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Random number generator

Check it out on Codepen!

Need a random number within a certain range? You’re in luck! Here’s a lil random number generator I cooked up that takes a min and a max and spits out a random number between them. 60 more words


Slacking off on coding...

So I’ve been a slacker lately. I could try and justify myself by saying I’ve been busy organizing a huge get-together with friends, I’ve started a new hobby (calligraphy!) or that I’ve been spending more time socializing with people, but I know that those are all excuses. 92 more words


Going To CocoaConf

The CocoaConf developer conference will be at the Yosemite (fitting name, huh?) National Park April 20-23. They always have a good set of presenters and 2015’s looks great. 6 more words


Resolving error on SQL Server Msg 547 - INSERT Statement conflicted

Server: Msg 547, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY
constraint Constraint Name.  The conflict occurred in
database Database Name, table Table Name, column
Column Name.
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Unreleased project pile-up

Several of the software projects I’ve been working on at the Centre for Digital Music are in need of a new release.

I ran some queries on the… 444 more words


Dijkstra's shortest pathway algorithm

I’ve been playing around a lot with shortest pathways. Any code I have found has been for java or C/C++, with almost nothing in R other than the inbuilt functions in the packages… 444 more words