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Coconut Milk Chocolate Chip Scones

I think there’s something very home-y about scones, they’re one of my favorite winter baked goods to have around. I love the smell of scones baking in the oven and sitting down with some hot chocolate or coffee in the morning and dipping a scone into it. 370 more words

Vegan Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)

So now that we are in December you are probably in the midst of “bulking” season (a.k.a. annual weight gain due to holiday eating and not giving a fuck) LOL! 278 more words


Coconut Vanilla Latte

I’m the biggest fan of coconut, I love its tropical flavor and I use it often in my desserts and baked goods. So, of course, I love coconut milk as well and this is one of my favorite hot beverages. 109 more words


Smoothie Bowl


I surprised myself with this one, inspired ( AKA i can probably make a clean, better version) by a well known coffee shop.

Super simple. 32 more words


Beetroot-chocolate cake frosting chocolate, peanut butter or vanilla.


  • 110g of wholemeal flour or plain flour
  • 40g of brown cane sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean (use half of it and keep the rest for the frosting)
  • 276 more words

Thai Green Chicken Curry (Easy Version)

This is a super easy Thai Green Curry recipe which is perfect for a mid week dinner.The secret is you will need an authentic Thai Green curry paste and Thai coconut milk. 245 more words

Dairy free Peanut Butter Ice Cream (no ice cream maker needed! Dairy, grain, and gluten free )

3-ingredient peanut butter ice cream is here ya’ll!! You better believe it!! Exceptthis ice cream is coconut milk based and refined-sugar free!! It’s sweetened with only two tablespoons of honey and ¬†uses my all time FAVE peanut butter, Crazy Richard’s! 339 more words