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Try as I might, it isn’t very often that as students, we do not get to eat out somewhere really nice. However, if you are given the job of deciding on a restaurant to take your family for a special occasion, I only have one piece of advice: let your inhibitions go and pick the nicest place you have EVER heard of. 1,236 more words

Single Girl's Guide: The Bar

Better alone than badly accompanied.

― Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City

Going out alone. As a single girl, you have to be able to place yourself in a position to observe those around you.

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The botanist’s favour!

Wine Goes Wild is back again ladies and gentlemen and contrary to what was announced last week, this episode will not be the final showing! Instead, we are really putting an effort into preparing the final gathering being held the 10th February! 219 more words

Non Classé


In your mind, what image epitomizes “vacation”? Is it putting your (preferably bare) feet up after a long week at work? How about putting your feet up… 532 more words


Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Cocktail

Ingredients: 1.5oz Gin, 1.5oz Orange Juice, 0.25oz Cointreau, dash of Orange Blossom (Flower) Water

Preparation: Shake all ingredients on ice. What you strain it into will depend on your preference. 178 more words


Union Street Cafe

Gordon Ramsay’s most recently opened London restaurant sparked a lot of interest prior to its 2013 opening, with the prospect or rumour of David Beckham as joint owner. 445 more words


Newport Cooler

Newport Cooler

Ingredients: 1.5oz Gin, 0.5oz Brandy, 0.5oz Peach Liqueur, dash of Lime Juice, fill with Ginger Ale

Preparation: Build on ice in a Collins glass. 71 more words