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Chicago PD Whistleblower True-Life Tale 'Code Of Silence' Acquired By OddLot

EXCLUSIVE: OddLot Entertainment has acquired feature film rights to Code Of Silence, a four-part article from The Intercept journalist Jamie Kalven. The 2016 series is based on the true story of Chicago police officer Shannon Spaulding and her experience as a whistleblower in a corruption and cover-up case within the Chicago PD. 212 more words

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Code of Silence

One day in early January, a letter appeared on my desk marked DIN92A5501, an inmate’s identification number from the Eastern Correctional Facility in upstate New York. 4,184 more words

The UNADDRESSED in the Black Community - By Yvonne Sam

The UNADDRESSED  in the Black Community

By Yvonne Sam

It is not only the police who lay claim to having a monopoly on the Code of Silence… 761 more words

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In terms of overall quality, … 391 more words

Tomb Of Nostalgia

Unloved Daughters and The Code of Silence

It usually comes as an enormous surprise to unloved daughters that there are other girls and women out there who had similar experiences, who were also ignored, dismissed, put down or marginalized by the very individual who was supposed to love them unconditionally…. 8 more words

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CN Feb 16 2016

“We have a crisis of the civil order in Chicago.”

That’s the terse assessment of one of Chicago’s most tenacious and respected journalists and writers. Jamie Kalven has been immersed in Chicago’s most impoverished neighborhoods for decades, but he’s still holding on to some fundamental optimism. 965 more words

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Police Code of Silence Facts Revealed

The National Institute of Ethics has concluded the most extensive research ever conducted on the police Code of Silence. Between February, 1999 and June, 2000, 3,714 officers and academy recruits from forty-two different states were asked to participate in the study by the Institute. 198 more words