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Unreleased project pile-up

Several of the software projects I’ve been working on at the Centre for Digital Music are in need of a new release.

I ran some queries on the… 444 more words


Dijkstra's shortest pathway algorithm

I’ve been playing around a lot with shortest pathways. Any code I have found has been for java or C/C++, with almost nothing in R other than the inbuilt functions in the packages… 444 more words


Global Games Jam 2015.

To begin with I’d like to point out that, as we have previously said, one of the issues with a two-person team is things take forever and we are focused on tasks that aren’t blogging about progress… 294 more words


Declarative vs. imperative mismatch

Notes from Jenkov.com : http://tutorials.jenkov.com/angularjs/critique.html about AngularJS Declarative vs Imperative. Couldn’t say this better…the art is to find right balance. Neither XAML , nor AngularJS found it yet (too declarative): 333 more words

[VIDEO] 16.01.14 Coloana sonora 'Spy', Codul Nr. 2: ZIA- Stardust/Spy’s Ost: Code No.2 ZIA’s “Stardust”

Credit: (주)디엔콘텐츠-DNContents
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

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Tokenising, Lexical Dispersion Plots, Most Common Word Visualisation Code

#import nltk package
 import nltk
 from nltk.corpus import stopwords
 import string
#open the file you use to analyse
 f = open('file_name.txt')
 sentence = f.read()
#converts all the text to lower case
 text = sentence.lower() 421 more words