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Codependent Raindrops

Its Day 2 of driving across the United States. We somehow thought it was a good idea to pack everything we own, including our dog, into a U-haul to move from Washington state to Ohio. 1,160 more words

Live Simply

Email: Feeling Trapped

An email from a reader: please read and share –

  • have you been in a similar situation, if so, what was your experience?
  • what you would suggest to the letter writer’s friend?
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Indian Homemaker

Boundaries and Physical Contact / Violence

I must admit, today I’m struggling, which is strange as last night I had 6 and a half hours sleep, which is the most unbroken sleep I’ve had since June last year. 433 more words

Diary And Thoughts

Not being an Emotional Drag on your Spouse--Taking your Insecure Thoughts Captive

One of the most important things that I learned that has transformed my spiritual and emotional life has been to “take every thought captive” for Christ. 682 more words


Broken relationships, and the myth of compromise: exploited givers, wounded takers, and a way forward

This may be wrong, but I don’t believe compromise is a biblical truth. As it relates to relationships, compromise entails both people losing a little. As it relates to an individual, compromising what you believe trades eternal reward for temporary gain. 997 more words

Carpentry and Relationships

Yesterday I worked all day at my carpentry gig. The first task was firing the wood-stove for the hot tub. Pretty simple. I actually ended up getting the water a little too hot… Next was planing boards for the next sauna. 373 more words

Step 1 of 12 Review

So it’s been over a week of thinking about step 1.

My support group have commented on how much I’ve changed already, and inside I feel so different. 318 more words

Diary And Thoughts