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Day #116 Here's to old friends...

And we drank to that friendship that lasts over time and distance. The kind that lies dormant for a long time as we move on with our daily lives, far apart from each other, but is instantly rekindled into a bright, unwavering flame when we come in contact with each other. 51 more words



I knew a guy…. this past weekend who attended a Golf Tourney who went to the Clubhouse and asked for a Margarita and they had no idea how to make it. 48 more words

How To

Edición 1800 Milenio Gran Reserva Tequila - The perfect sipping Tequila for special occasions - #JustRefinedEnough

We often speed through life, trying to keep pace with our never-ending list of to-do’s. Even special events tend to turn into another chore. And, with the advent of smartphones, people can literally stay connected 24 hours a day wherever they are…making it hard to stop, relax, and unwind long enough to enjoy the moment. 767 more words


2017 Survey Results

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took our 2017 subscriber survey! It’s an immense help for us to hear from you, and hopefully it’ll help you down the line too :) Ready to see some results? 1,146 more words



The presidency of Theodore Roosevelt gave us the Bully Pulpit, Trump just gives us a bull in a China shop.

As the Reign of Error reaches its 100-Days milestone today, people are not so much tired of winning as they are tired of sweeping up aisles of broken glass. 520 more words


80s Cocktail Hour

Name: “Sher-Bear”

Ingredients: tequila + sherry + pear nectar + lime juice

I was inspired to make a sherry-based cocktail after being asked by my friend to be an amateur judge for a sherry-based cocktail contest. 8 more words


Chull - The Bar with a Twist !!

Gurugram has emerged as the city known for its nightlife and the pubs. Sector 29 has seen a lot of ups and downs in last few weeks due to the supreme court liquor ban but its again back with a bang. 599 more words

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