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Crafting the Monster 

I didn’t fall

for you. I fell

into you,

fingers interwoven,

skin melding,

until I lost

sight of myself

and all I saw

was you. … 60 more words


Day 9: out of my bubble

On the flight. it seems like a dream, surreal. but at the same time, like I’m doing something wrong. Cause, it guess I am. I’m looking for ways to break the news but the closer we get to it. 113 more words

Leading up to Here: A Background Story

So, I talked myself into blogging. I set up the page(s) and the About section and even got the first choice-focussed post published. Then, I realized the About section doesn’t really give enough information.  2,689 more words


We've reached the other side

Christmas has been and gone and I am relieved. All that horrendous, over-hyped build up came to its usual disappointing crescendo and instantly faded in the customary anti-climax by the afternoon of the 25th. 620 more words


Codependency, nostalgia and Christmas 

Dreading Christmas was something I fully expected. I’ve spent the build up to this weekend hating the excitement and business around me. The more frenzied it all got, the more I wanted to crawl into a hole and wait there until January. 597 more words


Silly Putty

Most of us remember Silly Putty from childhood.  A silicone-based toy, Silly Putty (trademarked by Crayola) could stretch, bounce, and replicate print images like those found in newspapers or comic books (today’s “graphic novels”). 817 more words

Child Abuse

Overcoming Codependency - a presentation by Nick Gully, Psychotherapist.

If you want to stop being abused by Narcissists, you need to first overcome your Codependence. Nick Gully discusses what Codependence is and how to overcome it. 30 more words

Uniquely Narcissistic