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Take me

Tailor me

Suit me to your need

Wear me

Wash me

Make my colors bleed

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: tailor

Hanging Out With Imperfect People

Disclaimer: I am not referring in this post to people who need to cut ties with a theologically unsound church because of serious toxic culture and people issues; nor to those who are temporarily in the short-term process of searching for a church home.   1,337 more words


release me

I’m in the house again. A trusted friend accompanies me. The one who was there when he wasn’t. The one who held my hand as i took the poison. 990 more words

"TAMMY" & Blowing up some fireworks

Sarcasm has become my coping strategy here in the South as I have tried to make sense of the Bible Belt having the highest rate of addiction that I have ever witnessed. 387 more words


Juggling Lightning

“If you want your soul to dance in the clouds, at some point you will have to juggle lightning and taste the thunder.” – Christopher Poindexter… 858 more words


Meddlesome Voices


I know a few folks for whom meddling in other’s lives is a full-time endeavor. They are certain that they know best, and they become frustrated or angry when their targets don’t follow their wise guidance on everything from the best butter substitute to a choice of careers to what one’s relationship with the Divine should look like. 679 more words

Occasional Essays

Create A Healthy Relationship With Yourself First

Dear Soul Sister,

I’ve heard this reasoning before, and while I don’t reject it, I also have no clue what it means:
“Work on yourself, create a relationship with yourself, etc.” Can you clue me in?

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Abusive Relationships