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Navigational Solar System: after lotus point #006

Over the holiday period and start of the new year, SERIOUS PROGRESS has been made. One of the biggest, more fearsome and daunting obstacles that faced us was the META SCREEN. 400 more words


I made a command line tool to lookup the weather

Now that I am putting the majority of my projects on Github I have been trying to come up with things to build. One of the first few things I set out to make was a command line app to get the current temperature based on a zip code. 327 more words

Web Development

The Perils of Hackers in your Team

I’ve currently joined a project as the only iOS Developer.  I’ve inherited a codebase that’s passed through the hands of 4-5 guys over the course of 3 years.   514 more words

Finding the Square Root of a Number Without Using a Calculator

The following code calculates the square root of a number without using a calculator!


Old Tricks on New Canvas

I found my old notes, which included creating some maths-based graphics using IBM PC BASICA (not Visual Basic, but some very old BASIC variation). Interestingly those algorithms still work with HTML5 Canvas with very minimal changes. 990 more words


Perl 6

I see the official release of the Perl 6 language specification happened on Christmas day.

The first piece of commercial web development I did was in Perl 5. 381 more words

The snippet of code below retrieves the text content from between the html tag <h2></h2>. I’m pretty sure there’s a better way to do this.