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Baby Greens Soup with Coconut Milk, Sweet Curry, and Tamarind

This is recent work done for Worden Farm’s new blog, http://www.wordenfarmtotable.com.  Reposted with permission from http://www.wordenfarmtotable.

We call this soup “baby greens” because we’ve tried using spinach and arugula, baby bok choy and spinach, mizuna and baby bok choy, and while the final flavors for each version were somewhat different from each, they were all very delicious. 650 more words



Mandazi an East African donut which are normally have egg and are deep fried. I tried the baked eggless version. This whole wheat yeast bread is slightly sweetened with jaggery and super soft with coconut and cardamom flavor. 302 more words


Thai Coconut Curry Soup

I have some jars of chicken soup that I have frozen so decided to turn one of them into a Thai Soup! There are so many recipes for this online but I picked this one from Chef Michael Smith. 158 more words


How to Make Coconut Milk!

My favorite plant milk is coconut milk. I love coconut milk because of its creamy texture and ability to blend well with a variety of other foods in terms of flavor. 459 more words


Coconut Milk and Chinese Red Date Panna Cotta with Rum Macerated Red Dates and Black Honey

Chinese red dates are also known as jujubes.  They are used widely in Asia in their dried form in teas, sauces, and desserts.  I have only used them in teas until this point when I decided to try them in a panna cotta. 561 more words


Coconut Milk, Chinese Five Spice and Turmeric Braised Lamb Shanks, Steamed Chinese Broccoli with Garlic Chili Oil Sauce, and Thai Sweet Black Rice with Black Garlic

I love lamb especially the shanks when braised!  The smell of it cooking is so alluring I can’t wait for it to be done.  Add coconut milk, Chinese five spice, and turmeric and it’s downright torture to have to wait but waited I did…and it was well worth it! 905 more words


Golden Milk

GOLDEN MILK 💥 I know I posted on this a few times but if you missed it, this is goood stuff! Golden Milk is a combination of powerful spices, the most potent being turmeric. 70 more words