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Electron ES6 Aurelia MongoDB

For a thousand reasons, I wanted to entitle this post, “The Bleeding Edge is Bloody.”

If you are not familiar with Electron, ES6, Aurelia, or MongoDB, this post may not make much sense to you. 1,590 more words


Why don't we have runtime virtual dispatching?

Virtual functions are a great feature, but they have a rather severe limitation. They can only be implemented by extending the definition of all classes involved. 639 more words


Creating a Segregated Searchable/Editable Map in ArcGISOnline

I would like to create a map that stores core company location data, that anyone in the company can search and a select few can add data points… 751 more words


Black Falcon Software Releases SQLite Helper 4.5

The SQLite database is probably the leading embedded database engine in the entire Information Technology industry. Small, fast, and relatively straightforward to use it has attracted a very wide following of devotees, developers, and vendors that take advantage of its excellent quality and versatility. 544 more words


seL4 - Formally Verified General-Purpose OS Microkernel

seL4 the first formally verified microkernel OS

Recently I’ve come across an interesting article in Aviation week journal that was related to computing actually.

This article described seL4 microkernel operating system that had unique security features built-in that make this OS hard for hackers to crack. 225 more words


A toy prolog interpreter in c++


One of my old mentors told me that he thought you were never a real computer
programmer until you’ve written a compiler. I was still at high school at that… 1,498 more words


2010: The Deconstruction…

Initial notes…

The following piece is a sociological analysis of the state of professional software development today. As one who is not just a senior software engineer but a military historian\analyst as well, I have brought together the skills of both these areas of expertise to demonstrate to the technical community at large that what is happening to our profession has nothing to do with innovation or new opportunities in application development but instead is an ongoing process of terrible, deleterious, degradation that has professionals everywhere concentrating on abstract concepts, useless paradigms, and redundantly, new tool introductions without any analysis as to the benefit of their application to the development of new applications. 5,981 more words