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In the code of ethics of law enforcement officers there is a phrase: “I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all”. I have often thought about this phrase… truthfully, I know that I will not be able to apply this completely in my life if I do not do it through the power of the Holy Spirit. 582 more words


Journalism: What’s the same and what's different?

The Code of Ethics

Journalism has developed in many different ways since the beginning with just the newspaper. Today, we have so many different sources to access our daily news. 542 more words

Social Media

Technology: Journalism then to journalism now

Photo Source: http://guardian.ng/news/journalists-tasked-on-credible-reportage/

She walked through her front door and witnessed a body being carried out of the house across the street  and set down on the front lawn down on East 5th Street. 738 more words


Journalism, what's changed. Whats the same?

Over the last 10 years, the way that people ingest news and share news has drastically changed. We no longer rely on a daily newspaper or nightly news cast to get news or any kind of information. 670 more words


Who Will You Vote For?

On the cusp of the 2016 election, here we are about to answer a question that’s on everyone’s mind. Believe it or not, I’ve been chastised for asking this question of others. 455 more words


Programmers, there are rules to follow

For those of you new to software engineering, the Association for Computing Machinery ACM developed a code of ethics for all programmers and professionals in software engineering. 256 more words


Poisoned by My Neighbor From Hell

thanks for any and all moral support. This has been the most devastating experience that I have ever witnessed, I will never accept this to be finished until I get the opportunity to present my evidence to a jury of my peers, a grand jury or a legitimate FBI investigator. 602 more words

Public Corruption