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Hook of the Month: taking control of email subscriptions

Are you familiar with Jetpack Subscriptions? This month, we’ll use filters to customize this module, and control which posts should be sent to your subscribers… 329 more words

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Code Snippets: Finding More

Today I am going to talk about something that I did know (but did not, until recently, see the value in).

You can easily bring up a list of code snippets from within Visual Studio.  258 more words

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VSCode: richer snippets

Summary: I want to be able to use or define a constructor snippet in Visual Studio Code for C#. However it achieves it, that means when I press a reserved (by me, if I’m defining it) set of keystrokes, then it has to determine the class name, which at that point is only in memory? 495 more words

Code Snippets

Predicting Trigonometric Waves few steps ahead with LSTMs in TensorFlow

I have recently been revisiting my study of Deep Learning, and I thought of doing some experiments with Wave prediction using LSTMs. This is nothing new, just more of a log of some tinkering done using TensorFlow. 1,656 more words

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VSCode snippets: project.json

What handier snippet is there in the World of asp vNext than project.json:

 "Basic project.json file": {
 "prefix": "PJson",
 "body": [
 "\t\"dependencies\": {",
 "\t\"commands\": {",
 "\t\t\"run\": \"run\"",
 "\t\"frameworks\": {",
 "\t\t\"dnx451\": {},", 
 "\t\t\"dnxcore50\": {",
 "\t\t\t\"dependencies\": {",
 "\t\t\t\t\"System.Console\": \"4.0.0-beta-23516\"",
 "description": "Basic project.json file template"

… 40 more words
Code Snippets

Visual Studio Code: code snippets

Found this (admittedly staring me in the face right now… but it wasn’t a while back, I’m sure)

My standards say that a private variable starts with an underscore followed by a lower case character, as shown above. 513 more words

Hook of the Month: Customizing the Top Posts & Pages Widget

Let’s kick off 2016 with a new series: welcome to the first installment of Hook of the Month!

Hooks are places in WordPress code where you can add your own code or change the default behavior of WordPress. 463 more words

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