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I Still Want To Call You When Something Goes Wrong

I have come close to perfecting the art
Of not needing you

After all, I’ve had a few years.

It seems as though it has been lifetimes… 256 more words

Book Two

Nearly a month ago, I wondered if my life had come full circle after I spent an evening with my high school boyfriend. It certainly has, but not in the way I expected. 613 more words

Aftermath of Narcissistic, Mental Abuse


If you grew up in an abusive household, then you were desensitized to abuse. You were conditioned that abuse is part of your life, and you may not even recognize milder forms of abuse than what you experienced as a child. 901 more words

Mental Illness

Happiness without Conditions

“When I have a new car I would be happy.”

“If I were rich I would be happy.”

“If I had a romantic partner I would be happy.”

460 more words


It has a name. I read a lot on this yesterday, and we are both a textbook case. She became the non-confrontational caregiver, fixer of broken things and always putting her needs last, and I became the controlling panic wreck who isolated herself from everyone but her and took out her anger on her. 343 more words



If you have read through my blog at all, you may have come across entries about the fact that I have a really difficult time in the mornings. 729 more words


I haven’t written the text book on depression, but I seem to have self diagnosed it upon myself because of what society and the interwebs tell us. 713 more words