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I love to learn, always. I love to read and I love being inside a classroom, even if it sounds like waste of time. 111 more words


Codecademy Progress

I have completed the html course on the Codecademy website, and even though I have done the course before, it was good to revise the skills I had previously learned. 32 more words

Week 1: It's Go Time!

With the decision made and a plan in place, it was time to start learning.

I understand myself well enough to know that I am at my best when I have a structured routine. 723 more words


So many options... so little time

When it comes to learning to code, the options can be daunting. And I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. 437 more words


Day Two: Looking Back

What did I do today?

  • Worked through 6 (6!) lessons on codecademy
  • Did some practice on my own
  • Checked my terminal setup
  • Talked through my plans with friends and loved ones…
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Daily Update

Day One: Looking Back

What did I do today?

  • Came up with a loose plan
  • Picked a back-end language to start learning with (Python)
  • Refreshed my HTML knowledge
  • Refreshed my SQLite knowledge…
  • 109 more words
Daily Update

Week 0: Making a plan

Having made the decision to learn to program, it was time to make a plan.

My initial research had given me a pretty good idea of what I wanted to work on and what the different options were as far as education. 644 more words