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"How do I learn to code?"

I am going to assume that if you are reading this for some advice one where to begin then you are probably brand spanking new to coding. 494 more words


My First Month of Code - Codecademy

I never got a chance to actually introduce myself and explain what the point of this blog is. “Hi, I’m Morgan and I want to become a web developer.” I have been learning to code for about a month now and I decided to start a blog in somewhat the form a journal to record my path to becoming a self taught web developer. 457 more words



In honor of last night’s epic episode of Game of Thrones I thought I would write a quick Game of Thrones themed blog post. Like a lot of people I’m a big fan of HBO’s original series but I became a fan back when someone handed me the book “A Game of Thrones” by George R. 699 more words

Web Development

An insight into my Web Development Learning Path

In my previous post I talked about how I should have a plan to effectively develop my skills as a web developer. In my opinion, this is necessary for any aspiring web developer as a lack of a solid learning path can result in you going down endless rabbit holes and end up in lot of confusion. 811 more words


Ruby: Unless/Until

I had some confusion when first trying to understand unless and until. unless is similar to if/else, and until is similar to while… 141 more words


Ruby: If/Else

The second short lesson from Codecademy is on if/else expressions.   I have some previous practice in JavaScript on if/else, so the concept was not too hard to follow. 173 more words


Intro To Ruby

I started my lessons with Intro to Ruby from Codecademy.

The first unit in Ruby talks about numbers, booleans, and strings.  I was familiar with these topics from JavaScript courses so understanding them came relatively easy.  360 more words