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Enigma Within Reach

Surfing on a wave of apathy
Swimming in the depths of depravity
Crawling up the beach of sympathy
Considering the scope of my gravity
Others despair at my levity… 46 more words


Running a Powershell script as a scheduled task

It should have been simple. I have a Powershell script that works as it should, I just need it to run on the hour, every hour. 231 more words


Getting Sassy with it

Recently I’ve been working on learning Sass and all its tips and tricks. Creating variables and mixins, using extends and making my CSS more modular… It’s amazing to use because Sass is like writing a novel that flows smoothly from paragraph to chapter, without extra frills and bloat. 134 more words


MIT researchers have found a way to make rotten software fresh again

It turns out software and fruit have something in common: they both can rot. But while a banana that’s been sitting out too long can’t turn fresh again, old software code that no longer functions like it once did can be revitalized. 628 more words


Good coup, bad coup

This post first appeared at Predictive Heuristics.

Alexander Noyes and Sebastian Elischer wrote about good coups on Monkey Cage a few weeks ago, in the shadow of fallout from the LaCour revelations. 1,583 more words


SharePoint and CSOM - Get an application running on SP2007 to access content and managed metadata on SP2013 using CSOM

Please don’t ask why, only know that it had to be done. The requirement was to copy documents in a library in SP2013 to another library in SP2007. 276 more words