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How to Set Up StyleCop and Code Analysis on an Assembly

Coding style standards are a key essential to a team’s productivity. A well defined coding style paired with frequent peer reviews allow team members to swarm issues across multiple different modules where teams without those practices require individuals only solving problems in the modules they are accustomed to work in. 1,469 more words

Fitting Static Code Analysis into Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration or CI is one of the hottest topics in DevOps. Continuous integration is a software development practice in which members of a team incorporate their new code often, probably numerous times per day. 760 more words



Recently I asked on Twitter what the next RD News post should be about.

Seems you want to hear about upcoming new features, so… here it goes! 1,595 more words


Install & Setup SonarQube on Ubuntu for Code Analysis

SonarQube is Code Quality testing solution which lets you analyse the quality of your code, detect bugs and much more to improve overall health of your code. 848 more words


@Annotations: The Underducks

Some of Rubberduck’s coolest features are literally hidden – not intentionally… but exposing them in the UI just wasn’t a top priority, or proved to be quite complex to implement in a nice user-friendly way. 805 more words


Effective Code Analysis through SonarLint in Visual Studio

Good Morning Folks!!

I had been thinking to write my blog from several years & I always complained about the time shortage in my life. 452 more words