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Feeling -- Not thinking, or expressing, Just Feeling

Today is the last day of my second week of doing the The Presence ProcessPresence Process. The experience I am having with two 15-minute meditations a day is…not like anything I have experienced. 415 more words

Emotional Abuse

The Friends Who Can't Be Bothered to Engage with the World

We all have boundaries. But some of us are ashamed of those boundaries or afraid to assert them because we don’t know how people will react. 691 more words


Today's meditation

This was one of the most intense meditation experiences i have had. It is a breakthrough in terms of staying with difficult sensations in the body. 584 more words

The Presence Process - 2nd week

I’m in the middle of my second week with Michael Brown’s book. There is a lot going on. Even in the smallest things inside my body, mind, and emotions. 429 more words

Talking to It, To a Piece of Me

Yesterday I wrote about my morning meditation. Julianna kindly commented with helpful questions I could use to get in closer touch with the sensations I was experiencing. 558 more words

Emotional Abuse

Ugh, Self Work is Hard Work...!!

Feelings are not something that are controllable. I may have a reaction to the negative ones that silences or contains them for the moment most days, but they have a mind of their own and make their way back the surface of my conscious experience over and over. 637 more words

Emotional Abuse

Rise and Fall

The dirt beneath the edges
was scraped out and scattered.
Your roots were reaching through to the other side.

Growing longer with laughter
we bred trees of humanity… 79 more words