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Caribbean cooking, my way

I remember going to the market in Brooklyn, NY as a child smelling the flavors of the island spices in the air. Clove, Garlic, Scott Bonnets and such. 370 more words

Patty & Coco Bread with Big Small Moments

At the beginning of June, I was in the process of readjusting to life at home: finding new things to eat on a daily basis, new products for my hair and skin, new ways of getting around. 416 more words

Homemade Coco bread

Today, I feel like eating coco bread so I do search some recipe and made my own version.

Coco bread is known as “merienda” with cold or hot drinks in the Philippines and I do sometimes buy them at the bakery shop. 340 more words

Jerk pork on coco bread.

I left it to rise for about 3 hours, then I knocked it back, badly shaped it and left it to rise a bit while I made the casserole…

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Movie Cooking

I’m not a very experimental cook.  I’m definitely not one of those, “Let’s throw together whatever we’ve got in the fridge and make a meal.”  I read recipes, I plan my dinners, I buy the ingredients as I need them.   522 more words

Jerk chicken with coco bread.

That was a fantastic dough to work with, if you’ve never made bread, I’d recommend this as an introduction, it kneaded beautifully and was so soft and silky it didn’t even need rolling I just shaped it..

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Tastee Experience

Tastee as we know it is most likely the best patty company in Jamaica based on its sales and the “original taste of the patty”. They have branded themselves and remain innovative in creating new menus, like their unique deli combos using “the coco bread” and providing fish sandwiches and chicken sandwiches which are amazing. 100 more words