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The Barcelona-Montserrat Greek-Latin Codex: Another “Bodmer” Codex with Mixed Contents

In addition to the so-called Bodmer composite codex (LDAB 2565, which I described in some detail here), the same ancient collection seems to have included another papyrus codex with equally (if not more) diverse contents. 621 more words

Bodmer Papyri

Animal Figures In The Maya Codices, Alfred M. Tozzer And Glover M. Allen 19042 EPUB

Animal figures in the Maya codices Alfred M. (Alfred Marston), ; Allen, Glover M. by Tozzer, Alfred M. Animal Figures in the Maya Codices by A. 282 more words


Thursday Thoughts: Downsizing

Thursday Thoughts
05 April 2018

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, 422 more words

The Modern Lives of an Ancient Coptic Book: P.Bodmer XXII + VK 783

A couple years ago, Roberta Mazza traced the “modern biography” of a fragmentary papyrus leaf containing the Gospel According to John, P.Oxy. 15.1780 (better known to New Testament scholars as P39). 890 more words

Bodmer Papyri

A Repair to the Bodmer Composite Codex

I’ll just make one last post (for now) on the Bodmer composite codex and its curious features. This post has to do with one of the leaves of the paschal sermon of Melito, P.Bodmer XIII. 717 more words

Bodmer Papyri

P.Bodmer XX+IX and the Bodmer Composite Codex

In my last post, I provided a provisional diagram of the Bodmer composite codex (LDAB 2565). I also mentioned that I did not think the booklet consisting of P.Bodmer XX (the Apology of Phileas) + P.Bodmer IX (Psalms 33-34) was ever a part of the composite codex. 991 more words

Bodmer Papyri