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A real cost of low performing applications

The platform as a service model adds new importance to the performance of our software. Despite ever decreasing hardware costs, metered services make every bit count. 728 more words


Handy tips to handle form submit using AJAX

Hello everyone, this time, I am going to explain different ways to handle form submit using AJAX.

Basically, to submit a form via AJAX, we need to follow certain process in our javascript file. 441 more words


Refactoring: Extract a Method, When It's Meaningful

Well, now it’s hard to remember the moment, when I first time realized that it’s actually a good idea to extract functions from the massive chunks of useful code. 1,028 more words

Extract Till You Drop

ESP8266 doesn’t support TLS

I have been working with ESP8266 low cost TCP/IP enable Wi-Fi module    with my Arduino for quite some time. You will find lot of videos on internet about how to send data to ThingsToSpeak using ESP 8266… 625 more words


NetExt - SOS on steroids

I have been playing recently with quite a new windbg extension (released by Rodney Viana from Microsoft) called NetExt. Rodney Viana published an introductory post about it, which you may find… 1,389 more words


How to debug Windows Services written in .NET? (part II)

This post is the second and final one dedicated to debugging .NET Windows services (you may read the first one here). The inwrap tool (presented in the first part) is not very friendly to use and I myself haven’t used it since then :) It’s not the best advertisement of someone’s own work, but it did motivate me to write another tool which maybe will gain your interest. 695 more words


Antialiasing with a signed distance field

When drawing basic primitives we want nice smooth edges. This means both pixel correctness and antialiasing. In my previous article about drawing a rectangle I showed how to use a distance function. 683 more words