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NSAutoreleasePool -vs- @autoreleasepool

NSAutoreleasePool class is used to support Cocoa’s reference-counted memory management system. In a reference-counted environment, an NSAutoreleasePool object contains objects that have received an autorelease message and when drained it sends a release message to each of those objects. 351 more words



Cokelat Vicco (piramid) (V.09.1)

Cokelat Vicco Kemasan Piramid

Cokelat Vicco Kemasan Piramid

Cokelat Vicco Kemasan Piramid 40 more words

Phikopi (cokelat-kopi)

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and salted peanut sauce

Vanilla ice cream drenched in a hot chocolate fudge and salted peanut sauce. Top it with a cherry for good measure. I say you can leave the main course and have this dessert for dinner. 279 more words


Nothing's better than Tiramisu!

I’m not a big fan of puddings, custards or any other traditional desserts that are of the wobbly sort but I am a big fan of most things chocolate and coffee. 151 more words


Tiramisu cupcakes

One of my favourite cuisines is Italian, and they have the best desserts! I love tiramisu (sponge cake soaked in coffee, alternated with layers of mascarpone and covered in cocoa powder). 488 more words


Recipe: Coconut, Cocoa and Licorice Date Balls.

Yesterday I felt like baking, but as my fiancé thought that it’d be a good idea to go on a sugar detox (not that I completely disagree) I had to think in different terms. 148 more words


Chilli Con Dos Carnes

I’ve made basic Chilli Con Carne more times than I can remember. But I was reading Nigella’s Kitchen the other day and thought that her version, which features cocoa powder and chorizo, might be worth a try, especially as I had chorizo in the fridge. 650 more words