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Download Audio: Dunsin Oyekan - Hallelujah || @dunsinoyekan

Dynamic worship leader Dunsin Oyekan has released a new single titled Hallelujah.

Living triumphant is dependent on acknowledging the finished work of Jesus and the Victory song that is given for all situation is Hallelujah which practically means Praise Yaweh. 166 more words


Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes (1974)

Plot: Pasha (Paul Harris) has run the numbers game in town for years, building himself a minor empire in the process. But his time in the spotlight might be coming to an end, as the success of his numbers racket has drawn unwanted attention. 592 more words

Moonshine County Express (1977)

Plot: Dot Hammer (Susan Howard) has just lost her father and the family business, as a local racketeer gunned down the workers and destroyed the moonshine equipment. 635 more words

Julie Darling (1983)

Plot: Julie (Isabelle Mejias) loves her father, but has almost conflict with her mother so that relationship is quite strained. When Julie lets her pet snake loose once too often, she discovers her mother has gotten rid of the snake and plans to send her to boarding school, where she can be straightened out. 619 more words

Mixer Mania #28 – Lively Legends

When the Sip Advisor was just a wee little sipper, rumours began circling (no doubt spread by the nefarious lemon-lime soda lobbyists) that drinking Mountain Dew caused a decrease in a man’s sperm count/shrunken testicles. 516 more words


The Great Alligator (1979)

Plot: A new resort has been built in Africa, surrounded by enough natural beauty to evoke a feeling of paradise. The resort banks on the allure of proximity to the natives, rugged terrain, and wildlife, as visitors will be able to take in the experience while safe from its various dangers. 710 more words

Brotherhood of Death (1976)

Plot: While the idea of fighting in Vietnam wasn’t a beloved one, a group of black men decide that given the racism rampant in their hometown, perhaps they’d be better off overseas than at home. 599 more words