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In Memoriam: VHS and the Philosophical Rewind

On September 15th, 1830, William Huskisson died because the world sped up and he didn’t notice.

Poor bastard.  Huskisson, a man whose chief talents apparently lay in a facility with the French language and inheriting great sums of money, dove into British politics after witnessing the dawn of the French revolution as a young man. 909 more words

Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker

Jessica Rose’s Review:

Code of Silence is the first book of the “Code of Silence series” of three books. It is a very intriguing book that has chapters which leave you hanging at the end. 662 more words

Middle Grade Fiction

VIDEO: Interview on the Colman Report and its delayed publication on 107.7 FM

Afra Raymond is interviewed by Rennie Bishop on 107.7FM on Sunday 17, July 2016 to discuss the delay of the publication of the Colman Report into the collapse of CL Financial.

CL Financial Bailout

VIDEO: Interview on CL Financial bailout and Auditor General's 2015 report on 107.7 FM

Afra Raymond is interviewed by Rennie Bishop on 107.7FM on Sunday 12, June 2016 to discuss the continuing CL Financial bailout after the intervention of Lawrence Duprey, and the Auditor General’s 2015 report.

Politics And Public Affairs

AUDIO: The Power Breakfast Show interview on 102.1 FM - 1 June 2016

Afra Raymond is interviewed on the ‘The Power Breakfast‘ show on Power 102 FM by Rhoda Bharath and Richard Ragoobarsingh discussing the ongoing CL Financial bailout saga. 20 more words

Politics And Public Affairs

Board Games – part 2

SIDEBAR: Correction on Court Case

With apologies to readers, in the previous article, I mistakenly named UTT as the SoE which had sued its Directors over allegations of a negligent 2005 investment, in fact it is… 1,493 more words

Politics And Public Affairs

CL Financial bailout – Duprey's Story: SIFI vs PIFI

On Sunday 22nd May 2016, the front-page story in this newspaper was headlined ‘We will pay it back‘. That article featured very interesting quotes from former CL Financial Executive Chairman, Lawrence Duprey as well as the Minister of Finance & the Economy, Colm Imbert, on the prospects for repayment of the huge sums of Public Money spent on this CL Financial bailout. 1,520 more words