Liquid Intelligence’, he talks about about a method he uses to increase the acidity of orange juice to make it act as a substitute for lemon or lime as the sour component in a cocktail. 445 more words

Cocktail Recipes

The William Revisited

On my last post (over a year ago, whoops!) I gave a recipe for ‘The William’, an 1889 recipe for The Only William’s preferred whiskey sour. 196 more words

Cocktail Recipes