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Palmed off by unsupported facts about a 'healthy' sugar.

Bum. Yesterday I thought I’d found a new sugar that wasn’t going to exacerbate my fatigue coconut sugar (or coconut palm sugar/coconut nectar). Frankly, I should have known better. 268 more words

Cfs Recovery

Alternatives to honey

So, my youngest daughter has decided she wants to try vegetarianism…and possibly become a vegan.

And being the type of mom who loves education and believes that you must know about that which you proclaim, I sent her on a mission to learn HOW to do this in a nutritious and healthy way as well as be able to answer WHY she would prefer this type of diet. 67 more words


Breakfast Time .... Part 4

It’s kind of funny, but actually breakfast was never my “favorite meal of the day”.  Growing up I rarely ate breakfast and it carried into my early adulthood. 407 more words


Breakfast Time .... Part 3

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day … did I say this already? In our last two posts, Breakfast Time and Breakfast Time … Part 2… 267 more words


Fairtrade Friday Review - Big Tree Farms Amber Coconut Nectar.

Welcome to the New Year and a new segment to my reviewer blog – Fairtrade Friday!

So what is Fairtrade Friday? It’s where I find Fairtrade items and review them every Friday. 1,416 more words


What is coconut nectar?

This blog post coincides with a review I am currently doing here in regards to my favourite brand of coconut nectar.

As I didn’t want to clog up my review with an explanation as to what coconut nectar is, here is a foodie blog post that contains all the relevant information. 503 more words