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HSHTMLImageRenderer !

So with permission of my current client (for whom I wrote the original code), I’m able to open source this component for all to use. I’m delighted I can do that because I think this component can be of good use to people. 67 more words



After I pestered Michael to do this for me, I thought I’d make it into a method for you all to use easily. Add a buzz roll to a note in sl-c. 117 more words

Algorithmic Composition

Guy Who Accidentally Deleted His Company Is Just A Prankster

April Fool’s day may be long gone, but that’s not stopping one prankster from pulling off a big Internet hoax.

Last week, a man claiming to work for a United Kingdom web hosting company admitted a major blunder in a popular… 349 more words


F♯ has possibilities

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that they were buying a company called Xamarin, co-founded by the admirable Miguel “you can now flame me, I am full of love… 885 more words


Multi-Threaded Core Data Solution

I’ve been wanting to revamp some old code that wasn’t performing as I like.  I had come up with something a bit too complicated involving… 444 more words


"Invisible Container" - HSPassthroughView

I’d like to revisit an older post which deals with allowing subviews in a view hierarchy to be touchable, but making the parent view completely “non-interactive”. 179 more words


UINavigationBar that Scrolls Away (Revised)

On this blog one of my most searched for posts is the one about a UINavigationBar that scrolls away.

That was written a while back.   986 more words