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Sugar Substitutes

In a recent post I spoke about sugar and me; and why we have greatly reduced the amount of refined sugar in our diet in the Simply Homemade home. 945 more words

Chit Chat


“τζα!” είπε η τετάρτη και εμφανίστηκε και πάλι σε χρόνο dt! τι να πω; τίποτα … παρακάτω τα πέντε πραγματάκια της εβδομάδας:

  1. να γιατί έχω αντικαταστήσει την άσπρη ζάχαρή με αυτήν!
  2. ένα από τα ξένα μπλογκς που παρακολουθώ!
  3. σαντορίνη! και ένα ξενοδοχείο … μαγεία….
  4. wedding photographer “αφ’ υψηλού”
  5. ιδέες για food styling

Anzac Cookies

Anzac cookies hold fond memories for me. These are the first recipe I made after discovering Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 Cookbooks. Heidi’s blog and books (her books are awesome too) are filled with vegan and vegetarian recipes. 518 more words


These paleo cupcakes are one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever made. They may be a bit different from the ones you can get in the store but I kind of prefer this version because of the consistency, frosting and they are not overly sweet. 306 more words


Roasted balsamic strawberry and coconut tarts

I started writing this blog last Sunday morning and then a little person by the name of Amelie Mae Jackson Rolt decided to show up! So I’m rather late posting it and obviously I wrote it a week ago, so you’ll have to forgive my tardiness but I’ve been rather distracted with cuddles and snuggles this past week. 930 more words


Recipe Tuesday

Hi there! So, some of you have tasted my Peanut Butter cookies before I went on this no sugar gig, and were quite impressed with them. 563 more words

One Day At A Time

Gluten Free Oreo Birthday Cake

This is the cake my son requested for his fifth birthday family birthday party.  He’d seen an Oreo cake at Whole Foods, and he wanted one too. 447 more words

Gluten Free Dessert