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Reverse Poland algorithm

Reverse Poland algorithm. ]:

Problem. Code Reverse Poland algorithm.

Codes (Phạm Ngô Gia Bảo).

1. defs.h

#ifndef DEFS_H_
#define DEFS_H_

#define INPUT_FILE "input.txt"
#define OUTPUT_FILE "output.txt"
#define Error 846252.1410232

using namespace std;

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>

struct node {
 string data;
 double firgue;
 node* next;

struct queue {
 node* front;
 node* rear;
 int count;

struct stack {
 node* top;
 int count;

node* makeNewNode();

stack* makeNewStack();
void pushStack(stack* &s, string data, double firgue);
void popStack(stack* &s, string &dataOut, double &firgue);
void clearStack(stack* &s);

queue* makeNewQueue();
void enQueue(queue* &q, string data);
void deQueue(queue* &q, string &data);
void clearQueue(queue* &q);

bool makeExpQueue(queue* exp, string line);
bool polandFirst(queue* exp, queue* expNew);
double polandSecond(queue* exp);

#endif /* DEFS_H_ */ 863 more words

Binary Search Tree

[ Binary Search Tree. ]: 

Assignment. Code and run 5 tests for:

Problem 1. Count the number of elements of Binary Search Tree.

Problem 2.  1,360 more words

So Long Pong

In late 2015 and early 2016 I decided to try make a game, a classic game by the name of Pong. I’d found some online forums talking about starting out with game development in their personal lives and one piece of advice stuck with me: 1,129 more words


T-SQL += started in 2008?!

A few days ago, The Impatient DBA wrote that in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MS added an old C operator: +=.  Simply put, add a value to a variable.   252 more words

SQL Server