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Second Day

Today was my second day of Work Experience in Hull University, today I went into SEED which is the on site technology company which are generally based around the fire service, today has been really fun because I could enter the world of coding (my personal favourite) we made 3 programs today, a Random Dice Toss, Fizz Buzz and a Higher Or Lower game. 67 more words


Come to the ICD-10 Coding Conference Before October Transition

The anticipated transition to ICD-10 is to be implemented as scheduled on October 1, 2015. Now is the time to attend the ICD-10 Coding Conference being held on April 15-16 with Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC. 498 more words

News & Media

I Love Teaching

Last night The Iron Yard Atlanta introduced a new satellite for their existing Free Kids Course – and they needed volunteers.  I, again, raised my hand even though I’m bogged down with work and probably should be focused on refactoring assignments – but I’m also an entrepreneur at heart and see raising my hand as saying yes to a new opportunity, changing some kids lives, and building up my personal brand and network.   226 more words

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd - Kodu & Globaloria

3/3/15 – Do Now -Tell me how much you just LOVE this class :)

7th Grade:

I CAN . . . Formulate (put together; create) … 114 more words


Onion Architecture

Do you know the layers of the onion architecture? – FireBootCamp Day 30

Today on FireBootCamp we looked at the Onion Architecture. Over the years I have coded many different systems, in many different languages. 155 more words


Hack for programming comment

For commenting code I always use:


When you want to re-enable in a faster way, you can add a slash on the first line.