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Lemon Coconut Baked Oatmeal Cups 🍋

Had a long day of back to back meetings today so I decided to bake when I finally got home to relax a bit! 😁 I’ve tried out this recipe before from… 184 more words

Lemon 🍋 Coconut Banana 🍌 Vanilla Zen Protein Muffins

Hey y’all!

Okay, first of all… the name of this post!! It’s so so long I know, but that’s just how rich the muffins are! 😂✨ I discovered this recipe on the Zen Project 8 community Facebook page posted by the darling Amy Aifd and HAD to bake it right away! 280 more words

Blueberry Muffins with zing

Personal favourite as a quick grab and go brekkie; it’s great to scoff down while on the move, this  cheeky muffin is easy on the waist line and it’s packs a great antioxidant punch from the mix of blueberries and tangy lemon. 133 more words


Go for Green (Muffins)

You guys want to know how to make Muffins That Look Healthy? Cause we all want our baking to pretend to be good for us, don’t we?! 246 more words