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Trading Up

Did he follow?

He never had. She’d always looked back, grabbed his hand to pull him with her. 144 more words


Co-Dependence Negative Results - Intro


they’re being so mean to me!


SITE: “Too agreeable’?

See ACRONYM page for abbrev. 954 more words


Six of Pentacles and King of Swords: You get what you need.

Student: Rabbi, why is it that God hasn’t answered my prayer?  I pray and I pray every day with perfect faithfulness, but after all this time, I still have not received an answer. 

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Daily Tarot


On my phone.

So is everyone in this generation. But I’m criminally aware of this codependence right now.

You want to know why?

I broke it. 191 more words

Life. My Life.

Codependent Raindrops

Its Day 2 of driving across the United States. We somehow thought it was a good idea to pack everything we own, including our dog, into a U-haul to move from Washington state to Ohio. 1,160 more words

Live Simply

Email: Feeling Trapped

An email from a reader: please read and share –

  • have you been in a similar situation, if so, what was your experience?
  • what you would suggest to the letter writer’s friend?
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Indian Homemaker

Boundaries and Physical Contact / Violence

I must admit, today I’m struggling, which is strange as last night I had 6 and a half hours sleep, which is the most unbroken sleep I’ve had since June last year. 433 more words

Diary And Thoughts