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5. Citas importantes. 10. Conócete a ti mismo y conocerás el infinito (Aforismo Zen). 3. El conocimiento de todos nosotros es el mismo

Antiguos códices depositarios de conocimiento (Códice Calixtino)

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5. Citas Importantes

4th Century: Coptic Alphabet

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(Timeline Project)

4th to 9th centuries – The Coptic alphabet was used in Egypt and was perpetuated thereafter by the Coptic Christian church. 52 more words


3rd Century: Oldest Complete Codices

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(Timeline project)

In the 3rd century, fragments of codices exist from 2nd c, but earliest extant complete codices date from 3rd c. 56 more words


mexico city

Also known as the Aztec Calendar, sometimes confused with the Mayan Calendar, La Piedra del Sol sits within the walls of the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. 33 more words


2nd Century - Nag Hammadi

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100 – 199 CE (2nd century) — Nag Hammadi codices written on papyrus – Gnostic treatises written in Coptic, probably translated from Greek


The Final Bit On Books

From my post Even More on the History of Books, we know that after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the illuminated manuscript was being developed in monasteries of Europe, and that the codices that were produced were usually copies of older books, either Christian texts, mainly the  475 more words

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