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#VS2015 - PostHaste, share your code snippets with just one click! (to a #Raspberry Pi ;) #VSGallery


Today is Visual Studio 2015 extension friday’s one more time. You surely know PasteBin or GistHub, as repositories for code snippets. Today, thanks to this extension, I added one more to the list: … 154 more words


#VS2015 - PostHaste, comparte tus code snippets con un solo click ! (a una #Raspberry Pi ;) #VSGallery


Viernes de extensiones para Visual Studio 2015. Seguramente conoces PasteBin o GistHub, como repositorios de code snippets. Hoy gracias a esta extensión he agregado una más a la lista: … 163 more words

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Visual Studio: code snippets

As at work we might stop using ReSharper, I’ll assume that and come back to how you do Code Snippets, Visual Studio-style.

There’s this from MSDN which shows you how to create one. 245 more words


A quick parallel for loop in Python

Often times I need to parallelize my code. In fact, I always look for an opportunity to distribute computational tasks given the modern abundance of multi-core machines and, depending on your situation, even multi-node computer clusters. 545 more words

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Top 12 tricks to insert common code snippets : Productivity Tips

This post is in line with my previous post where I talked about how one can be more productive with Visual Studio. In last post, We discussed top 12 shortcuts that helps a lot while writing and reviewing code in day to day work. 560 more words

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