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Source: Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists

Escalating Threat of Direct U.S. War Against Iran: Is There A Way Out?

May 16, 2019

Stopping the ominous drive toward a direct U.S.

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WASHINGTON / Code Pink, the group that will not define anything

Photo: http://www.codepink.org

By Claudia Zequeira *

You may have seen it in the news recently: a group of mostly white protesters who call themselves Code Pink… 855 more words

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The Debate About Two States is Between Arabs Themselves and Jews Themselves

The common refrain surrounding the Arab-Israeli Conflict is that the Israelis and Arabs need to find a compromise solution that will work for both parties. People on the left believe that Israel, as the entity which is much stronger than the Palestinian Authority, must make the majority of that compromise. 1,478 more words


Creech Air Force Base protest this month; Streets of Plenty, peace song by Mark Rufo


Recorded in 2016 during anti military drone protests at Creech Air Force base in Nevada, with Mike Rufo performing and members of Code Pink, Nevada Desert Experience and Veterans for Peace protesting.

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Open Letter to Code Pink

The following is an open letter to the US “peace group” Code Pink. At a time of widespread confusion in the working class around the world, and a time of increased war, what’s needed more than anything is international working class solidarity. 2,455 more words

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Nobody to Vote For, by David Swanson

Where do your Congressional candidates stand on the issues of militarism? Swanson raises 20 essential questions to ask your candidates. One favorite question: Should the U.S. 1,262 more words


Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies: In Yemen and Beyond, U.S. Arms Manufacturers Are Abetting Crimes against Humanity

The Saudi bombing of a school bus in Yemen on August 9, 2018 killed 44 children and wounded many more. The attack struck a nerve in the U.S., confronting the American public with the wanton brutality of the Saudi-led war on Yemen. 985 more words

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