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Robert’s Rules of Coders: #5 Organize Your Code

When you write programs that consist of many lines of code, where the threshold of “many lines” probably begins around fifty lines of code, you should consider organizing your code in ways that will make it easier for you to maintain it in the future.  705 more words


The dreaded SIGSEGV !

Segmentation Fault or SIGSEGV is a dreaded error of most C programmers. It mostly occurs due to invalid access of memory. Most of the times the invalid memory access is a mistake. 336 more words


Data Alignment and Padding

Usually we use structures in C to combine data relevant to an object or a problem. If we intend to create many objects of this structure, we have an array of structures. 608 more words


Kindle Optimizer Chrome Extension

Why use it?

Adds instant Google Search and Translate functionality to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

If you want to

  • Search text from Kindle Cloud Reader in Google in an instance…
  • 97 more words

Common Sense Software Engineering – Part I; Initial Planning Analysis

Trying to Avoid It… Among other things…

Since the advent of “Extreme Programming (XP)” in the early 2000s, software professionals have been attempting to find new ways to develop quality applications under increasingly tighter deadlines, smaller budgets, both with declining resources. 3,380 more words

Software Engineering

UpdateableSpin synchronization primitive

Today we are going to look at a relatively rare case of synchronization.
In order to understand the case we’re going to talk about you can imagine the following case: “Your code makes a call to the third-party library’s method and you have to wait that method until the end. 540 more words


Google Calendar API with JavaScript

Check out my article on Code Project.. Click the following link to redirect.

Google Calendar API with JavaScript