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Copy User Role , Settings from one User to another

We often have a requirement, where we have been told to create a new user in Dynamics and assign the same rights from existing User ,for this I have created a form which will do the trick in seconds. 697 more words

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Making all Tab Fields to Readonly

Making all Tab Fields to Readonly :

// JavaScript source code
function gettabnames(tabnames)
var alltabs = Xrm.Page.ui.tabs.get();
for (var i in alltabs)
var tabname = alltabs[i]; 153 more words


Image Classifier using Tf (Windows Code)

Tf implemented on windows 10 using 64bit python for developing a image classifier.
(Retrained Script based on Google’s Inception using Open Source Image Data)
Pending : Image Optimization to improve accuracy… 122 more words


function convertNumberToWords(amount) {
//var amount = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“ccs_approvalcode”).getValue();
var words = new Array();
words[0] = ”;
words[1] = ‘One’;
words[2] = ‘Two’;
words[3] = ‘Three’; 259 more words


'The Handmaid's Tale' season 2 teaser: No more miss nice girl

Elisabeth Moss is done playing by the rules of men. On Thursday, which marked International Women’s Day, Hulu debuted a new teaser for The Handmaid’s Tale… 203 more words


Set of Fields Visible/Hide/Lock/Unlock In Js

Set of Fields Visible/Hide/Lock/Unlock In Js :

function lockunlockvisiblehide()


var lockfields = [“gb_autoreinstate”, “gb_checkeraccountholdername”];
var unlockfields = [“gb_autoreinstate”,gb_checkeraccountholdername”];
var fieldsvisible = [“gb_autoreinstate”, “gb_checkeraccountholdername”];
var fieldshide= [“gb_autoreinstate”, “gb_clearexistingbankdetails”]; 72 more words


Get All Mandatory Fields on a Form

Get All Mandatory Fields on a Form :

Getting all mandatory fields on a form and making Non-Required through Js.

function getRequiredFields()
var count = 0; 39 more words