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Using CSOM with SAML Authentication (ADFS)

Topics: ADFS 3.0, SharePoint 2013, claims authentication, on-premise, Azure, CSOM, SAML


Recently, I was tasked with making CSOM work with these SAML-enabled web applications and host-named site collections.   1,327 more words


Holy moly! I gave a talk about code I wrote!

As I have been teaching myself how to code I have been trying to go to various code meetups in the Seattle area. It is always fun to get into a room full of like minded individuals and hear people’s perspective on different web technologies. 493 more words


Above-the-Staff Lilypond Dynamics

This is really a rather trivial matter, but since it took me a little while to work out exactly how to do it, I thought I’d share it with you. 88 more words

Algorithmic Composition

Naming conventions in Standard ML

Many programming languages have a standard document that describes how to write and capitalise the names of functions, variables, and source files. It’s especially useful to have a standard for writing names made up from more than one word, where there are various options for how to join the words: “camel case”, which looks likeThis (with a capital letter “hump” in the middle), or “snake case”, which is underscore_separated. 1,470 more words


I published my first package to NPM!

As I have been learning more and more about developing software for the web I have been wanting to be part of open source software and getting code I’ve written out in front of people. 223 more words


It has been a while!


I totally forgot that i made this blog, haha. I guess i’ll recap what i have been doing so far…

I learned Java and Android and actually built my first app… 696 more words