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Linda Sarsour is on the Wrong Side.

As I was preparing this photoshop I was looking for a suitable image of Linda Sarsour.  I thought it was interesting that there are almost no pictures of her leaking negative micro-expressions.  196 more words

War Profiteers

No surprises here but a good report. I don’t believe protests will have any impact but more open dialogue is a good start. This is just the tip of the iceberg of lower arms of The Architecture and The Diamond Complex. 38 more words

And They Call Trump Crazy...

A protester, outside of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings…

Women's Movement Supporting Terrorism? Part 2

Part 2:  Code Pink, the Women’s Movement, and Linda Sarsour

Part One, we discussed Code Pink and their humanitarian mission according to their website.  However noble the public perception of Code Pink may be lies their other motives.  372 more words


Former Planned Parenthood Head Richards: 'The Future is Latina'

It might be bad enough that we taxpayers are doling out the big bucks to Planned Parenthood to do the evil work they do, but now we hear from the former head what the future holds. 280 more words


"#Haaretz, Israel’s longest running newspaper (since 1918)" now promotes #IsraelBoycott #BDS

Haaretz runs boycott Israel ad
by Jack Saltzberg
January 30, 2018

If anyone was ever confused as to where Haaretz sits on the political spectrum, that debate is over… 157 more words

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