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Programmatically send an email message to with an html body

I have used the following snippet many times in the past. I would recommend validating your string values if the values are dynamic. I would also recommend placing your email attempt in a try/catch so you will not break your web application if there is some kind of issue on the email server itself. 120 more words


Customized date format in JAXB

Nowadays, it is very common to work with JAXB to help us to marshal and unmarshal objects into XML or XML into objects. These objects can be simple object or objects created by us if we use the correct annotations. 321 more words


Checksum calculation

Today, we have another little code snipped. Sometimes, we need to transfer files between systems, and in these cases, it is usually interesting to have some kind of system to check the file content integrity. 137 more words


Image URL to byte array

Today, I only have a little code snippet to take a URL with an image and transform it in a byte array in Java 8, the image, not the URL. 103 more words


Creating HTML Elements

I’ve been learning so much recently about HTML and MVC. Even my understanding of OO programming has been refreshed.

Though we didn’t end up using it in the project, I wrote this code to create new paragraphs in new divs with ids of their own. 144 more words


SQL Server : Combine two rows based on the values of one column

I came across a requirement to combine rows based on the values of a column. This is an interesting query so thought of sharing it with a simple example online. 155 more words


Access Your MySQL Server Remotely Over SSH

When working on a client’s site, I usually have the privilege of having access to something like cPanel. From cPanel I then can access things like phpmyadmin and file manager. 560 more words

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