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My Needs Are...

My needs are legitimate.

I have the choice to not participate in meeting others needs if I have not yet met my own. Or even if I have. 82 more words

Getting Hooked

Trying to fix something that ain’t broke…

When someone doesn’t do what I hope, what I plan, what I expect them to do…When they don’t do something that is consistent with an imagined scenario in my own head I try to find ways to affect the chain of events. 85 more words

I Get Mad When

I feel someone is using me

I feel like I am the only dependable person

I am never having fun

Someone important to me does not act like they respect was I am trying to do. 42 more words

ok, not the beginning then...

i recently read somewhere that when you are telling a story about yourself and your experiences that you should not start at the beginning  because the reader doesn’t know you yet and is not connected to you.   1,263 more words


Things I Do

Things I Do For Approval (out of habit)

  • the dishes
  • the cleaning
  • some of my recovery work
  • school work
  • etc.

Things I Do For Self-Fulfillment… 122 more words

Rescue You

Rescue you, and take you in your arms.
Rescue you, you want your tender charms.
Because you’re lonely and you’re blue,

you need you, and your love, too… 2,922 more words


Another Stab to the Heart

And it feels like I walked right into that knife when I could just be walking away.

A death of a thousand paper cuts? 348 more words