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Make all quarter-tone notes with rhythmic values of ‘e (i.e. a quaver / eighth note) or quicker chromatic. Handy for fast passages when playing qt notes can be difficult. 219 more words

Algorithmic Composition


A function to algorithmically create data for either :set-limits-high or :set-limits-low arguments in the call to (make-slippery-chicken) 239 more words

Algorithmic Composition

Something I built is on the internets!

Something I built is live on the internets for all to see, OMG! It isn’t much, but dagnabit it’s true. What I am gleefully kermit flailing over is the website I built, … 874 more words


Think Animations

With a recent transition into an android dev job, I am now brushing up on my android and getting up to speed with all things android. 121 more words


Chordino troubles

On September the 9th, I released a v1.0 build of the Chordino and NNLS Chroma Vamp plugin. This plugin analyses audio recordings of music and calculates some harmonic features, including an estimated chord transcription. 1,062 more words


I like coffee, code, and photography...


My name is david inden. As the subject of this post says, I like coffee, code, and photography. This is where I plan to talk about these things. 217 more words


Using graphviz to illustrate course structure

At some point last year, I got frustrated that I couldn’t see easily the global structure of the UCL undergraduate maths course without trawling through… 106 more words