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Gitlab - the best Github alternative

Gitlab is a git-based source code hosting service similar to Github. What makes it superior to Github is that it is free/open source and can be self-hosted by you or your company. 140 more words


First client

We had our first client the last 2 weeks. And we learned a lot about clients and services. We now understand niche work.

But we have had a first and came out winners. 7 more words


Writeup for Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1)

I came across the Kioptrix Virtual Machines (VM) on VulnHub today and find them pretty interesting. Hence, I attempted some penetration tests on the Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1) 1,466 more words


Can anyone really 'Learn To Code'?

It seems like everywhere you look on the internet, you can find a local programming bootcamp advertising ‘anyone can learn to code’, but is that ideal? 463 more words


Difference between Class and ID's Response.

The difference between class and ID  relatively simple to explain. A class is not unique in html code.It is used to classify elements in your code and help you organize and affect elements you deem similar when working on CSS.You can even add multiple classes on a single element.An ID however is unique to an element and your code will only be valid if you use the ID once.One element can have only one ID.The article uses a great example to explain this .An IPOD will have a barcode that will tell the system and can even tell want it looks like, this represents a class.The serial code on the IPOD will be unique to that IPOD, making it easy to identify.This represents an ID.