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Steven Seagal Taking 'Code Of Honor'; Tim Burton Set To Fly With 'Dumbo' - Film Briefs

Steven Seagal is back in action with the Premiere Entertainment Group thriller Code of Honor, which has just started rolling in Salt Lake City, Utah. The story follows a Special Forces colonel who returns from a Middle East tour. 513 more words


Integrity Reflections

This column sets out my reasons for seriously questioning the motivation and priorities of the Integrity Commission. Despite my doubts as to the way in which successive Commissions have operated the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA), I have continued to offer suggestions as to how their work could be made more effective. 923 more words


Carlton Savannah Swirl

The escalating episode of the apparent conflict between the oversight of Parliament and the Courts in this matter is a real learning experience for us all. 1,404 more words

Public Affairs

Balancing the Scale

This article is to engage the issues of falling national revenues due to price declines for fossil fuels, the ongoing commentary and the PM’s 8 January 2015 statement… 1,097 more words

Public Affairs


This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Since the days of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society blacks have been receiving government payments.

They still act like a bunch of feral savages so more money will not make blacks act any better. 1,004 more words

Invader's Bay – Suspicious Motives

The proposed development of Invader’s Bay will be the largest in our Capital City in living memory. The entire process is tainted by fundamental irregularities, any one of which ought to be enough to stop the development. 1,122 more words


A Culture of Corruption


When I started studying the sociology of police, I came to understand the subtle nature of corruption and the police. Lest you think what I found out was somehow unique to me and my experience, you need only to read Sgt.  1,709 more words