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My Journey Into Web Development

I’m a college dropout by definition and have made a career as a call center representative. For awhile I was content with this mediocre lifestyle, but after a few years I realized that this is not the life I want to live. 494 more words


Project 2 - Battleship Learn Python

In the 7th Unit of Codecademy’s Python Course, you build a Battleship like game where the user will try to guess where your battleship is on a 5×5 board. 351 more words

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Day 4 - Finished Codecademy's Python Course, Now What?

Today I finished Codecademy’s Python course.  I had it scheduled to do in two days but it took four.  There was a lot more information than I thought there would have been though.   163 more words

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Java Adventures: My Experience with 1/4 of AP Computer Science and 65% of Codecademy's New Learn Java Course

Well, let’s be honest here… high school AP Computer Science and Codecademy couldn’t be more different experiences. One is in-person, every day, with tests and grades. 1,076 more words


HTML/CSS jargon: I learned a new language in a few days!

Not posted for a bit, I’ve either been busy sleeping or busy learning. At the weekend, I decided that I wanted to teach myself another language, that’s always been completely alien to me: html and CSS. 225 more words


Day 3 - A Little Coding Frustration

It’s 12am and I’m not nearly finished with the programming lessons I wanted to get through today.  The plan was to finish the rest of the units in Codecademy’s Python course (Units 7 – 12 since I finished 1 – 6 yesterday).   241 more words

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Python Project 1 - PygLatin

PygLatin is one of the projects included in Codecademy’s Python course.  It converts a word into pig latin, which is were you move the first letter of a word to the back and add ‘ay’. 179 more words

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