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Scared of Relationships? Yin-yang them!

Last night’s radio show was about Relationships.

Yin and yang attractions and imbalances.


Some other sources:


Like me, like me (!): Neediness vs. god

Leaving an event recently, in the parking I saw the most charismatic (gay) guy from the group chatting with a woman who wasn’t me, and I became filled with jealousy.  1,119 more words



Wet season in Trinidad. The grass has overgrown, the cassava risen taller than me in some places, shorter than me in others. The road progresses despite challenges, materials coming from a sandblasting company that needs a place to put it – my road will eventually benefit, but not right now. 832 more words


I can’t sleep. Not until my spiritual bone work stops imploding and reassembling like a dying galaxy.

“Autumn is coming, moonchild.

Don’t let the ache… 338 more words


Karma is a bitch

Yesterday I was at a party where I met some people who used to be friends with my ex-husband and his new wife. I learned some things about them (all volunteered, mind you) that frankly have me floored. 2,500 more words

I used to search for the Truth “out there”

Let myself be told what was real and what was not

I was taught what to believe by my elders… 104 more words

I was born a square peg

But I didn’t know enough to value it

Tried to force myself into that circle:

that round hole I was so sure I wanted to fit… 43 more words

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