Bjork - Human Behaviour (1993)

I love voices. I love interesting voices. I love brave voices. I love voices that dare to be different. Bjork dares to be different – indeed there have been times when she has dared to be so¬†different that those who cannot stand the idea of “difference” in any form have humiliated her just for that crime of “being different”. 1,717 more words

In the fading light of the blue bell knoll

In the fading light

Of the blue bell knoll

Shadows sway

Whispered winds

Blew your love my way

Then stole it away

Silver trees wait silent… 116 more words


Aidan Baker w/ Claire Brentnall – Delirious Things


The premise of this collaboration between Aidan Baker and Claire Brentnall of Manchester-based purveyors of ethereal dark pop, Shield Patterns, is neatly summed up in the press release. 954 more words