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동시성 프로그램의 이해
– Concurrency bug에는 data race, atomicity bug만 있는 것이 아님. 그 외에도 다양한 버그가 있음. Coverage based testing을 사용하면 data race, atomicity bug 외의 버그도 확인할 수 있다. 72 more words

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동시성 프로그램의 이해
– Code Coverage-based Testing of Concurrent Programs. MC/DC coverage는 modified condition / decision coverage의 약자이다.
– 타겟 프로그램을 충분히 테스팅했음을 어떻게 보장하나? 테스팅의 진행도를 어떻게 측정하나? 79 more words

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How Not To Get Fired For A Refactoring

Friday morning.

I get to the office some minutes before 9AM to check the e-mail before starting what I thought was going to be a very productive and very relaxing Friday. 703 more words


PODCAST EPISODE 11: Dominik Hauser - Author of TDD in Swift & SwiftAndPainless.com

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Dominik Hauser is an iOS Developer at Energy App Provider in Germany. He has multiple independently published apps in the app store. He’s the author of Test Driven iOS Development in Swift, and he blogs at SwiftAndPainless.com. 83 more words


Empty results generated in Code Coverage.

Code coverage is used to check how much of your code is covered by unit test. When you run “Analyze Code Coverage for All Tests” from Test Explorer of your visual studio, it will first build your solution, then run all the associated tests and then show the code coverage in “Code Coverage Results” window. 243 more words

TFS 2013

#Javaland 2016 conference day 1

This year I have decided to give the Javaland conference a try. I’m not a java professional, but in the program was listed a lot of interesting testing presentations, so my company booked for me. 777 more words