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If It Weren't For ___ I Could Be Doing What I Really Want To Do.

What is stopping me from living in my genius? What is stopping me from focusing my mind and my actions on what most enlivens me? These are some of the tired, and very old, arguments or justifications I have for staying on the hamster wheel, for living my Groundhog day over and over and over again. 498 more words

WANTED: The Divine (Perfectionists need not apply)

Not sure what got me to thinking along this line on the way to work the other day, but all of a sudden it hit me – how unfair we are to the divine in our lives. 586 more words


Speaking For Them

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The clients that visit our charity often arrive in pairs: friends, partners or spouses, parents with their children. Sometimes, only one wants services and the other is accompanying him or her; in other cases, both need help. 832 more words


Second Verse: Same As the First

I blew it with The Match. This one’s all on me. I got frustrated with his apparent lack of urgency around meeting (after 3 weeks and still no date) and preemptively jumped ship via text message earlier in the week. 585 more words

A Funeral

I haven’t had much to say lately, so lucky for you I haven’t been blogging. I thought I might do a glimpse into my journal — those are always popular with the voyeuristic among you. 1,071 more words

The Spiritual Life

Beware the Signs of Toxic People in Your Life

Beware of people who say or imply things like this…

They know you better than you know yourself

They know what is best for you better than you do… 374 more words

Mental Illness

The Break Up Journal: Enabling

August 14: Wow! What an amazing night of crazy dreams. I spent the whole day at the shore and laid on the beach from ten till two. 97 more words