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Mastering the brew: Things to explore in the world of coffee

Cappuccino is an Italian drink that is made from Italia coffee drink. As soon as you learn how to make the ideal cappuccino at home, you will be able to find out the ways to delight your family and friends with a great steamy cup of coffee. 225 more words

Cappuccino Powder

Banana and Coconut Brownies

The chocoholic in me is speaking. The chocoholic in me is begging for some chocolate. I am trying to fool it with fruit or honey but sometimes, this simply doesn’t work. 452 more words

Healthy Living

Beef Chili

Nothing warms up a brisk fall day quite like a bowl of piping hot chili. Delicious, nutritious, and easy to make, it’s the perfect meal for busy (and hungry) families. 360 more words


Dutch-Process Cocoa

Alkalized Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Dutch-process cocoa powder is made from cocoa (cacao) beans that have been washed with a potassium solution (alkali solution), to neutralize… 88 more words


How to Make Red Velvet Cake Easy And Fasted Method

Red velvet cake is really a chocolate cake with whether red, vibrant red or red-brown color. It’s typically prepared like a layer cake capped with cream cheese or cooked roux icing. 318 more words


Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week - Chocolate Buffalo Brownies

This week’s Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week is Chocolate Buffalo Brownies. Yes, Brownies made with Wild Idea Ground Buffalo! Gluten free and made with sugar substitute. 344 more words


Chocolate Oat Biscuits

These little lovelies are packed full of oats (in fact, there is twice as much oats as there is flour) and they are not overly sweet. 154 more words