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Porridge with iced fruit, turmeric, spirulina and coconut nectar

It’s just gone seven o’clock in the morning, a rainy and grey London summer morning. I have to take the children to school and nursery soon and then drive to a shoot in Camden. 127 more words


A greaty healthy blog!


I have discovered the numerous benefits of using low carb/low GI sweeteners, here is a recipe with some great ideas for tasty cookies that won’t compromise on flavor.

VGC Fabulous Rule #6: Bee The Love, Honey!

We have been asked about honey recently…  “Is honey ok if produced locally?”

Honey is not vegan.  That is our opinion, and we are very steadfast on this issue. 213 more words


Raw cacao & almond milk hot chocolate

Growing up, I absolutely detested warm liquids… whether it was tea, coffee, soup, broth or hot chocolate it was not coming anywhere near me! I just hated the sensation of sipping hot liquid, and even found the taste of coffee, tea and hot chocolate so unbelievably nasty! 343 more words


Why is honey not vegan.

Most people don’t actually realise that bees are vomiting for a reason. I am not being sarcastic when I say ‘vomit’ – honey is a regurgitation – number one you should not be eating someone else’s vomit – if I brought you a plate of food and sneezed on it first – no kidding you would freak out. 626 more words

Agave Nectar

Raw Oreo Easter Eggs and Bunnies

It’s Easter! And Easter brings chocolate eggs, carrot cake, hot-cross buns and more chocolate. :)

I posted a recipe for raw carrot cake squares a few days ago. 288 more words

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Cucumber and tomato salad for lunch

Among the great buys I found yesterday when shopping for produce, I came across 8 cucumbers (about 1 lb) for $2.26, so I decided to eat them for lunch today together with a dry pint of grape tomatoes. 188 more words