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A Reflection on VBA Reflection

The idea has always been floating around, and a number of feature requests had been made to support something like it.

Not to mention all the Stack Overflow questions asking how to iterate the members of a module, with answers explaining how to use the VBIDE API to achieve some level of “reflection”. 274 more words


v2.0: 75% there

At least according to our issues list.

I’ve been working on quite a lot of things these past few weeks, things that open up new horizons and help stabilize the foundations – the identifier reference resolver. 975 more words


What do "parsing" and "resolving" mean anyway?

In Rubberduck 1.x, we processed each module in each project sequentially. Rubberduck 2.0 will change that and have the parsing happen in parallel, asynchronously… 1,470 more words


Installing SonarQube on Ubuntu

credits go to Anna Bansaghi for the how-to found here:


– Java JRE
– DBMS (MySQL for example, but works like a charm with PostgreSQL aswell) 386 more words


Rethrow Exception

CA2200 : Rethrow to preserve stack details. That’s one recommendation that as a developer you might have seen when running Code Analysis on your solution. 382 more words