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Install & Setup SonarQube on Ubuntu for Code Analysis

SonarQube is Code Quality testing solution which lets you analyse the quality of your code, detect bugs and much more to improve overall health of your code. 848 more words


@Annotations: The Underducks

Some of Rubberduck’s coolest features are literally hidden – not intentionally… but exposing them in the UI just wasn’t a top priority, or proved to be quite complex to implement in a nice user-friendly way. 805 more words


Effective Code Analysis through SonarLint in Visual Studio

Good Morning Folks!!

I had been thinking to write my blog from several years & I always complained about the time shortage in my life. 452 more words


A better tomorrow for source code with Roslyn

Hi guys,

I’ve spent quite some time in the past using the Roslyn API, in an internship and during the Google Summer of Code 2015. Thought I’d be a great idea to present it here. 981 more words


Integrating and Understanding SonarQube in Android

SonarQube is a platform to analyze code quality,security and reliability.It is a continuous inspection engine and offers reports on duplicated code,exception handling, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, potential bugs, comments , design and architecture etc. 855 more words


On J.R. Carpenter's Gorge, Part 2.5: HTML, web pages, and the DOM

This post is part of a series on digital literature. I’m dissecting the JavaScript code of “Gorge”, an infinite poem by J.R. Carpenter that riffs on Nick Montfort’s program “Taroko Gorge”.   543 more words


OCLint integration in XCode with xctool

In a hurry to do things fast and meet monster deadlines, developers keep the book of best practices aside and start coding. The result can lead to unexpected behavior in your project along with highly unmanaged code. 565 more words