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The Maya Codices: The Precious Remaining History of an Eradicated Civilization

By Veronica Parkes | Ancient Origins

The Maya were a powerful pre-Columbian civilization who thrived between AD 600 – AD 800. They were literate, had a complex language including pictograms, glyphs, and phonetic representations. 654 more words


Livres gratuits Ebooks Concordance Des Textes De Nag Hammadi. Les Codices VIII Et IX en ligne

Vous cherchez place pour lire l’article complet E-Books Concordance Des Textes De Nag Hammadi. Les Codices VIII Et IX sans téléchargement? Ici vous pouvez lire La Liste de Schindler.
29 more words


Sun and Moon 3

Sun and Moon 3

at midnight Serpent slithers through
a gap in the fence of my dream
he slides close to my shivering body
and lies there chill against my skin… 73 more words

Sun and Moon 1

Sun and Moon 1

Last week an old man squeezed the moon;
tonight, she’s a shrunken orange in the sky.

“Tell me, Moon:
when all the stars have been caught in my net, 126 more words

Sun and Moon 2

Sun and Moon 2

Eagle paints my eyes with daylight.
He offers to fly me to the sky.
His feathers trap sunshine in his pinions. 166 more words

People of the Mist 17

9:30 AM                    

… where Alonso waited for them.

“Good morning,” Alonso limped towards them.

“Still hurting, I see,” El Brujo placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder and Alonso grimaced. 2,429 more words