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Organic Asian Coconut Chicken soup! I Think i am in the coconut mood! Again so easy, all You need are 10minutes and Some veggies, Coconutmilk, chickenstock, lemongrass, koriander and lime. 26 more words

After gym relieve // Po posilovně

After a very intense workout I’m feeling feeble and need very quick and healthy salvation.

Healthy rescue needs:

1 piece of broccoli
Coconut milk
High quality curry… 141 more words


No Time XinXim de Galinha

Yesterday I tried that XinXim de Galinha with my very good friend. We didnt plan it well, so we hadnt time at all. Ran through the grocery store, drove back home and immediately started cooking – why this recipe is the quick version :D… 138 more words


Coconut Pancakes

Happy Easter Sunday!

A while ago, I went to a cafe in North Melbourne and had these very lovely coconut pancakes and have been looking for a good recipe for it ever since. 231 more words


Creamy Broccoli Soup

Spring break is on for my kids, which translates to play dates, picnics at the park in the neigbhourhood :). Soup, pasta and pizza are the go to food for my kids when their friends are coming over. 333 more words


Inflammatory smoothie with mango, ginger and turmeric

Turmeric is a spice especially known for its aroma and warmth that gives them curry specialities, its anti-inflammatory properties and for. But no longer limited use turmeric much just to curry dishes! 66 more words


Corn pulao recipe

Corn pulao recipe

Corn pulao recipe – an easy one pot Indian rice pulao cooked with mild spices and Corn. Pulao is one of the most common rice dishes that is often made in most Indian homes. 183 more words