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Why I Prefer C Over C++

When first learning C, I decided to start with C++, as it should of course be better, and there are more libraries and such for it, and it’s newer, and all sorts of things. 550 more words


Code - December 2015

A: “What do we want?”
B: “Now!”
A: “When do we want it?”
B: “Fewer race conditions!”

“Software Engineer: We do precision guess work based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.”

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I don’t know quite what’s gone wrong here, but something clearly has…

Definitely not right.


Hello World

This might be the most boring series of writing ever or on the other side it could be a nice little venture. I will not know until I try, so I am taking this leap of faith and hoping that it won’t be that bad. 147 more words


Bristol JS talk - ReactJS & React Native

I attended another excellent Bristol JS talk last night. Bristol JS seems to be going from strength to strength every year with great talks and speakers appearing regularly, a growing community and a huge waiting list for attendance at most talks. 229 more words


Loading Node modules from an external path

This is kind of a niche use case, but with Pumlhorse I wanted to be able to have scripts use node modules. For those not familiar, Pumlhorse reads YAML formatted… 377 more words