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Clear and present danger

Week 43 in The Year Of Drinking Adventurously. Vodka.

Here is a beverage I can endorse without reserve. If for no other reason than its extreme versatility. 337 more words


Your Next Door Haven

The Little Next Door, Kalyani Nagar

With the tiring routines of survival, rough days at work, or home, what more would one need than the warm embrace of a commune to unwind? 619 more words


55 South

By Kylie – with Fresh and Meaty

I had never heard of 55 South. I am honestly not even sure how I stumbled across it to recommend it for date night with Fresh and Meaty, but somehow I found it and so we went. 834 more words

Dolla Dolla Oysters Y'all : Joverse

What’s better than oysters? How about 1$ oysters?

I was scrolling on my Instagram the other day *shameless self-promotion* when I came across an ad for… 292 more words


How to Make a Creepy Craft Cocktail

Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy some extra spirits..and we aren’t just talking ghosts.
Thomas Ward of Boiler 9 showed us how to make¬†“The Devil’s Cup…” You start by making a “White Pimm’s” by combining mezcal, tequila and sherry. 44 more words


The Lacehouse, Nottingham

Saturday Night, I decided that a venture out for a drink, or 6, would be an appropriate way to round my day off. I was out on a date so I thought I would show off some places in Nottingham.  493 more words


Port Cocktails

Port producers are pretty terrified of turning into the next Sherry. The harsh truth of that is that Sherry producers, rather infamously, let their drinkers die on them. 350 more words