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Accidental Signing

A question that I thought was really interesting was if I’ve ever noticed hearing people in public that move their hands and possibly make an accidental sign. 99 more words


Ekspresi dalam Musik

Dalam latihan paduan suara kita sering mendengar konduktor mengatakan legato, piano, staccato, forte, dll tapi apakah Anda terbiasa dengan istilah musikal ini? 1,155 more words

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Led Zeppelin- Coda

Unfortunately Led Zeppelin was really short lived. The guys started together as a foursome in 1968 and was never the same after 1980.  This is when they lost their drummer John Bonham.  277 more words

The reason I sign....

“Sign are to eyes what words are to ears”

 I want to be comfortable and share my reason for signing. Why I support hearing families with deaf children, also children of deaf adults.

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Musical Expression

In choir rehearsal we often hear the conductor says legato, piano, staccato, forte, etc. but are you familiar with this musical term? Maybe we know some term but there a lot of musical term in dynamics, articulation and tempo. 1,307 more words

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Minute Monday: Scheduling

When starting a new endeavor it takes some time to adjust to all the new tasks that come with it. This blog thing needs me to be even more consistent in doing the research and the writing to bring you all new information and share the things I have learned. 297 more words


Slite looks to build a new smarter notes tool for internal teams

If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on official documents( or any kind of note, genuinely) with coworkers or anyone else, you’re likely using something along the lines of Dropbox Paper or Google Docs — but they don’t quite have the same team-focused simplicity as, say, Slack, if you ask Christophe Pasquier. 762 more words