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Cocos2d-x : Space Monkey Game

This is Space Monkey, a simple game I made with the Cocos2d-x game framework. The game runs on iOS and Mac OSX. It should not take much effort to make this game run on Windows and on Android devices. 251 more words


Cocos2d-x Project Setup and Cleanup

In this post I will describe how to create a new project in cocos2d-x using the cocos command line interface. The project created using the cocos command is a “Hello World” demo application that both provides some game framework initialization and a generic scene with some basic functionality. 1,003 more words


Cocos2d-x on Mac and Windows

If you read my previous post here, you will find detailed instructions to install the Cocos2d-x game engine on Linux.

I wanted to do the same kind of tutorial for Mac and Windows but there are already a few very good tutorials on how to do that. 76 more words


Cocos2d-x installation and setup on Linux

If your preferred development environment is based on a linux computer then you may be interested in this blog post because I will describe, step by step, how to install and setup cocos2d-x on linux. 894 more words


Cocos2d-x na Linuxie I


Cocos2d-x jest to jeden z wielu silników które sią nam udostępnione za darmo. Czemu ja wybrałem ten? Tak padło. Wcześniej pracowałem z słynnym Unity3D lecz moje projekty były za skromne na tego giganta i postanowiłem czegoś skromniejszego a że o Cocosie gdzieś słyszałem/widziałem to postanowiłem go przetestować. 218 more words


The Cocos2d-x game engine

Cocos2d-x is a cross platform game engine that allows us to write code that can run on Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. 141 more words


2D Game with Cocos2d-x

1. Have two backgrounds scrolling in parallax scrolling with Painter’s algorithm.

2. Incorporate data-driven programming for info in XML. Program gamedataLoader with singleton design pattern. 49 more words

2D Game