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4 Successful Mobile Apps with a Minimalist Design

The saying “less is more” has always been an important principle for designers. This concept has become increasingly important as simple, flat and minimal design has taken over the web and mobile app design worlds. 335 more words


A new type of language to learn – programming language – moderately confusing but eventually straightforward and comprehensible. And rewarding! Programming language, or coding, is the language of the future. 189 more words


Learning to code

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To set myself up for success in my mission to learn how to code, I’ve decided that I shall document my journey on this site. 329 more words


Teaching Coding to Middle Schoolers: Week 4

If these blog posts are convoluted and lacking a solid structure, it’s because that’s how it feels to teach for the first time! Just trying to boil down all that’s out there so the little ones can digest. 863 more words


Class Notes from March 10th

We’ve started my favorite part of the class: web design.  We’ll spend the rest of the year learning how to use two languages, HTML and CSS, to build web pages.   509 more words

Class Materials

Project Secret Santa

For my first project I really want to learn something completely new. Something I have never had any experience with. I got this idea while I was listening to a new podcast I came across called… 318 more words


Is Codecademy Evil?

My grandfather worked on planes for the Air Force, including communications technology. My father has been a computer programmer, basically since computers existed. And my little brother is a budding programmer himself. 561 more words