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Red Curry Chicken (pa-naang-gai)

Red Curry Chicken is one of the tastiest dishes! It has a combination of spicy, salty and sweet, plus aroma of coconut milk will blow your mind! 227 more words


Pina colada (non alcoholic)

I tasted Pina colada recently in our friends house. Me and my husband like it instantly. My husband was in search of Pina colada in stores and we bought one. 111 more words

Under 30 Mins Dishes

Kuku paka

Kuku paka – Kenyan chicken and potato curry – is both simple and delicious. Mildly spiced and creamy, my girls both love it.

Unlike many curries, the chicken are cooked separately – which keeps the flavours and textures distinct– and folded into the coconut curry sauce just before serving. 316 more words


Spicy Turmeric Coconut Milk Recipe

Yesterday, I wrote about the health benefits of turmeric and included a recipe for Golden Turmeric Paste.  See my post here

Here’s another turmeric recipe – a hot coconut milk flavoured with turmeric and spices. 123 more words

Healthy Eating

Tamarind and Orange Chicken (4)

Tamarind paste is a key ingredient in Thai cooking and you will probably have eaten it without knowing it. However, if you taste the paste by dipping a finger in it and licking your finger you will find it has a sour, tangy taste which startles the taste buds. 260 more words


Thai Turkey Meatballs

Thai Green Curry is another successful recipe from Simply Nigella, a book which includes this recipe. Since the book came out, it’s placed itself comfortably into a spot in my regular rotation. 388 more words

Big Plate

Spiced Persimmon Ice Cream

It can’t get much quicker to get healthy, delicious ice cream. Just throw the fruit, some coconut milk, and some spices into a blender and mix and freeze. 137 more words