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Are Violent Video-Games Making Our Kids Violent?

So, a recent study was just published by the American Psychological Association (there are always new studies, right?) and this one, shockingly (!) suggested a link between, get this, violent video-games and violent kids. 881 more words

Current Events

Protesters At Nevada Air Base Call For End To Drone Warfare

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Protesters at the gate of an air base in southern Nevada are calling for an end to U.S. drone missions that they say kill many more civilians than terrorists halfway around the world. 114 more words


CODEPINK’s Itinerary For This Week’s Visit to Cuba – Meet With Spies, More Spies & Even More Spies!

By Chris Simmons

The left-wing group, CODEPINK, is currently in Cuba as it heads a “a historic delegation” that – from February 8-15, … 136 more words

Kevin Zeese: Chomsky And Kissinger Agree | Avoid Historic Tragedy In Ukraine

It would usually be difficult to find more polar opposite views to U.S. foreign policy, but when it comes to Ukraine, the anti-war intellectual and the former U.S.

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Military Madness

A woman is killed in Egypt for carrying roses ahead of Jan. 25 anniversary

Sad. No words.

“This country is starting to hurt.. There is no warmth.. I hope that its dirt is spacious and the hug of its ground, is larger than its sky.”

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Diplomacy Is Shit, The President Is Evil, The Left Is Trash

Today, Obama announced a mild normalization of relations with the Cuban state. That means a US embassy may open in Havana and you’ll be able to bring a few more trinkets back from Cuba legally. 1,391 more words

Prayers with Voices of Grief and Struggle

Two prayers for and with mothers who have lost sons to police violence: The first, from Rev. Dr. Carolyn Boyd, was offered at the “Voices of Grief and Struggle” panel on December 9. 539 more words