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Pleasantly Surprised 

After things fizzled with the newbie last weekend, I hadn’t found much in my online searches. I messaged with one guy who is 32, semi-employed and lives woth his mom. 512 more words

Whats Worse? My Codependency or My Wifes Narcissism?

Every day continues to be a new challenge.  Just yesterday, I wrote a post where I felt fairly comfortable with where things are in my life considering that my apparently narcissistic wife of 5 years moved out 6 months ago and has filed for divorce (with the process in the more or less final stages).  890 more words


Choosing to See

We live with blinders on.

It may be self-preservation, or hope-preservation but we don’t want to know or admit how absolutely wrong our fellow human beings can treat each other. 620 more words

Healthy Living


After a second fantastic date (disco bowling!) last Friday, things with the newbie went from 60mph back to 0. He postponed our Saturday lunch plans so he could run errands ahead of yet another winter storm. 208 more words

Emotional Pain: Does It Have a Silver Lining?

Change is inevitable in life and often causes pain. When we experience a crisis we can feel totally hopeless.   If we can learn to face our feelings, we can accept their legitimacy in our journey. 777 more words


A Breath of Fresh Air

Have you ever gone out for an evening of frivolity to a bar? When you arrive it is early and few patrons are there – the air is clear, you can converse in a normal voice. 292 more words


At First Sight

I’m not sure I ever believed in love at first sight… until today. I’m not even sure this qualified as a date, but everything about the last 24 hours has been completely surreal. 620 more words