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Coconut custard cake

Now that I’ve started a food blog, sitting on my arse watching Great British Bake Off counts as work, right?! I have to watch it on catch up as hubby’s not into it, unless they do a zombie or superhero episode, I’ve got no chance of getting him to watch it. 228 more words


Coconut Flour Brownies

If you took a quick look in my pantry, you’d think I’d be able to live off it for at least 2 months if all the supermarkets were hit by exploding space rocks sent by greenie aliens gleefully plotting to make us more self-sustainable. 512 more words

Chococo mug cake

So, I went out Friday night and had muchos beers followed by the obligatory pizza (pepperoni,  OBVS) but before that I was actually doing pretty well being good. 222 more words


Healthier Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Oh sweet tooth, you are at it again.

Forcing me to research, brainstorm and create a recipe just so you can enjoy one of life’s greatest creations….brownies. 367 more words


Coco-nuts Banana Bread

A while ago, in an attempt to have my cake and eat it too, I purchased some coconut flour. Using some Internet guidance (you need much less than regular flour as the coconut flour is really absorbant) I altered my regular vanilla cake recipe to make coconut cupcakes. 247 more words


Simple Coconut Flour and Apple Bread

The recipe for this simple grain, dairy and sugar free paleo bread has only 4 main ingredients. The process of batter preparation is fast and easy, the only difficulty you can encounter, is to adjust timing and exact temperature of the oven to bake the loaf. 495 more words

Grain Free

Pear-blueberry pancakes/scramble

This breakfast is crazy delicious ! When my dad tried he literally said “wow this is amazing! This is healthy!?”. He couldn’t believe it. It has a slight French toast flavor from the butter or coconut oil and the pear makes it perfectly sweet, but healthy at the same time. 646 more words