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June 18 ~ Daily Listening Assignment

Today’s assignment is a very popular piece by Johann Pachelbel called Canon in D.

A canon is a technique that employs a melody with one or more imitations of the melody played after a given duration (e.g., quarter rest, one measure, etc.). 119 more words


The Tail of the Tale

Back in January, I typed “finis” at the end of my work in progress. Since then, I’ve gone through it twice, once to find gross errors and inconsistencies, and a second time to streamline the prose and reduce the word count. 824 more words


Deaf Events

Growing up, I knew a lot of the deaf community in the suburbs, and that’s because of something called the Western Suburban Assosciation of the Deaf, or WSAD. 209 more words


Hugh Likes Comics: Coda

Coda #1
Written by Simon Spurrier
Drawn by Matias Bergarda
Published by Boom! Studios

The Skinny – A cynical wanderer navigates a lost magical world in this beautifully illustrated post-apocalyptic dark fantasy. 299 more words


Chapter 2- Creature Of More

You forgot I had called your mother and mentor during the night to arrange getting you into the recovery home. “Meet me at 8,” Will said, adjusting his hearing aid and lowering his voice through the receiver. 2,503 more words


Animal Behavior

Something that I think is really interesting is how animals interact with humans and how they adapt to certain things. You may be asking what this has to do with either deaf people or being a CODA. 210 more words


Chapter 1- Lies That Held Us Up

Your breath targets my neck. Your lips cover my earlobes, so my diamond pears fall loose onto your tongue. You baptize them and me a fixer.  2,416 more words