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5 Tips to begin with programming

Let’s start with a question.

What kind of career you want in programming?

Some people wants to code for thier degree , some wants to start because its work for them and for some its a passion,career and necessity. 433 more words


Coders are Finding Edinburgh a nice place to live (and not London)

Stack Overflow today released its Q4 Developer Ecosystem Report, which highlights some surprising changes in the UK software development landscape pertaining to both employment trends, and the popularity of individual technologies. 957 more words


The Noble, Misguided Plan to Turn Coal Miners Into Coders Expensive high-speed internet and job training won't transform Appalachia into "Silicon Holler."

Even in coal’s heyday, Appalachia was still relatively poor and backward. At the time, policy makers blamed its lack of economic development on mountainous inaccessibility. Their solution: End the region’s isolation with massive infrastructure projects, most notably a network of four-lane highways that would connect the region to the rest of the country. 3,725 more words



Frank was walking the new hire, Hal, around the “bullpen,” which is what the large room with dozens of small cubicles that housed the coders was called. 302 more words

Flash Fiction

Google pledges $1 Billion to prepare workers for tech jobs

PITTSBURGH, PA // BDPA Pittsburgh // – CNET reported Thursday, October 12, 2017, Google’s introduction of $1 billion in new initiatives aimed at training and educating workers to help them find jobs and grow their businesses during a Grow with Google event. 176 more words


Lesson 1.1: Python Language

Man behind the python programming –  Guido van Rossum 

Python can be easily understood by a newbie programmer or you’re tech-savvy or knows basics of other languages. 279 more words