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Magnet for Trouble

How can I explain the love affair an addict has with drugs and alcohol (or their addiction of choice)? How can something be so intensely intoxicating, even after it has proven just how utterly devastating it can be to that which you cherish most in the world; family, friendships, love, connection? 2,034 more words


"What to Do if You Still Love Your Abusive Ex" by Catherine Liu

We cling to bad relationships for any number of reasons.  

Sometimes we assume the time we have invested in a destructive relationship is too substantial to relinquish.  312 more words


Bitter Honey, a Poem

How something that used to be so sweet, feel so very, wonderful, became so awful, after, the love is lost, translated…

Everything I Live Off of… 149 more words


Al-Anon Here I Come

My friend says I should be in the Guinness World Book of Records for the number of breakups I have experienced with the same man.  I’m the girl who cried wolf too many times.  869 more words


year end

This year has been one of great change for me.

The year began while I was still married, although separated. The divorce was final in May. 366 more words

What is Love: baby don’t hurt me

I’ve spent a lifetime falling in what I called L.O.V.E love but now that I’m well on the wrong side of 25 and my ovaries are starting to scream for fertilisation (haha, gross) I’m asking myself, WTF actually… 1,506 more words


No-frills Amy Winehouse

I know this might sound ultra anti-feminist and probably a little sad, but all I’ve ever wanted in life was to be loved. These days it manifests as love addiction, codependency or obsession with the “lucky” man of the moment! 2,054 more words