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Diary - Moving on to JavaScript

Yesterday I said that I had had a fairly unproductive morning, up until the point I wrote my diary entry. I’m glad to say that, following that, I had a much more productive time. 508 more words

Hello World! Or Hello Codecademy!

Yes, that title is extremely cliche. I understand if you are already having doubts on clicking on this post. To add oil to the fire, I literally just found out that it is codecademy not code academy… I cannot be the first one to have made this assumption. 211 more words


Learning to CodeĀ 

Yesterday I said that part of this diary would be a record of my ‘journey’ as I learn to code, but I didn’t go into much detail about where I currently am on that journey, so I’ve decided to go into a bit more depth in this today’s post. 488 more words

Codecademy review

So far I’ve finished one course at Codecademy, and in the middle of my second. It was the first site recommended to me when I crowdsourced on Facebook for a place to begin when I was considering learning code. 193 more words

Free Online Lessons

Learning to Code

Over the years I have dabbled into many things and have had a wide range of interests. With me, when I find an interest I normally go full out with it and learn everything there is to know about it. 152 more words


Programming Curriculum

Within the first few weeks of learning to code, I applied to an Immersive Bootcamp program to speed up my process. Little did I know that when you get to the technical interview, you have to have a basic knowledge of functions, data structures, loops, and arrays in order to complete the challenges… 201 more words