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"Nav 2013 Application Test Toolset" used in Nav 2013 R2

In a forum thread a user asked for a code coverage tool. Microsoft has developed the Nav 2013 Application Test Toolset, but did not deliver a version for Nav 2013 r2 or Nav 2015. 724 more words

Nav 2013

How to enable JavaScript Code Coverage When Using Rails, CircleCI, AngularJS, Jasmine and Teaspoon

I am a big fan of code coverage.  Enough has been written about the need of the same. It helps raise confidence within development teams, solidifies the unit testing process and alleviates some risks that lurk when there is not a plethora of quality assurance resources. 608 more words

Number of Contacts on Account

It would be extremely awful situation for Salesforce Administrators when your the CEO / CTO asks “How many contacts are there on ‘X’ Accounts. This would become a nightmare in Salesforce to achieve this requirement because Roll Up summary only works if you’ve Master – Detail relationship. 443 more words


Using Gcov and Lcov to generate Test Coverage Stats for Cppagent

In my last post we generated Code coverage statistics for a sample c++. In this post i will be using gcov & lcov to generate similar code coverage for tests in… 559 more words


Using Gcov and Lcov to generate beautiful C++ code coverage statistics

We all know, testing is an important part of a project. But how efficient are your tests? How much of your codes have you tested? Here comes the role of code coverage tools. 624 more words


Python and Jenkins integration

Lately we started using Jenkins at work. With proper configuration for PHP it allow us to perform predefined list of tasks in response to merge requests. 1,056 more words


Code Coverage Working in iOS (iPhone)

Hello Everyone,

In this post, I will be giving information about Code Coverage Quality. When we start writing code for iOS app, we also need to write test cases for sections. 555 more words

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