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Where to begin...?

I don’t even know where to start…The only thing I know is that everything hurts. It has been like this for months and I’ve reached the point where I have to take action or I will drown in my own misery. 686 more words


Love me, love me, Pretend that you love me!

Man.  So many songs just oozing with codependency.

Anywho.  I really need to stop going into therapy sessions with any kind of agenda.  I didn’t even pull out my list tonight!  788 more words


Being Right vs. Just Being

If you happened to see last week’s blog, I was pretty hot under the collar.  I have plenty of beliefs about anger, but none of them seem to show up when it’s flaring in my system.  1,040 more words


I say this today, but...

I renounce you all
I release you to the winds
I can’t carry this corpse of my hunger forever
Must no longer relinquish my value for begging… 208 more words

Sex Addiction

Then and now

Good old Timehop. For those of you who don’t know, Timehop is an app that pulls posts and photos from social media sites and your phone’s photo album in order to remind you of what you did this time last year, two years ago, three years ago etc. 1,592 more words


Miracle or Manipulation: A Quadrangular View

When her make-up fades and this best foot drags; when bliss and sparkles turn to ashes; when Princess Perfect turns Bipolar Babe, and sweet Prince Charming’s calmness crashes; when what once was dreamy fantasy becomes thin ice and gashes; will it ever change, will it go away, from your tear the answer splashes … 906 more words


Ground Control to Major Tom

Control.  We all like being in control, to some degree or another.

I grew up in a house where everyone was trying to manage (see also: control) everyone else’s feelings–or at least, specifically, my mother’s.  1,410 more words