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Week 3: Dev Tools, Thanksgiving Weekend, Intro to jQuery

11/23     Began studying developer tools on Code School. I already learned some of this before, but reviewing is always helpful. Couldn’t resist and watched a video about what developers need in 2016-2017. 324 more words

The Odin Project

Learning React Is More Funner Now

Working through Codecademy‘s Learn ReactJS Part 1. Not only is it going much better than the rotten book I bought a while back but the content is funny. 121 more words


Week 2: Git Basics, HTML & CSS, Mini Project

11/15  Finished studying list of terms to know. Learned version control systems and did the assignments for Git 101. Octocat is cute. Finished up to 1.11 of Try Git from Code School (CS). 344 more words


The Next Step

I’ve decided to go back to school. In May, I graduated with a bachelors degree in liberal arts, which I have found to be of varying use. 328 more words


Why Every Marketer Should Learn Code

As marketers we are used to managing campaigns, creating strategies and ultimately attracting people to the product, service or brand that we are advertising, but what about the stuff that is behind our websites, our emails or even behind the tools that we use to find keywords or A/B test elements on our landing pages? 886 more words

Digital Marketing

Week 1: Linux, Installfest, the Command Line

Hello world! I’ve decided to start a blog to track my learning progress with the goal of becoming a full-stack developer. If you want to delve into the wonders of The Odin Project (TOP), I hope this blog can provide you with some insight. 751 more words