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[RPi Series] Advanced 7 Segment Display Driver with a 4511 IC

Source code available on Github


In my first post of this series I discussed a very simple way of driving a 7 segment display directly through the Raspberry Pi 2.  981 more words


Unit testing your Repositories

The problem

We have created are data layer, and of course we want to test it.

It is very hard to use a (physical) database to test your code. 1,189 more words


Encryption as Insurgency

Note: The concepts for this piece are based upon Bernard E. Harcourt’s new thesis on surveillance, “Exposed: Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age”.

It is almost paradoxical to see the current spat between the FBI and Apple rage on about the latter’s use of strong encryption to protect their customers’ privacy.  6,921 more words


Improvement on First Windows 10 IoT Core Windows Application

Now that I have a working first application working, I wanted to see how far I can take the application writing model on the Raspberry Pi. 1,008 more words

Windows 10 IoT

First Windows 10 IoT Core Windows Application

So now that I have my device up and running, time to start coding. So I’ll be writing my first application.


I could start coding a complicated app using the GPIO or talking with advanced devices using I2C. 761 more words

Windows 10 IoT

Re-imaging the SD Card to default

For some reason, my SD card got corrupted. I had to re-build it.


The process to create new SD card for Windows 10 IoT Core is quite simple. 162 more words

Windows 10 IoT

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

So I finally got the Raspberry Pi hardware yesterday. I will spare you the unboxing video, I’m sure there are a number of them already. 743 more words

Windows 10 IoT