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2D Game with Cocos2d-x

1. Have two backgrounds scrolling in parallax scrolling with Painter’s algorithm.

2. Incorporate data-driven programming for info in XML. Program gamedataLoader with singleton design pattern. 49 more words

2D Game

[Cocos2d-x] 1. First step


The heart of this part is what cocos2d-x can for us and how to create classes and notion of some features.

What is the 2d framework?; the instructor said it is rectangles in a loop. 940 more words


Adventures in cocos2d-x

After venturing back and forth between different development frameworks, cocos2d-x seems to meet  my requirements. The main requirement was for it to be as cross platform as possible, I want to deploy to as many platforms as possible. 116 more words


Getting PlayFab working with Cocos2d-x

Surprise, surprise. It’s supposed to be a cinch to get this stuff going! But it’s not. The magic of a lack of documentation.

PlayFab and Cocos2d-x are supposed to work well together. 394 more words

Game Engines

Logging in Cocos2d-x

This stuff is supposed to be easy. It’s almost pre-Hello World. How can I log some kind of low-level message to some kind of low-level output from my code? 289 more words

Game Engines

Puzzle Fruit with Cocos2DX ( C++ )

Here is an another example of a game developed with Cocos2DX :)
(Puzzle fruit by NoHuman Studio )


Random Maze Generation

This is a Cocos2d-x program that creates a random maze using Prim’s algorithm. It has a command window that takes the following inputs: