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Hold my beer, I will be right back


as soon as I have everything up and running I am going to have a blog here about my misadventures while I try to write a Video CODEC


Will a visit to The Pirate Bay end in malware?

Thanks to Andrew O’Donnell of SophosLabs for his behind-the-scenes work on this article.

Back in the early days of computer viruses, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, advice on how to avoid infection often started like this: 1,135 more words


Endtime for QuickTime?

The only time that I have visited Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino was to talk to the QuickTime product manager.

This was way back in the heady days of 1996, when QuickTime was five years old. 517 more words


FFMpeg: Convert Videos for streaming

@echo off
echo Bitte in dieses Fenster die zu konvertierende Datei "reinziehen" 
set /p file=UND mit  bestaetigen:

FOR /f "eol=; delims=?" %%i IN ("%file%") DO (
set filedrive=%%~di
set filename=%%~ni
set filepath=%%~pi
echo %%i

echo Film: %file%
echo Ausgabedatei: "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_konvertiert.mp4"

start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 2000k -bufsize 2000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_1_high.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 1000k -bufsize 1000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_2_medium.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  750k -bufsize  750k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_3_low.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  500k -bufsize  500k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_4_lower.mp4"


When will surveillance industry adopt H.265?

H.264 is considered as a leader of video codecs and this was confirmed by a survey conducted by IHS which said that the codec holds a lion’s share across the Broadcasting and security industry. 640 more words

Ip Video Surveillance

Excel Sheet Column Title/Number


LC168. Excel Sheet Column Title


Given a positive integer, return its corresponding column title as appear in an Excel sheet.

For example:
1 -> A… 161 more words


4K Video Codec Mystery: Every Detail You Want to Know Explained

Launch of 4K UHDTV expands limited concern on the next-generation resolution to the public. Meanwhile, wide application in digital camera, streaming video and a part of portable devices raises popularity of 4K. 490 more words