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Debugging by binary searching through code revisions

What do you do when all normal debugging means fail? You can reproduce a bug, but the debugger just doesn’t seem to pinpoint it. Print statements have helped narrow it down, but it doesn’t make sense. 718 more words


A bug, an error, or fault, and the irrelevance of classification

There’s a lot of confusion about how to classify software issues. Is something a programmer error, or is it an design defect? Is a misbehaviour a failure or is it an unsupported situation? 692 more words


Android: Lyrics by vagalume API

Another API I found searching on internet that surprised me with good documentation and usability is http://api.vagalume.com.br

This API offers info about songs and artists; we can search song by name or phrase. 1,501 more words


Fork GitHub repository to your blog. The workaround story.

Update: the wiki was updated. So Houston we have no problem. Thanks to David and Matt.

NuPIC, we’ve had a problem!

‘To whom it may concern’ 1,010 more words


How to getExperience() ? boolean hasExperience = experience.isEmpty();

 myExperience  = null;

It seems to me almost everyone who`ll read this post faced at least once in a lifetime the problem of having no experience. 1,123 more words


What is debugging, How to debug... A beginners guide

We get exceptions mostly, it is best to always test your applications before submitting it to markets or other platforms for users. Debugging is one of those options to test your applications. 1,157 more words


Machine Intelligence at Numenta. Contribute and have fun.

The Dawn

For centuries people were fascinated with the brain and tried to understand how it might work. Real scientific research has started about 100 years ago. 305 more words