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n. (From the Greek ethos: customs, character)– Equivalent French: éthique; Spanish: ética; German: Ethik; Italian: ethica; Portuguese: ética.

Generally speaking, ethics are a philosophical discipline in philosophy that deals with identifying values which will guide both private and public human conduct. 950 more words


The Ethics Around Snowy Owls

We are in the midst of a second straight year of a snowy owl irruption (some have referred to this as an “echo”) where snowy owls move south in large numbers from their tundra habitat. 243 more words


Crack the Code Series #2

Do you feel like a majority of your peers are violating the Code of Ethics on a daily basis?  You may be right.  What have you done about it? 424 more words

Real Estate

To Be Ethical Or Not To Be Ethical?

Does the media need to be ethical or is it already ethical?

By Helen Hernandez

The media and businesses are entities that must act ethically, but do they? 909 more words

Public Relations

The need for ethics in business and the media.

To start off I think it is important to know what it is that I think about ethics and how I perceive it. Most know what the word ethics means, but it boils down to so much more than the definition of a word.  967 more words

Business Ethics