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Decision time

And so the tedious dilemma continues. I met G for a second date today, and it wasn’t anything like it was supposed to be. I was supposed to be excited about seeing this person again with whom I had such a fascinating time on Wednesday. 1,033 more words


The Fishbowl 'La Cosa Nostra' World That People, Families, Organizations And The Whole World Live In. And How To Escape It.

La Cosa Nostra.  I say those words and you immediately think “mafia.”  Crime families.  Murders, extortion, drugs, violence and death and pain.

But if you came expecting an article on the mafia, click away to another link on your list.  5,249 more words


A thorny crown of my own making

Embedded in my righteous mind

I no longer feel the pain

You cut the wood, laid it at my feet… 57 more words


Clouds of shame

swirl abuse

’til light separates from dark

like oil and vinegar inkwells

and blame lays

upon misused sheets.


the hit man’s truth… 45 more words


Help Eachother

I was once a beautiful statue
standing in a square
and people would come
from all over the world and
offer me their broken hearts. 135 more words


Emotional Independence

A friend of mine called me “emotionally independent” the other day, and I smiled. It wasn’t always this way. When I was divorced the first time, I blamed it on my husband– he was a wingnut. 577 more words


8.19.17 -- Collisions, dissociation, false self.

I’ve come to my rebellious phase late in life, but it’s so interesting to see– as I do irresponsible and unadvisable things– all the layers of self peeling away to reveal new ones, that may eventually be shed as well. 2,098 more words