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Quickie: Read & Search the SQL Error Log in AWS RDS

Today’s post is brought to you by an unplanned AWS RDS outage, the desire to search its SQL Error Logs for events during the target time-frame, and the horrendously inefficient interface which AWS gives you in the GUI console for reading said logs. 471 more words


How to get Airbnb coupon code

I have been in and out of dozens of Airbnb rentals. Airbnb gives tourists like us a practical and easy hotel alternative. As long-lasting travelers, we in fact choose to stay in an apartment or condo or home as it manages us all the features of a house. 191 more words

How to convert any paper figure into a layer-profile

Often we would like to normalize depth-dependent fMRI signals and assign it to specific cytoarchitectonially defined cortical layers. However, we often only have access to cytoarchitectonial histology data in the form to figures in papers. 752 more words


My problem with trying to be perfect with software.

Falling behind deadlines stresses the shit out of me. It doesn’t help that you have a manager telling you repeatedly that delivering user stories late will affect release. 315 more words


The British Computer Society's School Challenge 2018

Since 2013 the BCS’ Bedford branch have been running a coding competition for UK schools at Cranfield University to cultivate young computing leaders, and this year, some of the… 651 more words

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Legible Lambdas

We all love lambdas, don’t we? Lambdas are powerful (passing methods around, getting rid of anonymous classes…you get the picture) and with great power comes great responsibility. 892 more words