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No-Bake Fruit Pie with Coconut Milk Custard

Happy Weekend everyone!

This is an other no bake dessert. The crust is made out off nuts and dates-that’s all! Filled with my Coconut Milk Custard, which I used in a previous recipe,  158 more words


3 Steps For Tangle Free Hair 

Organix (OGX) coconut line saved my life last night! My hair was going through some things, seriously. I didn’t start washing my hair until 7pm and I just knew I would be up all night trying to manage it. 213 more words


Fizzy Cocococktail

Each day, I hear the “BZZZZZ” sound from my Soda Stream as my parents attend to their morning fizzy water & lemon.

So yesterday, I was craving some sort of delicious tropical drink! 148 more words

Cheesy sausage pasta


  • 1 pack pasta with sauce-maker
  • Coconut powder dissolved in warm water (made slightly thick)
  • Cheese (as per required)
  • Butter (50 gm)
  • Salt and pepper (as per required)
  • 116 more words

Coconut Custard mini tarts with mixed berries

Sometimes I just like to make mini desserts-they are just so cute and pretty. You can transform any regular size pie into mini tarts, of course it is a little bit more work, but it is totally worth it! 229 more words


Beginning to taste a lot like Christmas - Goan Fish Curry

It’s the 22nd November and unfortunately the shops are already pumping out a selection of Wizzard, Slade and worst of all, East 17, but some things are timeless and anything with Bing crooning on fits into that category. 362 more words


Golden floating jelly

What about a little bit of golden dust?

The floating jelly (flotatina in spanish), is a very comun dessert in Latinamerica. It is a gelatin inside of another one! 93 more words

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