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Episode Focus: Code Geass R2 episode 5, Knights of the Round

I’m slowly working my way through the second season of Code Geass. I watched the first season ages ago and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel any particular need to watch the follow up. 386 more words

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Top 5 Real Robot Mecha Anime

Hi there! Happy Friday! As we continue our anime series of posts, this week we will focus on the 2nd sub-category of Mecha anime- Real Robots (リアルロボット ). 995 more words


Favourite Anime Crushes

Hey guys!

Having a crush on an anime character is one of the worst thing that can happen to a person. They’re fictional, so you know you’ll never be able to date them IRL, plus it sets your standards incredibly high. 533 more words


Top 10 Psychological Anime of All Time

Hey guys! Welcome to the first ever top 10 on My Anime Blog. In this list, I’ll be covering the top 10 psychological anime of all time. 2,381 more words


Love, Cupid.

The calm breeze blew her hair away from her face. It was a bright afternoon and the sky was dyed orange and red. The lively greenery surrounded her as she sat on the grasses, listening to the distant twittering of the birds. 3,117 more words

Some of my Favorites: Five Nostalgic Anime

Nostalgia is…kind of a beautiful thing.

Defined as a sentimental longing or wistful attraction for the past, nostalgia takes us back to innocent days. Rushing to the TV Saturday morning for that latest episode of that one new show you’re following, and growing up following the adventures of your favorite characters, watching any series now just…doesn’t quite compare. 1,460 more words


Anime ABC's - E Voting Round

Time Again to Vote!

Anime ABC’s E Voting Round. Vote Here! <—Click Me!

The survey is a touch longer than normal with an additional follow-up survey that is completely optional. 257 more words

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