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Code Geass is set in an alternate universe where Britannia has taken over Japan, which is now called district 11. Our smart and cunning protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge, goes to a school that favors Britannia and looks down on the former Japanese (now called Elevens), but Lelouch has hidden motives. 157 more words

Superhuman Power

Princess Euphemia Drawing

After a few months without a completed drawing to blog about, I finally have one!

A few weeks ago I was trying to decide what sewing project I should start next. 258 more words

My Blog

Glass Ceiling, Now with Added Salt

Hello, Matchapple here with a review of the upcoming GC (Glass Ceiling) comeback campaign. I’ll be going through the new cards and their interactions with the cards from the set. 4,086 more words

Weiss Schwarz

Greetings readers! Undecided here with a look at one of my favorite subjects.

When I say anime to someone who is already unfamiliar with what it is they are wholly confused. 1,187 more words

A Shout Out to Flamboyant Male Characters

Out of the various character stereotypes in anime, one of my most favourite is the overly-flamboyant/eccentric male character. I’m talking ridiculous mannerisms, grand speeches, and larger-than-life personalities, who strut around on-screen doing outrageous things. 851 more words


30-Day Song Challenge Day 8: Songs That Make/Made You Cry

I know, shame on me for being a day late. But I’m not skipping any days in this challenge, so I’ll just post two today. Now to pick today’s songs . 657 more words