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The Forgotten Sourcecode

I remember the first time I heard the term Public Domain software and Shareware somewhere between the late 1980′ and early 90’s. Towards the end of the… 451 more words


Code snippet for Tiled tilesets to AGK

This is a code snippet that creates a file that can be used for tilesets, created in the AGK expected format for tilesets. I will write a full tutorial on how to use this code in a future post.   205 more words


Starting Animation from random time frame Unity

Code snippet to start the animation at different time. Useful when there are many same animation running on screen and you want to make them random. 38 more words


C# code to shuffle Array

private T[] ShuffleArray<T>(T[] array) {
    System.Random r = new System.Random ();
    for(int i = array.Length; i > 0; i--) {
        int j = r.Next (i);
        T k = array [j];
        array [j] = array ;
        array  = k;

    return array;
… 27 more words

Exploring the logs

As a developers an important part of our job sometimes is to fix problems in the different environments where our applications are deployed. Usually, this means to deal with huge log files to find where errors occur, and their stacktraces to add some context to the problem. 161 more words


Simplifiying SSH

Nowadays we are use to deploy code in the cloud and to have all our machines and servers in cloud environments. All of this, it has even made more important the use of ssh to connect remotely to our servers allocated in the cloud. 166 more words


Debugging JVM flags

Just a couple of interesting flags when we are executing/debugging a Java web based application.

First one, it is just to change the logging level without modifiying our properties file: 56 more words