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Review: Codename: Kids Next Door

The Lowdown:

Show: Codename: Kids Next Door

Network/Years aired: Cartoon Network, 2002-2008

AniB’s thoughts: You might have seen this review coming from a mile away if you read the Valentine’s Day special, but it’s exciting nonetheless to formally discuss a show that was certainly a great favorite of mine growing up. 1,785 more words


A Valentine's Day Special: The Day the Ships Sank

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Regardless of whether or not you have a meaningful stake in this holiday, I thought it only appropriate to release something related both to the occasion and animation at large. 1,165 more words


Codename: Kids Next Door

Ever think about how hard it must have been to come up with Codename: K.N.D episode titles for six straight seasons? Did the writers not one day just be like, you know what? 45 more words


Kids Next Door and the Philosophies of Childhood Pt.3

Continuing Transmission…

(This is part 3 of a mini-series/long essay I’m doing on Codename Kids Next Door. You can find the 2nd part here.) 1,000 more words


Do You Remember? The Kids Next Door / X-Men Themed Holiday Special

​I will say it now…

I am a immense Codename: Kids Next Door fan. Every episode, every operative, every piece of 2×4 tech have been committed to memory. 285 more words


Kids Next Door and the Philosophies of Childhood Pt.2

Continuing Transmission…

There are plenty of things a kid could value. Getting a puppy for Christmas. Scoring the winning run in Kickball. Hanging out with friends after school. 1,314 more words


Either You're In or You're Old: Kids Next Door and the Philosophies of Childhood Pt.1

Begin Transmission…

I’ve had an epiphany: childhood is important, like really important!…Ok, so maybe it’s not that deep of an epiphany, probably pretty obvious in retrospect…Regardless, the thought occurred to me while re-watching Codename: Kids Next Door, a gem from my own childhood, making me think about the concept in general. 1,066 more words