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It was hard to answer questions…

before I realized that I had a mind of my own.

Before I realized that I could think for myself. 154 more words

Placation Nation

Placating (to appease or pacify, especially by concessions or conciliatory gestures). We all do it. As children, parents, spouses, employees, siblings – for every relationship we have, we do a good bit of placating. 793 more words



The biblical prophet Hosea lived during a dark period in Israel’s history, around the 8th Century BC.  Though prosperous, the Northern Kingdom had turned away from the one true God, instead worshipping idols. 887 more words

Child Abuse

Quote for Today: Zoe Lister-Jones

I think a lot of people, especially women, feel like to be whole, you need to find part of yourself in another person – probably because of the fables we’re told as kids. 9 more words

Quote For Today

ghost of myself

I’m barely here
the gravity
of what’s happening
the fight for water
for black lives
for recognition
of sexual assault.

what is my piece in this… 350 more words


The Artful Dodger

I woke up this morning thinking about an old childhood friend who was raised and lived in the village where I have habitually stayed in Cornwall once, twice, thrice yearly since 1975. 504 more words

Break fast

“Sometimes we wake up feeling worthless…”

I’d rather go back to sleep
In that case
Incubating anxiety and self-loathing
Makes for one bitter omelette
My stomach is empty and unamused… 30 more words