How Psychic Twin Channeled Her Divorce Into Bucolic, Sci-Fi Synth-Pop

Psychic Twin was borne of separation—the dissolution of Erin Fein’s marriage piled up as claustrophobic baggage in her sleepy Midwestern hometown of Urbana, Ill. And though this story of a young woman uprooting and moving to Greenpoint to reinvent herself may be tried and true, her reality had no pat, third-act certainty—four years of pain, destruction and her life falling apart, captured all on record, now provide perspective that no Upper East Side therapist can match. 2,095 more words


AMV chronicles #55: Ooze Out & Away, Onehow

I’ve seen a few AMVs that nail a kind of shoegaze-like visual vibe in their use of overlays, blurry slow motion and dreamy atmospherics, but this is the first I’ve come across that actually plays with that music and makes an overt nod to the whole aesthetic. 83 more words


Treasure - Cocteau Twins (1984)

We’re rolling into the holiday season which means pulling out the festive music. For me, it also means cueing up cold weather music for the coming winter. 456 more words


Shuffle Everything - Vol. 5

Everyone likes Screaming Females, or at least I think that’s the general consensus. They won last week with ‘Starve The Beat’ (a live performance, no less). 811 more words

Shuffle Everything

heaven or las vegas

thank you Jim. you were my most beautiful soul contract. infinite love.


Autobiographical Order No. 165: Cocteau Twins - Treasure

As I mentioned in my last entry, on Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, I like buying records on vacation. They offer not just something cool to listen to when I get home, but memories that will be a part of their story. 308 more words