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Motherf***ing Snakes on This Motherf***ing Plane

I took a break from Java (as I am already very familiar with the language) to take a look at some Python today. As I am not familiar with Python in any sense, I decided to take a crash course in Python through codecademy.com. 148 more words


Python Is Too Easy

I’d stepped away from my Codecademy course on Python to work on other stuff but I’m back because they’re about to change the content significantly and warned students that their progress would be lost if they didn’t finish the course by September 21. 151 more words


An intro to making a polls app with Django!

Hey everyone!

I’m back from a hiatus! 😇🌟Did you miss me?

So over the past few weeks at the Sunday meetup we have been looking at Django tutorials and we have a new person who has joined us, MG! 577 more words


And you thought universities cost too much

The funniest not-really-funny part of my day:

Got an email about Grace Hopper Academy, that markets itself to women of ALL economic levels who want to become web developers. 295 more words


The beginning...

So a couple of weeks ago, I took my MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). The odds of me getting into medical school is not the best. 302 more words



It felt like a simple start, but a start nonetheless. One course down, one to go! 

Codecademy is good place to build basic foundations for something that you’re looking into learning further. 220 more words

First Steps

CoderGals: An Origin Story

By Rachel Auslander

Collage by Alex Hanson featuring an image courtesy of CoderGals

When I was in 6th grade, my mom found a drag-and-drop coding program called Alice. 994 more words