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Best practices for obtaining GCOV code coverage for C/C++ application

Every now and then at work I come across the need to instrument a new project with code coverage and as it happens I end up struggling to recollect how I did it. 1,632 more words


Continuous Integration with Jenkins for a Multi-Developer Python Project Using a Local Git Server


Two Python developers working on same project with Git for version control and Jenkins for continuous integration.



Unit Test Conventions for Code Coverage

The normal convention for naming the unit test is to name it same as the class which we are going to test and append it by the word ‘Test’ to it. 82 more words

Why is my code coverage different on the build server?

I recently updated my tfs build definition to use the latest version of MSBuild. Before that I was relying on the Microsoft.Net.Compilers package to compile my c# 6.0 code. 328 more words

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MSTest Code Coverage with runsettings

I’ve been fine tuning my code coverage runsettings file for some time now and I’m ready to share it with the world.

You can use it in Visual Studio by setting the test settings file. 466 more words

Which code coverage tool to choose?

We make major investments in tools, people and process to effectively test applications. But how we measure the effectiveness of these investments? How do we know how well our applications are getting tested? 833 more words

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Jacoco: configuring Jenkins job to count coverage for project with subprojects

It happened that our project faced problem with identifying code unit test coverage on every build basis. To put it into CI flow we decided to use JaCoCo. 366 more words