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Create Symfony Cookie and set HttpOnly to false


Recently, I tried to get cookies from the DOM using the following code:

var cookies = document.cookie.split('; ');

I noticed every time, the “document.cookie” value was a blank string, and I was scratching my head trying to figure out how such a thing could happen. 233 more words


Debian 7 Wheezy Installation in FreeBSD 10 Jail

I decided to collapse the multiple systems I have running various flavours of Linux and BSD into a  single system. For a long time I had been using Windows Small Business Server. 1,350 more words


Visual Studio 2017 - Exception Helper (III)

Exception Settings has been a powerful feature in Visual Studio for quite some time now. It has got some extra fire-power with new Exception Helper dialog in Visual Studio 2017. 220 more words


Visual Studio 2017 - Exception Helper (II)

Another time saving feature in the new Exception Helper dialog in Visual Studio 2017 is about Inner exceptions. In order to elaborate this, let me first introduce you to what happens when an unhandled exception is encountered when debugging code within Visual Studio 2015 (or earlier version). 121 more words


Reducing KnpPaginatorBundle Database Queries


If you are not familiar with the KnpLabs KnpPaginatorBundle and how to use it with Symfony applications, you might want to read up on it. 643 more words


Controllers in Action

Hello Internet!

As I promised you last time, today we will be talking about Controllers, one of the main components of MVC architecture.

For a better understanding, I will start by a short definition, followed by a small example to concretize the idea behind this concept and finally, we will dive a little deeper to make sure that you are well armed to continue in our ASP.NET MVC journey. 981 more words


Using Cron Job to Adjust Time


Recently in an application I developed, I noticed I received a “unauthorized” response for an API GET to a RESTful Service which I developed in… 672 more words