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Deadlock caused by Boost shared_ptr

It was back in 2010 when one day our ATS reported a sudden system hang. When it happened, CPU load of real-time target was 100%. The bad thing was it’s not always reproducible. 879 more words


A Simple Way to Make a WPF Chromeless Window


Microsoft introduced the “Windows Presentation Foundation” or WPF to align desktop development with similar experiences developers have with developing web applications.  With the exception of possible a rather weak graphical interface for creating windows and pages, WPF for the most part offers desktop developers a quality foundation for delivering desktop and desktop-styled applications into production environments as well as multiple mobile platforms. 1,609 more words


Adding Bootstrap to SPFx web parts

Hi Folks

So we have an SPFx web part that shows how to integrate the React ‘Thinking’ tutorial with the SPFx tutorial but it looks pretty nasty: 641 more words

Software Engineering - Drawing inspiration from Nature's bag of tricks

I tried to acquaint the beginner C# programmer with the mysterious concept of delegates in a previous article of mine. If you are a beginner, make sure you read that first. 2,722 more words


Knockout, self, this, TypeScript. Are you still following?


I’m working on an MVC application with simple CRUD operations. I want the following functionality (don’t mind the Flemish (Dutch) titles):

Remember, I’m “graphically handicapped”, so I’m afraid that my users will have to do with the standard Bootstrap lay-out for now. 1,280 more words


Code coverage from manual/automated testing of asp.net web sites, application


This article explains how to get code coverage from asp.net website, web application , web service, stanalone executable etc..

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Javascript : Block Scoped Variables & Functions

This article highlights new feature introduced in ECMAScript 6 called “Block Scoped Variable” & “Block Scoped Functions“. In internet, you may find many articles on block scoped variable and functions. 974 more words