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It has a name. I read a lot on this yesterday, and we are both a textbook case. She became the non-confrontational caregiver, fixer of broken things and always putting her needs last, and I became the controlling panic wreck who isolated herself from everyone but her and took out her anger on her. 343 more words



If you have read through my blog at all, you may have come across entries about the fact that I have a really difficult time in the mornings. 729 more words


I haven’t written the text book on depression, but I seem to have self diagnosed it upon myself because of what society and the interwebs tell us. 713 more words


Forgiveness at late times

It’s late.

1:28 AM, as of the time I started writing this.

Usually I’d be well into an addictive mindset by now. Well into tech addiction. 909 more words

Can you JUST....!

This morning, after a few days of recuperation from seeing G…I talked to my therapist. Such a preposterous event. Seeing G. Forgetting things that I should not forget. 623 more words

From Dependence To Independence

It was an extremely liberating experience to put down alcohol, drugs, food or whatever was our drug of choice. For years we had come to rely on substances to get us through the day. 168 more words

My Impossible Lover

“What do you want from me?” he asks. He is being serious but I avoid answering the question right away. Not only is it a difficult one to answer but the way he asks it, his voice edgy and dangerous, the threat of flight hovering in his tone, makes me want to throw caution to the wind and wrap my arms around him while I can, even though doing so will ensure his abrupt departure. 913 more words

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