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Upside Down Pizza Loaf

A low-carb take on a Weight Watchers original.

Pizza loaf was a staple growing up in my house. By far my favorite dinner. So. Damn. 440 more words


Savoury Coconut Flour Muffins

I love baking but don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, so I thought why not try baking some savoury muffins. With a quick scout on the internet I came up with this recipe, which uses coconut flour. 264 more words


Paleo pizza

After trial and error – sticky errors I may add – I finally was able to make a paleo pizza using few and simple ingredients. The crust is grain free and is infused with delicious herbs, spices and cheese. 256 more words

Girls Like Flours

Last week I made some pretty tasty sweet potato candy using coconut flour. This left me with a small problem.  I now own a one pound bag of coconut flour. 602 more words


Dear Diary,

At 2:30 pm, I received a text from my boss.  It read: “I’m at my mother’s.  Sorry (in advance) for the inconvenience.  But, could you, would you please (with sugar on top), bring us a banana bread (use extra bananas), and whatever soup you made today.” 240 more words


Who said that a date with your gluten free tinder match had to be boring, tasteless and (un-sexily) mushy?? Fear not, o anxious one! If you meet someone who can’t eat the wheat, then this treat just can’t be beat- yeet! 572 more words


Paleo Berry and Chia Clafoutis (low carb, low fat, grain free, dairy free)

It seems I have a thing for French desserts at the moment – or rather, my take on them. While I love the timeless finesse that French desserts exude, a little makeover never goes astray, especially if it’s as delicious as this one! 488 more words

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