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Coconut Amino Ribeye w/ Ground Pepper

I just love using my panini press for steaks! Who knew it would be so useful without bread??

Coconut Aminos… where have you been all my life? 161 more words

Best Vegan Poutine and Stout Gravy

WHOA…Where to begin here? This is hands down the best gravy I have ever had, much less cooked! I decided to add a little flare in there with the miso and coconut aminos and the results speak for themselves. 681 more words


Easy Leftovers and Beginning Bullet Journal

The other day I made vegan jjajangmyeon, and I had some leftover recipe materials. So, I mix them all together and came up with a short but filling dinner. 234 more words


Sesame Daikon and Broccoli Saute

This maybe my favorite way to eat Daikon this winter! Fresh vegetables from Loam Agronomics have such amazing flavor. This recipe for Sesame Daikon and Broccoli Saute is quick, easy, flavorful and nutritious! 179 more words


10 Paleo Approved Foods I Love

When Drew and I made the switch to Paleo a few months ago we had to do a bit of hunting to find Paleo approved foods that didn’t taste like cardboard, or even tasted close to the original. 971 more words


Rice Red Lentils Porridge with Carrots and Shiitake Mushrooms

I’m having gastritis, it sucks 😖

It started 3 days ago. I had a bad lunch that caused me feel unwell all day and before bedtime, I drank green tea latte that irritated my stomach (seriously, Ellie?🙄). 511 more words


Savory Bites and Bits

I like the smokey taste that bacon can offer to a salad, eggs, or anything else.  I don’t necessarily want extra meat in my dishes that already have protein.   264 more words