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Coconut Custard mini tarts with mixed berries

Sometimes I just like to make mini desserts-they are just so cute and pretty. You can transform any regular size pie into mini tarts, of course it is a little bit more work, but it is totally worth it! 229 more words


Beginning to taste a lot like Christmas - Goan Fish Curry

It’s the 22nd November and unfortunately the shops are already pumping out a selection of Wizzard, Slade and worst of all, East 17, but some things are timeless and anything with Bing crooning on fits into that category. 362 more words


Golden floating jelly

What about a little bit of golden dust?

The floating jelly (flotatina in spanish), is a very comun dessert in Latinamerica. It is a gelatin inside of another one! 93 more words

From My Hands

Creamy Almond-Coconut-Banana Drink with mixed Berries

Sometimes we just feel like eating or drinking something sweet. My Family definitely has a sweet tooth, I am guilty of that as well. That is why I often make some healthier versions of sweet treats to enjoy. 163 more words


They say you are what you eat, a Jerk.

An associate of mine Toya always hits be up for recipes or tips on cooking, and I’m always here to spread food the G way; so last week she asked how I made my version of a very popular dish originating from a Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn, NY named “Footprints” the home of the Rasta Pasta. 171 more words


Sweet Cinnamon Bread Rolls

The cold weather has arrived and automatically tempting new ideas of baked goods pop into my mind, making it hard to resist the urge to create them! 298 more words


Trying to creat new Habits

About me, my name is Raisa not that it isn’t obvious. I am a 27-year-old woman from the UK from  the City of Nottingham. I am a person that dabbles in art forms such as poetry, writing, spoken word poetry and visual Art. 217 more words