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Dusting Things Off

It’s been a long while since I last blogged on the site.  A lot has happened in my life and my career changed in order to focus more on the human side of technology.   224 more words


Tick-Tack-Toe* Preparing for Ai

Time to make an AI for the Tick-Tack-Toe* Bot. I need to break the previous code into bits and think of a structure. I just used Enumerations from Java to separate out the gameState and Placeholders into GameState.java and Seed.java. 72 more words


When we model

I’ve observed a few levels of modeling (i.e. thinking about a problem and describing it in concepts plus data structures) that software developers do in the wild: 187 more words


How Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation

Is coding really a new essential literacy? These days it seems to be trendy to suggest so. There are so many products and games and websites that claim to be able to teach your kids to code. 1,085 more words

Tech & Gadagets

$ git ... then What?

I tend to forget the basic commands for Git. i am just listing down all the basic git commands with one-liners, so that i won’t Google it the next time, hopefully. 148 more words


A to-do list, a game, and a team sorter.

Following up, here are more thoughts on the websites I’ve made so far to practice becoming a kick-ass front end developer (hopefully soon).

To-Do List… 531 more words


Editing ReadMe.md in GitHub

As a beginner, it had always been a doubt, how do i edit ReadMe.md, the main ReadMe files in the GitHub Repositories? .md is the file extension for… 172 more words