Portrait of a house cat eating a bird one Thursday

Charlotte and I sat at the breakfast nook eating frozen pizza and watching our cat Roxy eat a bird. I watched Charlotte watching Roxy for a few bites before she realized what Roxy was eating and was glad when she noticed what it was it didn’t freak her out. 457 more words



Here. Slouching towards the white light and trying to make sense of these thoughts in my head post-5pm cappuccino. It’s midnight. Consider my brain being left of center and the farthest left being dead deep asleep. 492 more words


cocteau twins - ribbed and veined

This instrumental track from Scotland’s Cocteau Twins’ Tiny Dynamine album is as soothing as it is ominous.

Hands In The Garden

My Top 10 iPod Tracks - 010417

  1. (-) – In Our Angelhood (Remix) – Cocteau Twins
  2. (-) – Sea, Swallow Me – Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd
  3. (-) – Memory Gongs – Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd…
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My Top 10 Last.FM Artists - 010417

  1. (-) – Felt
  2. (-) – Fad Gadget
  3. (-) – David Sylvian
  4. (-) – Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd
  5. (-) – Fatima Mansions
  6. (-) – Edgar Broughton Band…
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Bjork - Human Behaviour (1993)

I love voices. I love interesting voices. I love brave voices. I love voices that dare to be different. Bjork dares to be different – indeed there have been times when she has dared to be so different that those who cannot stand the idea of “difference” in any form have humiliated her just for that crime of “being different”. 1,717 more words