Elizabeth Fraser's Writing Practice

I was just thinking about different types of writing practices, and Elizabeth Fraser’s lyrics came to mind. Fraser is primarily known for her work as the lead singer of the Cocteau Twins, but she later collaborated with artists like Yann Tiersen and Jeff Buckley, among others. 217 more words




We tended to play Dungeons and Dragons without music in the background. Distractions could be dangerous — while you were tuning in to Bauhaus or Tangerine Dream, the chances were you’d get smeared by a troll or jumped by some pesky hobbit thief. 1,430 more words

Particular Platters

velettes release debut single

With an ear for a pop tune and a heart full of rock heritage (think Velvet Underground, Neu!, Cocteau Twins), velettes release their debut single Wild Flowers today (Friday, November 6). 198 more words


On October 31, 1983.

On October 31, 1983, “4AD” label released “Head over Heels”, the second Cocteau Twins studio album. This was Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie first album as a duo. 76 more words

Mint Field is the Hybridized-in-Tijuana Version of Joy Division + Cocteau Twins

The dreampop crafting masters straight outta Tijuana, Mint Field, sounds exactly what you’ll imagine if Joy Division and Cocteau Twins mated in the ambivalent city to produce slushy hushy sonic ambience. 90 more words


Ummagma's "Frequency" drops November 13

Our friends at Shameless Promotion PR have turned us on to Ummagma. Here’s their video for Orion:

From the release:

Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma have confirmed details for the UK release of their EP ‘Frequency’. 465 more words