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Learning to Do Simple HTML Coding at codecademy.com

Learning to Do Simple HTML Coding at codecademy.com

As a testament to the material in this post, I have attempted to write this post COMPLETELY… 287 more words


HTML & CSS on Codecademy

Before you read the following article, I just want to make it absolutely clear  that I’m not in any way being paid to give my opinion on Codecademy. 468 more words


Online learning startup Codecademy launches paid Pro courses | TechCrunch

Codecademy has spent the last several years building a large community of learners with free lessons aimed at teaching its users the basics of how to code. 163 more words


Having Fun With Coding

Hi guys,

What I’ve been doing

The last couple of days I have been quite busy,on Friday my aunty came with my young cousin and we had so much fun my aunty recommended this coding academy online for free (i will leave the link at the end of the post) but its so much fun you can do different courses on html and css and i really enjoy it. 233 more words


Review: Learning Responsive Design with Codecademy

A couple of days ago, I wrote a review about Codecademy’s new course, “Learn HTML & CSS Part 1′. When I finished it the first time, I almost immediately went on to the secondary course which took me around an hour and a half to complete. 339 more words


Closer look to Python – Codecademy (2)

I learned about List and Dictionary the next day. Since I was familiar with C and C++, list and dictionary – especially dictionary was very strange to me. 40 more words


This coding bootcamp doesn't try to turn you into a full-time software engineer

Many of the nearly 100 “coding bootcamps” that offer full-time, in-person instruction in the United States and Canada boast close to a 100% success at placing students in entry level jobs as programmers, which can pay as much as… 403 more words