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Learning how to code: Newbie Once Again Level

Alright so you’d think that someone who loves communications and media as much as I do would know how to code after x amount of years of doing this, right? 243 more words


A Tale of Three Pigs

Something I think a lot about is how to practice coding in a way that is interesting to me. From what I’ve encountered thus far, traditional computer science curriculum focuses heavily on STEM problems, drawing from fields of science and mathematics to demonstrate core principles. 629 more words



The interface of codecademy was really easy to use. It is very straight to the point and easy to follow even if someone is not used to codecademy or never designed a web page nor dealt with a web coding before. 124 more words


Status and research report

Today I’m trying to figure out the basic structure and technologies behind the issueprism website. I have realized it’s more like a blog than anything, because users need to be able to write posts and comment on them. 363 more words


print ("Hello, world!")

What’s in a name? that which we call a blog

By any other name would read as sweet.

This blog’s name is a portmanteau; “code” + “Padawan” = “codeawan”

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Slight detour - Javascript!

So I got sponsored to attend JSConf EU and CSSConf EU ! I am grateful to the conference organisers for this opportunity as I will be able to bring baby along (They have Childcare for the conference events #bigsmile )  the timing couldn’t have been more perfect nor the program more accommodating. 222 more words


19th August

Today I put my first photo on wikimedia and distributed it as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Click on the image below to go to the original file link: 26 more words

6 Month Training