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A Rant About Anger. Not An Angry Rant.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying the freedom that comes with not believing accusations.  It has freed me up from the constant worry about whether I really did this or that thing and whether I really am just crazy after all. 947 more words


The Freedom In Not Believing

We finally had that session I was waiting for.  I explained how our conversation of a few weeks ago had gone South so very badly. 550 more words


The Top Five People, Besides the New Target, that The Sociopath Ingratiates

A main ingredient to the narcissist’s great skill of survival is his power to control his environment. What do I mean calling this a great survival skill? 1,473 more words


Muffy The Dragon Slayer

Dragons seem to come up a lot in discussion lately.

Perhaps it’s that I just finished guiding two different groups of high school students through… 1,674 more words


Be selfish, because you always are

I have many vices, but co-dependence is not regularly listed among them, so my response to my friend’s question initially was short.  857 more words

The Other Day

Truth out

Something has been eating at me.

Literally, as I chew off pieces of my skin, and my stomach acid runs amok.

Fungus slowly corrodes my nail. 1,054 more words

You Don't Need Permission

Sometimes I get the feeling there are a flood of women out there that didn’t get the memo that their life belongs to them.

Yes, that’s righ… 174 more words