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Look! I did a thing!

I’ve been using The Odin Project this week to learn the basics of web development, and I have to say that their curriculum is quite comprehensive. 358 more words


CompTIA and whats next.

So at the beginning of this month I passed the A+ 901 on my first try. Felt good, now I am studying for the A+ 902, same process, kind of slower just because I am not spending as much time this time around but I am still trying to make sure I am ready before I go in. 221 more words


First Steps

Picking up achievements is a great form of motivation. Works with games, why not education? 

In order to start learning JS, I’ve created an account on… 158 more words

Skillcrush, You Disappoint Me - Front End Development Struggles

It has been a while since I did any coding because of recent family emergencies, but was that really why I haven’t opened my Skillcrush Front-End Developer Blueprint in over four weeks? 1,002 more words

Web Development

Why am I doing this?

I’m Deshnee. I’m almost 27 years old and I’ve decided to learn how to code.

I started the Codecademy course about three years ago but I stopped after a few days when life got hectic. 269 more words



In Spring I began to learn the basics of JavaScript through Codecademy. I made some good progress and even began using it in my After Effects workflow, getting more out of my expressions than I ever had done before. 54 more words


Codecademy Pro

This is just a personal review about Codecademy Pro. I am using Codecademy since September 2013 but I used the basic free version. I have finished 10-11 courses, have 228 badges and have 4-5 ongoing courses. 439 more words

Front-End Development