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3.sezona Code Geass

Stranica za 10. Godišnjicu Code Geass je postavila trailer za novu sezonu. Također je potvrđeno da je ovo nastavak na seriju i da nije alternativna verzija i da jeLelouch živ.

30 Day Anime Challenge: (Day 04) Favorite Female Character Ever

I reflected so hard about this day and had a run through of all the anime I watched. I realized one thing. I don’t have anyone who can I refer to as my “favorite female” character due to limited number of female characters appearing in  all of the anime I watched. 635 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 02): Favorite anime I've watched so far

Its my second day of challenge and continuing from last time, this entry will focus on my favorite anime that I’ve watched so far.  260 more words


Anime ABC's - I Voting Round

It’s That Time Again!

After a record breaking amount of votes for the previous round, I’m excited to see how many votes we can muster this time for the I round.  328 more words

Jon Spencer Reviews

Tuesday's Top 5: Anime Brothers

We all know there are some terrible anime families out there, but every now and then a show finds a way to remind us that not every blood relative wants to abandon you, use you to destroy the world, or is on a vendetta to kill and destroy you. 701 more words

Anime Review 2.8 Code Geass R2. (The train-wreck squeal that no one wanted)

Well, folks, it has been a short time but I am now ready to take a look at one of the most notorious anime of all time Code Geass R2. 2,894 more words


Update: The Code Geass Movie

Recently browsing Tokyo Otaku Mode, news just broke that some new footage and images were released for the upcoming Code Geass movie. For fans of the show who aren’t aware, the Code Geass movies will be a trilogy that recaps the entirety of the series’ first two seasons. 229 more words