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A Few Web Skills Any Marketer Should Have

In the digital age people consume vast amounts of information through digital mediums. The average person spends 6.75 hrs. on Facebook alone each month. Because of the internet marketers need to learn and develop digital marketing strategies to get in front of consumers on the internet. 709 more words


So I finally finished the HTML+CSS course from codecademy.com. Wasn’t very challenging, I got through it pretty easily and learned quite a lot about basic website building but now things are about to get serious as the next step on codermanual.com is to learn jQUERY which is next on the list for codecademy.com. 9 more words

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Coding and Why It Is Necessary For the Marketing World

Coding is important to the industry. Marketers should learn how to program in order to develop a comfort with technology. Some reasons for this is because marketers are now flooded with an expanding array of marketing software so they need to stay competitive, there are a wide variety of technical professionals in the work force and learning more will help ease the communication among them, and building up your process design skills can also help the cohesiveness of marketing and programming. 256 more words

Coding: My Personal Experience With Codecademy and Squarespace

For this week’s blog I will briefly explain coding and share my recent experience on Codecademy and Squarespace. So what is coding for those of you who don’t know? 524 more words

Whine and Cheese Party

This week, I finished the Stanford Online CS 101, which was pretty cool.  It demystified some things that I had wondered about, and filled in a few gaps that I had felt growing in… 756 more words


Day 1 ------ 5/18/15

Hello World!

     My name is Eerian and this is my first time blogging and using WordPress. I’m 27 years old and live in The Bronx, NY.I went to college for 4 years majoring in computer science but school was always boring so I was never motivated.After 4 years of a mix of bad a good grades ( mostly bad) I dropped out. 195 more words

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My thoughts: Codecademy

When I first learned about Codecademy, which was about two years ago, I was ecstatic. Here there was, finally a chance for me to learn different programming languages. 467 more words

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