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Change jQuery Slider Speed


We have already talked about integrating a jQuery Slider Plugin to ASP.NET Repeater control. Now in this blog, we will change the default speed of the slider. 382 more words


Twitter Bootstrap for responsive, mobile first web apps

This blog is no longer updated. Please refer to my new account: http://sanderrossel.com

Welcome back! As you may know I’ve just finished my series on starting web development and it was a huge success! 3,668 more words


Mining Webpages in Parallel

A Visual Studio 2013 demo project including the WebpageDownloader and LinkCrawler can be downloaded here.


The US digital universe currently doubles in size approximately every three years [1].   3,035 more words


Web development #8: Where to go from here

So if you’ve read all of my previous posts and you’ve made it this far congratulations! You’ve now learned the basics of web development and you have the knowledge to create awesome websites. 2,808 more words


Understanding Delegates in C# for beginners


Delegates as a technical concept in C# create a lot of confusion in the beginners’ mind. It is a fairly simple concept but most of the examples floating around on the web are so trivial that they do not expose the real benefits of delegates. 3,150 more words


Mass Compromise of IIS Shared Web Hosting for Blackhat SEO: A Case Study

Jake Drew, Marie Vasek, and Tyler Moore
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX, USA
{jdrew, mvasek, tylerm}@smu.edu

The latex publication pdf for this article can be downloaded… 5,567 more words


Web development #7: Dynamic page updates with AJAX

So in theory you should now have all the tools to create the most awesome websites. However, I don’t think any tutorial on web development is complete without doing some AJAX. 2,548 more words