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How to create and run a Cocos2d-x project from Android Studio

Cocos2d-x projects are created using the cocos command line tool, which is included with  cocos2d-x. To create a cocos2d-x project, first navigate to the directory where you want the project to be created, then run the following: 157 more words


Cocos2d-x Android install and build

Installation guide

Building from the command line:

  • Find out targets (Android API levels) you can build for by running:
    android list targets

    in sdk/tools (sdk is the directory where the Android sdk is installed).

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Cocos2d-x: Space Monkey - Part 3

In the second part of the Space Monkey tutorial we setup the game scene and add a background to it.
In this third part we will add the monkey to the game and we will move him around the scene. 1,792 more words


Cocos2d-x : Space Monkey - Part 2

In the first part of this tutorial to create the Space Monkey game, we created a Cocos2d-x project and setup an empty scene named “SpaceScene”. 952 more words


How to make firework effect in a game with TDD

This article is talking about how to add a firework or confetti in a game with TDD.

Here are the content overview:


Cocos2d-x : Space Monkey Game

This is Space Monkey, a simple game I made with the Cocos2d-x game framework. The game runs on iOS and Mac OSX. It should not take much effort to make this game run on Windows and on Android devices. 263 more words


Cocos2d-x Project Setup and Cleanup

In this post I will describe how to create a new project in cocos2d-x using the cocos command line interface. The project created using the cocos command is a “Hello World” demo application that both provides some game framework initialization and a generic scene with some basic functionality. 1,011 more words