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Give My Me

Newton Faulkner – Lipstick Jungle

She said
I wanna live in a Lipstick Jungle
I wanna find what I’m searching for
I’m tired of rolling on stolen thunder… 297 more words


Dry Ice Tears

This image is better enjoyed at its original size…

And it’s that time of the month again when I’d laugh one minute and cry the next because I let something (or rather someone) get into me. 21 more words


Mean Morning

I woke up being conscious that my subconscious is in rage. It was so angry that my conscious could only step to the sideline and watch while I try to find my centre and move like a zombie without as much as a mouth lest I lash out on people. 112 more words


The End Film

This is going to sound near to unbearably cheesy, but I finally got around to watching 2012 and pathetic as it sounds, the movie got me thinking. 318 more words



It’s been about three months now since… since the rest of the world and all its glory. I find myself once again experiencing the whole push-and-pull motion between the past and the present. 308 more words


I'll Be Damned

Tim McGraw’s She’s My Kind Of Rain started playing and I couldn’t help but think on how far I’ve come. Just so happens that this realisation comes at impeccable timing. 251 more words


Floating in Vacuum

I hate waking up feeling
the need to sleep another wink
optional schedule to face
unwanted world to greet

You have become a norm
like eating breakfast… 48 more words