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Six minutes 23 seconds well spent

I viewed a couple of videos in response to this week’s symposium and wanted to share them as they seems to me to be good examples of why both digital and the moving image offer so much. 152 more words


Mini Hackathon

Event Description:

There are 10 teams of two people in a mini hackathon that will work for about 12 hours and a few hours to setup and present what your team has worked on. 273 more words


Web HTTP Streaming Research

Recently, I am searching for technologies about web streaming.

Streaming video/audio needs client side to receive data, and server side to prepare the data.

MDN: An Introduction to Live streaming web audio and video… 94 more words


Unity - Dynamic Circle Mesh for UI

I’ve created a dynamic circle mesh that can be used with the new Unity UI system. It comes with a custom inspector for easier use and an example for using the circle as a health bar. 43 more words


Story A Day, Day 21 - Open Beta

Header image by Ivo Kruusamägi under Creative Commons 3.0.

“I’m fairly sure this isn’t supposed to happen.”

Finn jabbed the table again with two fingers, and it was sent flying several metres across the otherwise empty gymnasium, falling over and coming to rest. 370 more words

Story A Day

ftfy (fixes text for you) 4.0: changing less and fixing more

ftfy is a Python tool that takes in bad Unicode and outputs good Unicode. I developed it because we really needed it at Luminoso — the text we work with can be damaged in several ways by the time it gets to us. 1,767 more words


My Text Based Adventure Game - The Tower

So this is a video of me explaining my latest programming assignment briefly. The Task was to create a text based adventure game In C++ using classes instead of structures to store the information and items within each room. 80 more words

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