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on a journey to a better digestive health, a secret key to a vibrat wellbeing, I’m sharing with you passionately my homemade healing foods and personal autoimmune insights. 8 more words

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Coconut Water Kefir

Coconut water kefir adalah salah satu minuman probiotik alami terbaik yang kaya akan vitamin,enzim,mineral dan elektrolit sebagai pengganti cairan tubuh.Ini adalah minuman fermentasi yang tidak hanya menghidrasi tubuh kita, tetapi juga membantu pencernaan dan membersihkan saluran usus. 107 more words

The Advantages of Coconut Water Kefir and The Ways to Set It Up

It comes from young coconut fruits whose development phase is still at the reproduction period, that’s the exclusive matter about coconut water kefir. By looking at the total size of the fruit and the design of its shell, anyone can tell it is young. 491 more words

Coconut Water Kefir

How to make water kefir and coconut milk kefir

Incorporating probiotics in your diet is an important step when looking to improve your health.  If your gut isn’t healthy, then neither are you!  Check out our… 500 more words

Coconut Water Kefir - Good Probiotic

Yum!  We love coconut water kefir.  I am lactose intolerant and so I stay away from dairy as much as possible.  I can handle little amounts if necessary, but I try not to have any at all if possible. 491 more words


The Path to Lasting Wealth and Abundance

I propose that question to you.  What is the path to lasting wealth and abundance? As I journeyed off to the local farmer’s market this morning I was amazed at the abundance of fresh food surrounding me. 650 more words

Cellular Nutrition

One of Nature’s Most Powerful Healers Are Closer than You May Think. What are Probiotics and How Do They Contribute to a Strong & Healthy Body?

Our bodies are living cultures. When we take responsibility (meaning the ability to respond) to nourish and care for our bodies they give back to us ten fold! 612 more words

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