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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics :

Whereas Allah enjoineth upon His men faithfully observe their trusts and their convenience; that the practice and profession of engineering is a sacred trust entrusted to those whom Nature is its magnificent bounty has endowed with this skill and knowledge;that every member of the profession shall appreciate and shall hassve knowledge as to what constitutes this trust and covenant and;that a set of dynamic principles derived from the Holy Quran shall guide his conduct in applying his knowledge for the benefit of society. 236 more words

Ethics Notes

RIP: Reporting in Peace

When asked to write about a personal ethical dilemma I have faced in journalism, I struggled to find a specific example because I lack reporting experience. 1,567 more words

Final Case Study: When Reporters Become Part of the Story

This ethical issue stemmed from an experience I personally had working as a reporter this semester. In one of my other classes, I was assigned to cover a community event for a video story and being interested in politics and in particular the election, I decided to follow the Harvard University Democrats as they held a canvassing/leafleting event one weekend to garner more attention for the four questions on this year’s Massachusetts ballot, particularly question 2 about charter schools. 1,683 more words

Ethical Dilemma

Pharmaceutical Reps Now Required to be Licensed in the City of Chicago; Includes Code of Ethics & Potential Transparency Reporting

Earlier this week, the Chicago City Council joined other government agencies in imposing licensure and marketing requirements on pharmaceutical representatives when it unanimously approved licensing requirements… 371 more words


Condominium Must Hold Annual Meeting

Gerry Hyman has another article for the Toronto Star.  Let’s discuss a couple of the questions:

QUESTION:  Two of our three board members own six units in our 13-unit condominium and have a proxy from another owner.

557 more words

Code of Ethics

  • Code of Ethics

This week, you are tasked with drafting your business or organization’s Code of Ethics.

Using the example on page 71 of our textbook, craft your own Code of Ethics for your mock business or organization. 38 more words

Academic Writing

Finnish Professor of Physics Continues Presenting Absurd Opinions

In published today opinion in ‘Voi hyvin’ journal (9/2016), Professor of Physics Tapio Ala-Nissilä makes simply joke of himself when he states :

“…Naiivia on väittää, että glioomien takana olisi heikko SMG-säteily “tuntemattomana tekijänä”. 372 more words

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