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3rd Century: Oldest Complete Codices

Bookbinding, Miniatures, Writing and Paper
(Timeline project)

In the 3rd century, fragments of codices exist from 2nd c, but earliest extant complete codices date from 3rd c. 56 more words


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Also known as the Aztec Calendar, sometimes confused with the Mayan Calendar, La Piedra del Sol sits within the walls of the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. 33 more words


The Book Of Enoch ~ Insights And Revelations 1

Do you ever wonder what it is that you are not supposed to know, when it comes to the buried Nag Hammadi Codices? The Book of Enoch is one of these censored books. 488 more words

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You ~ It's In Our DNA

What and where is the Kingdom of God? Why does it matter?

Going back to original sources that the Scriptures were written in, the Greek translation of Luke’s gospel in speaking about the Kingdom of God, the word “entos” is often translated to mean “among you.” However, according to New Testament scholar C. 420 more words

2nd Century - Nag Hammadi

Bookbinding, Miniatures, Paper and Writing

100 – 199 CE (2nd century) — Nag Hammadi codices written on papyrus – Gnostic treatises written in Coptic, probably translated from Greek


The Final Bit On Books

From my post Even More on the History of Books, we know that after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the illuminated manuscript was being developed in monasteries of Europe, and that the codices that were produced were usually copies of older books, either Christian texts, mainly the  475 more words

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Summer posts: Visigothic script animals! #medieval_illumination @STORIFY

It is time for say hi to all of those who are enjoying summer holidays and amuse their eyes with beautiful Visigothic related stuff while looking at the nature/busy city/comfortable couch around. 178 more words