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People of the Mist 17

9:30 AM                    

… where Alonso waited for them.

“Good morning,” Alonso limped towards them.

“Still hurting, I see,” El Brujo placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder and Alonso grimaced. 2,429 more words


People of the Mist 16

9:20 AM

Tim walked up the street towards the centre of town, moving slowly, from window to shop window, still hesitant to go to the baths. 554 more words


People of the Mist 12

8:15 AM

Tim fingered the slight stubble on his chin then stepped into the bathroom to shave.  He looked at himself in the mirror: brown eyes stared back at him. 1,003 more words


People of the Mist 9

7:40 AM

Sunlight crept in through the open window and the room started to warm up. Tim fingered the leather cord that dangled from his neck and the medallion throbbed with the rhythm of a heartbeat. 958 more words


People of the Mist 5

7:00 AM

Mass over, Tim stood, made a copycat sign of the cross, and walked out of the church. The boy with the cactus and the girl with her basket of flowers had left the courtyard. 1,760 more words


Why is this Guy Hanging Out With all These Women?

I finished watching the National Geographic documentary on Mary Magdelene yesterday, and it turns out that there are Christian texts – the Nag Hammadi codices – that date back to the 1st century and that illuminate some of Mary Magdelene’s role in Jesus’s life. 365 more words


People of the Mist 1

People of the Mist
Oaxaca, Mexico


 I saw my father this evening. I walked through the zócalo, opened the main cathedral doors, looked up, and there he stood, motionless. 785 more words