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The CarCar Love Story (Episode 29)

The roads and pathways at the barangay have been blocked. Too many cars are in the way that it becomes too difficult to pass through. Isagani has no choice but to park his car far from Cardo’s house. 4,889 more words


Coleen Gracia, pressured sa pagiging sexy dramatic actress

Coleen Garcia
Inamin ni Coleen Garcia, isa sa leading lady ni Piolo Pascual sa pelikulang Love Me Tomorrow na nakararamdam siya ng pressure sa pagbi-build-up sa kanya ng Star Cinema bilang sexy dramatic actress. 15 more words


Team CarGlen - FPJ's Ang Probinsiyano

My search for a post-OTWOL ship has lead me to this. By this I mean, the oh sooo slow burn and protracted battle for Cardo (Coco Martin) and Glen (Maja Salvador) – to get together. 209 more words


Maria Makiling: Episode 4

Episode 4: Traydor

Grae Fernandez: Young Manuel
Albert Martinez: Arturo

As Manuel slowly regains consciousness, Maria decided to touch his nape and then using her dominant hand, she places it over his whole face. 3,699 more words


The CarCar Love Story (Episode 28)

More than a week has passed since she last saw her son arrive at the house, panicking over the fact that he had just fatally shot his wife in front of his lifelong nemesis, grabbing his stuff and driving off into the unknown. 2,064 more words


The CarCar Love Story (Episode 27)

The morgue is the last place that Lola Flora never expected to go to at such a time like this. She’s still in denial. Part of her is hoping that all this was just a bad dream. 1,523 more words


The CarCar Love Story (Episode 26)

The mansion is in ruins. Police officers are surveying the area. Firefighters are still trying to put out the blaze.

Lolo Delfin is standing a couple of meters from the destroyed mansion, having a glance at what’s left of the abandoned structure. 2,169 more words