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Fast build turnaround time is essential

Being able to make a code change and quickly see the result is critical. The longer we have to wait, the more code quality suffers, and the more productivity drops. 938 more words


How to use SMTP port and Custom pipeline component to send formatted email messages to concern users

Before starting this post let me discuss about the requirements and the scenario when this is going to help.

In many cases in BizTalk we used SMTP port to send the messages to notify users. 271 more words


Downsides of learning {programming-language} in {x} days!

This might be my first post about such topics… Which might contradict other (self-claiming) authors who say that they can teach you a programming language in a number of days. 1,474 more words


To take a programming course or not? Maybe not to.

Have you ever thought of taking programming course to study certain subject?

I had and took one. But now I have to confess it was not a perfect move. 153 more words


Bridging the client-server boundary - an experiment in architectures for next-generation web applications

This article is the first of a series in which I design and experiment with a new mechanism for building tomorrow’s web applications.  Specifically, I’m interested in blurring the gap between client & server, such that both parties are unaware of their relationship to the other. 2,144 more words

General Rambling & Ranting

A case of a deadlock in a .NET application

I recently had an interesting issue in one of our applications. The SMS router, responsible for sending and receiving SMSes, hanged – there was no CPU usage and we haven’t observed any activity in the application logs. 1,827 more words


Cohesion and coupling: good measures of quality

What is good code? Even if I say nobody cares about your code the quality nonetheless does influence a project. Functional correctness reigns supreme, but if we put that aside what should we look at next? 919 more words