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Cloud application design - Recommendations

This is my self-study note for cloud application design.

Design self-healing applications

Design an application to be self-healing when failures occur. This requires a three-pronged approach: 626 more words


Java 8 Concurrency Tutorial: Threads and Executors

Welcome to my short tutorial for Java 8 Concurrency. This post was initially created for myself to study  concurrent programming in Java 8, so I hope it will be easy for you as well. 1,008 more words


Today's Google Doodle Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding

This week is Computer Science Education Week. In honor of the occasion, today’s Google Doodle celebrates when kids started to write code, an astounding 50 years ago. 133 more words


Notes on Idris

In a bid to expand my programming brain by learning something about “dependent types”, I recently bought the Idris book.

(Idris is a pure functional programming language that is mostly known for supporting dependent types. 2,416 more words


WebUI Popover - Useful wrapper over Bootstrap Popover

Github Project page: WebUI Popover.

Some of the examples:

  • To create a closeable popover:
    content: "Closeable content", 
    title: "Closeable", 

Manual Core Data Migrations - Lessons Learned

So, I’ll try to keep this all brief.  In short, as everyone, including Core Data Ninja Master Marcus Zarra, has said:  Avoid heavy Core Data Migrations! 2,904 more words


Useful "Finder" methods on NSManagedObject in Swift

I don’t know about you, but CoreData seemed insane to me before I discovered MagicalRecord, back in the days of Mogenerator and Objective-C.

But since Swift 3 has come out, and the tools have improved to support Swift development (remember poor compiler warnings, if not just a “segmentation fault 11” error), I’m finding that I like to work with the Xcode tools again, and forego these old approaches. 351 more words