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The First Written Mention of Jesus?


Well, wouldn’t you just know it? Another archeological find that – drum roll, please – that gives secular support to biblical accuracy.

The metal ‘pages’, held together like a ring binder, were found in Jordan in around 2008 by an Jordanian Bedouin and make reference to Christ and his disciples. 696 more words

Author Jeffrey H King

Run, Monkey, Run!

Monkey Turns Down Promotion

 “I hereby appoint you head of the asylum.”
The young office monkey with the plastic stethoscope
was dressed neatly in a white sheet. 163 more words


Inquisitor: Sun & Moon


He told me to read,
and plucked my left eye from its orbit.
He slashed the glowing globe of the other.

 Knowledge leaked out: 220 more words


Monologue: Sun & Moon


 Mono means Monkey in Spanish. Monkey is one of the day names in the Mixtec calendar. 
Monologue, then, is Monkey, talking, perhaps to himself. 145 more words


Re-reading the Codices Flash Fiction

Re-reading the Códices
Bistro 22

             The Mixtec Códices, indigenous screenfold books written on deer hide, 
are Pre-Columbian pictographs that record the history of the Mixtec peoples. 
 503 more words


Writing or Re-Writing? 6

A Question of Thematic Unity

 The question for today concerns thematic unity: should one strive for thematic unity or should one present thematic contrasts? This question is provoked by today’s blog post, Obsidian’s Edge 22 10:00 PM, in which the narrator, sitting alone at the table in his apartment in Oaxaca is filled with memories of home, a home that is very different from the daily reality of life in Oaxaca. 870 more words


Obsidian's Edge 16

4:00 pm



Sweet wet bark bleeds until sack-
cloth binds the wounded rowan.

Claws trapped in the sacking, the sap-
sucker family points accusatory beaks. 124 more words