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Pancakes are one of my favourite breakfast foods. These are a gluten-free and SIBO friendly version to satisfy your pancake cravings with a few simple ingredients and without the puffy super full feeling you get from the regular kind. 197 more words


Healthy Cookie Dough

I love cookies, but then again who doesn’t. But I love cookie dough even more, as a child I would always lick the bowl or steal a bit of raw dough. 312 more words


Almond flour pie crust

Almond Flour Pie Crust (from Lea Valle. Holy Grail Status: The Perfect Paleo Pie Crust. http://www.foodrepublic.com/recipes/holy-grail-status-perfect-paleo-pie-crust-recipe/)

Raspberry and vanilla loaf.

This raspberry and vanilla loaf is delicious; I literally couldn’t stop going back for more. And, what’s even better, is that I came about this recipe purely by accident. 218 more words

Heavenly Coconut Lemon Bars

This is a recipe for those days when you must have something slightly sweet. This one does have some sugar, but it’s whole sugar-raw honey and coconut sugar. 143 more words


Low Carb Nut-Free Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

How about I share with you a low carb treat made with coconut flour? I often get asked if I could create more low carb recipes using coconut flour. 446 more words


Savoury Loaf Cake with coconut flour

This is my first attempt to make a savoury loaf cake made with coconut flour. This is a full gluten-free vegetarian paleo recipe.