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10 things I've learned lately.

  1. However much you love your grown up children you can’t force them to do the things you believe they need to do. You just have to pray and be patient.
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December 1st.

The only way to cheers to the first day of December.❄️ #simpleasitshouldbe

Simple As It Should Be

Laundry and Liquor.

On Saturday a merry band of five of us hopped on the train to Manchester , with the intention of braving the Christmas markets and going for a few cheeky drinks. 306 more words

Places To Visit

Food Porn: Satay Cocktail Bar, Brixton

Today i was originally heading to Brixton Village to finally try out the Theatre Restaurant to try out the new Japanese and Carribean fusion menu available there, but alas, in true Rico form, I arrived there ten minutes after the last order for lunch, so the curried mutton ramen would have to wait for another day. 401 more words

Mind Eraser

Dear K,

I’m very sad I couldn’t go to NYC to spend your birthday, but I’ll make it up to you next time we see each other!!!  517 more words


Holiday Party Eats: Do's and Don'ts

Holiday party snacks are like a minefield for your waistline: step on (snack on) the wrong one, and you’ll blow up. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy options to keep you slim and satisfied, and armed with these tips, dodging mines will look like a cakewalk. 469 more words


Steak & Honour Residency at Novi – Cambridge (UK)

There’s an exciting new development for Steak & Honour’s ever-increasing fan base. Their pair of Citroen H vans, named Red and White, have been popping up on Cambridge’s street food scene since 2012 and their burgers are now legendary. 1,097 more words