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Run, Monkey, Run!

Monkey Turns Down Promotion

 “I hereby appoint you head of the asylum.”
The young office monkey with the plastic stethoscope
was dressed neatly in a white sheet. 163 more words


Inquisitor: Sun & Moon


He told me to read,
and plucked my left eye from its orbit.
He slashed the glowing globe of the other.

 Knowledge leaked out: 220 more words


Monologue: Sun & Moon


 Mono means Monkey in Spanish. Monkey is one of the day names in the Mixtec calendar. 
Monologue, then, is Monkey, talking, perhaps to himself. 145 more words


Re-reading the Codices Flash Fiction

Re-reading the Códices
Bistro 22

             The Mixtec Códices, indigenous screenfold books written on deer hide, 
are Pre-Columbian pictographs that record the history of the Mixtec peoples. 
 503 more words


Writing or Re-Writing? 6

A Question of Thematic Unity

 The question for today concerns thematic unity: should one strive for thematic unity or should one present thematic contrasts? This question is provoked by today’s blog post, Obsidian’s Edge 22 10:00 PM, in which the narrator, sitting alone at the table in his apartment in Oaxaca is filled with memories of home, a home that is very different from the daily reality of life in Oaxaca. 870 more words


Obsidian's Edge 16

4:00 pm



Sweet wet bark bleeds until sack-
cloth binds the wounded rowan.

Claws trapped in the sacking, the sap-
sucker family points accusatory beaks. 124 more words





The Mexican burrowing frog was extremely important to the native Mayans.  It was said to be the companion of the rain gods, the Chacs, and its call was the sign for the Chacs to empty their gourds, causing it to rain.

43 more words