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PHPUnit Code Coverage in Symfony


I’ve been creating some unit tests and functional tests for a Symfony application that I’m currently developing and I wanted to share some of those experiences. 563 more words


What is the right code coverage percentage?

There are great code coverage tools, which can tell the amount of code that is excercised through tests. So natural question that stems out is: “what is the right code coverage percentage one should target?”. 277 more words

Test Engineering

Code Coverage Tools

Today we will talk about code coverage tools which are used by developers for measuring the quality of the software testing. There are so many different types of code coverage tools, some are basics and others that are exceptionally thorough. Read more click here

Workaround for excluding assemblies from code coverage in TFS2015 build

Our build server is TFS2015 and Microsoft promises that we can customize code coverage analysis. But with runsettings setup to exclude assemblies from code coverage  109 more words


Code coverage implemented: RSpec and Jest unite in Codecov!

In my previous post, I have discussed about some theory of code coverage and stuffs. In this post, I will talk about how to produce code coverage percentage with… 879 more words

Code Coverage

Code Coverage with JaCoCo

Code Coverage is a useful set of metrics that show you how much of your code you’re impacting during testing. It doesn’t say much about the quality of your tests (you can read more in the old post  937 more words

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Difference between Code Coverage and Test Coverage

There is not any official distinguished between code Coverage and Test Coverage. Some practitioner has expressed their difference opinion in terms of defining Code Coverage and Test Coverage. 42 more words