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CODEPINK's 10 Points for Peace

In an ideal world, there is no need for the phrase, “In an ideal world.”

We do not reside in an ideal world. We reside in a world in which business and political interests, often using social and political structures, demand the individual to stand down and obey. 1,356 more words

Human Rights

CodePink Delegation to Palestine

by David William Pear from OpEdNews.com

A delegation of 23 members of the women’s peace activist group CodePink just returned from a 9 day tour of Palestine. 1,002 more words


Open Letter to Codepink Activists Trixie Lamonte and Ariel Gold

Dear Trixie and Ariel,

You are actually somewhat fortunate.  An older, wiser, more experienced individual recently suggested I would do better with these letters if I was a little less vicious and a little more educational. 521 more words

Public Hanging of Three Men in Azadi Square in Kermanshah, Iran (Video)

The number of executions in Iran are expected to top 1000 in 2015 according to Amnesty International.

Clearly, the negotiations with U.S. did nothing to curb Iranians murderous policies against its own people. 366 more words


Are Violent Video-Games Making Our Kids Violent?

So, a recent study was just published by the American Psychological Association (there are always new studies, right?) and this one, shockingly (!) suggested a link between, get this, violent video-games and violent kids. 881 more words

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