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Signal-Slot diagram using Doxygen and XSLT

Qt signal-slot analysis using Doxygen and XSLT

Sometimes I need to see connections between signals and slots in my Qt projects. It seems like now there is no software than can do this. 3,316 more words

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Paper accepted for ICSE'15 NIER

We are excited to announce that our paper Rapid Multi-Purpose, Multi-Commit Code Analysis was accepted for the New Ideas and Emerging Results (NIER) track of the… 121 more words


Preventing bugs, and improving code quality with Microsoft SAL (Part 1, Prologue)

Microsoft’s SAL started nearly ten years ago at Microsoft as part of a major push for code quality, and (more visibly) preventing bugchecks. In its earliest versions, it appears to have been effectively restricted to the Windows core codebase, with kernel-mode-driver developers following suit.  387 more words

Reverse Engineering eicar.com Anti-Malware Testfile

Some of my friends have used EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File to test their PCs’ antivirus. Anti-malware programs scan and detect the test file as a virus named EICAR… which sometimes cause my friends to suspect it as a real virus. 1,104 more words


Running Sonar Analysis Using Maven

In last post I have covered how to configure SonarQube. Let’s see how you can run a Sonar code analysis using Maven.

You need to enable sonar profile, for that you need to add following profile configuration to your settings.xml. 245 more words


Threats , Risks, Security - OWASP ?

For those who are newbie to security — and by security i dont mean authentication and authorization alone,this maybe an eye opener.Heard about CRSF and XSS- they are more in case you read on? 405 more words

Code Analysis

A Crash of Great Opportunity

It was a fairly straightforward bug. A wide-character string function was called with a byte count instead of a character count, leading to a buffer overrun. 1,012 more words