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ABSOLUT-ly Delicious

Absolut Vodka introduced their newest flavor, Absolut Lime, earlier this year. This vodka is made with all natural flavors and no added sugar. Absolut Lime has a natural lime scent and flavor without being overly sweet. 297 more words


Blood & Chocolate - The Ancient Sacrificial Drink of the Aztecs

Back, way back, way back in time, the ancient Aztecs used cacao seeds for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, as when sacrificial victims were given cacao drinks mixed with human blood in order to prepare them to have their… 450 more words


PDA - Italian Dine & Drinks

PDA is one place class apart, the people behind PassCodeOnly have opened this in GK with a mindset to prepare authentic Italian delicacies complementing the fine dining outlet “Diva” and in association with them. 363 more words


7 cocktail books to get you started

I was pretty sure I had already written this list, but maybe I’ve just been thinking about  it a lot. When it comes to cocktails I stand on the shoulders of giants, knowing what has already been mixed has obviously been much of my learning in this. 686 more words


412 Fresh: 4 Events in the 412

Sometimes it seems like there are a million things to do in Pittsburgh or nothing at all. There is no in between. With the weekend on the horizon and a Superior Motors reservation tomorrow I’m excited to attempt to check out some of the coolest events in town. 571 more words


The Bloody Mary Book

  • Author: Ellen Brown
  • Title: The Bloody Mary Book
  • Published: 2017
  • Trivia: National Bloody Mary day is January 1
  • ….I’m a little late celebrating!
  • #20BooksOfSummer

Introduction: 435 more words

#20BooksOfSummer 2017