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Dependence Is an EVIL Thing!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to vent to this blog but now is a very necessary time. I wish I could be a well adjusted and somewhat stable college student, but alas, I haven’t figured out how to pull that off yet. 792 more words

Friend Problems

Like a Virgin

Touched for the very first time!

Full disclosure:
1.  This post is not about sex.  At all.
2.  I really wanted to quote the Weird Al version, “Like a Surgeon,” but Madonna was more applicable. 563 more words


Freeing My Heart From You

You took control, of my heart, and, I still have absolutely NO clue, of how you got to it, and I’d worked, so very god DAMN, FUCKING (and your point being????) hard, to free my heart from you. 222 more words


Weekend wins!

Oh wow, where to start? Things have been going well over the past couple of weeks. Not stupendous fireworks and fanfares well, but the realistic kind of well. 1,978 more words

Second Chances

For the last few weeks, I have been horribly depressed and even more introspective than usual. My new job is much more challenging than I expected. 722 more words

What I do for me....I do for all

I have this book inside me…has come from women all over my life.  I commit myself to doing something with it.  So..until it’s organized, I share snippets.   360 more words


28. Theory in Practice

So I’ve said recently how I’ve been reading soooo much about abuse/healing/grieving/narcissism/co-dependence. And the one most important, practical takeaway for me was needing to set boundaries. 1,419 more words

Go Me!