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Fish Fraud: What Are You REALLY Eating?

The underhanded practice of substituting lesser priced fish for higher-end species is not a new one. I remember when people still tried to pass off surimi as… 458 more words

Choosing Seafood

Clotheslines of Cod on the Great Northern Peninsula

Typically cod would be drying on flakes or neatly spread on flat rocks near the beach, but more and more often the cod fish can be seen drying like clothes on the line. 467 more words

Great Northern Peninsula

BEDIJ #21 

Coming at you from my bed. Today was literally perfect I slept in played some call of duty black ops and watched Rags . Messed around with my ukulele, edited some pictures then took a 2o minute cat nap. 86 more words

Chungcheong Province Kalbi Glazed Cod 

Yep, I know where on a map it is too…actually not really, but I feel confident I could show you where South Korea is on a map. 52 more words


–cod (size of 4 decks of cards, 1 pound)

–shrimp (8 to 10, small, thawed from frozen)

–salt and pepper

–olive oil

Almond sauce:

–almonds (15) 153 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Mom's Fish 'n Chip Batter

For a while it was a “thing” to mimic your favorite prepared foods. Mom tried it out but never really could get behind it, except for this recipe. 86 more words