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Bird's Eye View

We all have a unique vibrational frequency and we attract people into our lives who match our frequency. If we have a need to be loved out of an insecurity we have codependent tendencies (victims) and we will always attract people with narcissistic tendencies (abusers). 205 more words

the empath, the affair, and the inherent codependency of love.

This is a letter to the man who broke my heart. And it is an apology to all the men I have met since, to whom I claimed to be ready, claimed to love, claimed to be open to. 1,060 more words


The Quintessential Codependent Sheds Her Patterns....slowly...

These are the writings of a girl who knows a guy not very well and who knows that she is coming to think somewhat obsessively…and wants to reflect on it and pull herself out… What a powerful pattern it is…Codependence… 109 more words

Control What You Can Control, Part 2

Living with my brother has been an enlightening experience in many ways. I never realized how different our experiences have been, given that I’m 7 years older than him and was not around for much of what happened to him.  663 more words


Narcissism and Empathy

The topic of narcissism has been on my mind a lot recently. After writing a few posts on my insecurities when meeting new people, it become apparent to me that I was being consumed with external fears and values. 1,429 more words



By: Dr. Miranda George – Contributor

 This article is part 3 (Part 1 and Part 2) of a series on codependency, guest written for the Sisters in Law Blog. 2,765 more words

Good Conversation


It’s been 365 days since I stood my ground. One whole year since I said I didn’t want to be married to you. I said I don’t want to do this anymore. 1,113 more words