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Code coverage in .NET Core and SonarCloud

In this post, I’m creating a code coverage report for a .NET Core project. I’m also using SonarCloud to analyze the project’s quality. 742 more words


Continuous Integration and Teamcenter: Customized Jenkins for Teamcenter

Agile development is right now the rule to follow in softwaree development, using Continuous Integration servers to deliver repeatable jobs like compiling the code,  running tests, reporting, analysing the code, etc., after having checked it in in the SCM. 694 more words

Software Engineering

Code Coverage Dos and Don'ts

Code Coverage is a good indicator of how well your tests are covering your code base. It is done through tools through which you can run your existing set of tests and then get reports on code coverage with file level, statement or line level, class and function level and branch level details. 758 more words

Software Testing

Adding code coverage with nyc

In this post, I’ll add code coverage to the build pipeline and configure TeamCity to break the build if the code coverage drops. 479 more words


Junit 4 Testing coverage

I am unable to cover next method:

protected void dealDamage(int damage, String damageType) {

My test looks like this:

@Parameters({"30, physical"})
public void dealDamage(int damage, String damageType) throws Exception {
    assertEquals(this.creature.getDamageDealt(), 30);
    assertEquals(this.creature.getDamageDealtType(), "physical");
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iOS Unit Testing and UI Testing Tutorial

Testing, Testing …

What to Test?

Before writing any tests, it’s important to start with the basics: what do you need to test? If your goal is to extend an existing app, you should first write tests for… 4,097 more words

Unit Testing

Code Coverage Alone Probably Won't Ensure Your Code is Fully Tested.

For this week’s CS-443 self-directed professional development blog entry I read a blog post written by Mark Seemann, a professional programmer/ software architect from Copenhagen Denmark. 420 more words