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Salted Buckwheat and Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I should call these the heatstroke cookies. Have you ever had heatstroke? I guess I don’t know if my condition truly was real, diagnosable heat-stroke. But, either way, I so asked for it. 698 more words


Cheat Day

It finally happened… cheat day. I was dreading it, to be honest. I have shared in the past about my fear of basically imploding if I get my hands on something yummy and eating myself right back into pain and weight gain. 266 more words


Yummy Scrumptious Breakfast Flapjacks

These breakfast flapjacks not only contain lots of goodness to boost your brain power, be gentle on your digestive system but they also only contain good fat and natural sugar.  509 more words


I am quitting coconut sugar

I have been using coconut sugar instead of regular white sugar for years now, and after doing an hour long investigation into sugars, it seems this has been under false pretenses. 412 more words

Brazilian Sweet Bread " Rosca Doce"

Brazilians love sweet bread!  there are many varieties of this delicious treat and you find them in every bakery around the country. Sweet bread was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, it is as popular there as it is in Brazil. 252 more words


30 day sugar detox recap & delicious "almost" paleo cookies

Quick update and recipie!

The end of my 30 day sugar detox has come at last. The difficulty of the first 3 weeks makes today unexpected. 461 more words