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Lemon Coconut Baked Oatmeal Cups 🍋

Had a long day of back to back meetings today so I decided to bake when I finally got home to relax a bit! 😁 I’ve tried out this recipe before from… 184 more words

Lemon 🍋 Coconut Banana 🍌 Vanilla Zen Protein Muffins

Hey y’all!

Okay, first of all… the name of this post!! It’s so so long I know, but that’s just how rich the muffins are! 😂✨ I discovered this recipe on the Zen Project 8 community Facebook page posted by the darling Amy Aifd and HAD to bake it right away! 280 more words

Blueberry Muffins with zing

Personal favourite as a quick grab and go brekkie; it’s great to scoff down while on the move, this  cheeky muffin is easy on the waist line and it’s packs a great antioxidant punch from the mix of blueberries and tangy lemon. 133 more words