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Breaking the LOOP Exercise JS

Hey! you know that saying “slow down to speed up”? that’s what i intend to do. Instead of checking out multiple topics without internalize them properly because i’m in a “rush” to finish and feel that I’m progressing. 1,832 more words


ITERATORS JavaScript Lesson

From Codecademy Course


The primary purpose of an iterator is to allow a user to process every element of a container while isolating the user from the internal structure of the container.

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JavaScript Loops

This Lesson was extracted from Codecademy  website.


One of a computer’s greatest abilities is to repeat a task multiple times. Loops let us tell the computer to… 2,248 more words


The Journey Begins

Hello World!

So I finally started a blog to document the ups and downs of my journey to becoming a Self-Taught Developer. I suppose my first blog post is the best place to introduce myself and to explain why I am learning to code and what my current goals are. 667 more words


Even More HTML!

I know it’s  been several years since the first time I used it, but it feels like the corse the site provides is severely deminished. The site now includes ‘pro’ sections to each course, implying that they now keep their exercises and slightly more advanced methods on a paid route. 294 more words


Online Coding Education Firm Expanding With Move From NoMad to Soho

Codecademy, which provides online computer coding skills for free, is relocating its headquarters to larger offices in a different neighborhood, Commercial Observer has learned. 239 more words


Leaning JavaScript Scope

Here we are the Scope Chapter…😊😊

This is an introduction to Scope following codecademy lesson and complemented by other sources i found useful.

In this post i find the answers for the following questions: 2,768 more words