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Israel Seizes Women's Flotilla To Gaza + Ann Wright, Mairead Maguire, and Others Kidnapped by Israel

Dandelion Salad

Last Updated: Oct. 11, 2016

from The Real News Network on Oct 5, 2016

Col. Ann Wright was among 13 female activists that were part of the Women’s Boat to Gaza.

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Building peace

Written words are my preferred medium, but they’re not always as expressive as are sights, sounds, and motion.

“Under My Country’s Sky” is an excellent example of video lending greater color and life than could words alone. 363 more words


Herd Mentality - a social experiment exposes how quickly and readily people are manipulated to fall in line (Video)

It’s hard to buck social norms, group think.  Most don’t.

In this video, unsuspecting participants are manipulated into joining an innocuous activity.  From what is shown, they follow  almost without question.   193 more words


Labor Day Message: Another World is Possible

By Thom Haines — September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day in the U.S.! Another World is Possible! Proud to be an AFSCME member!

International labor solidarity is a key component to realizing another world where people and the environment are more highly valued than profit. 351 more words


Petition: CODEPINK - Tell President Obama Drop Food, Not Bombs On Syria

Tuesday, while the eyes of this nation were focused on the Republican convention, U.S. airstrikes in the northern Syrian ISIL-controlled city of Manbij killed at least… 201 more words