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Why is honey not vegan.

Most people don’t actually realise that bees are vomiting for a reason. I am not being sarcastic when I say ‘vomit’ – honey is a regurgitation – number one you should not be eating someone else’s vomit – if I brought you a plate of food and sneezed on it first – no kidding you would freak out. 626 more words

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Raw Oreo Easter Eggs and Bunnies

It’s Easter! And Easter brings chocolate eggs, carrot cake, hot-cross buns and more chocolate. :)

I posted a recipe for raw carrot cake squares a few days ago. 288 more words

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Cucumber and tomato salad for lunch

Among the great buys I found yesterday when shopping for produce, I came across 8 cucumbers (about 1 lb) for $2.26, so I decided to eat them for lunch today together with a dry pint of grape tomatoes. 175 more words


A new kind of chocolate: guilt-free and heavenly!

There’s a new kind of chocolate in town. It’s pure, natural and doesn’t compromise on taste. It’s the kind of chocolate that means business – no mucking around with truckloads of sugar or nasty additives yet still delivering that soothing, chocolatey goodness that we all know and adore. 210 more words


A Few Healthy Favourites

I’ve been playing around a little in the kitchen, this morning. Not quite finished though, so nothing to report at the moment. Until then, I thought I would share a few of my favourite food items with you, that I just can’t live without. 436 more words

Homemade sugar-free ketchup

This is a deliciously healthy homemade sugar-free ketchup recipe.

  • Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in America.
  • It is known for its tangy, tart taste, and adds great flavor to potatoes.
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The Sweet Lowdown - Which Sweetener Is Right For Me?

It’s in virtually everything these days – sugar, or some sweet substitute for it. There are a million alternatives on the health food store shelves – but which one is right for you? 568 more words

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