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Psuedo Code; Excercise 1.

I have enrolled in the Viking Code School and I am currently doing the prep work.

Our first assignment is to use PsuedoCode; simple language used to describe a process or solution in code.   486 more words

Unity Render Queues vs Sorting Layers

This one should have been a matter of a simple google search, but it isn’t. Also I can’t find something in the docs.

The question is: what happens first? 65 more words


Teaching Tuesdays (Only, It's on a Friday) - PD: Action, Passion, and Acdvocacy for All

I am a professional development junkie. This month has provided me with an abundance of PD binging. And Duh duh duh duh duh I’m loving it. 496 more words

Teaching Tuesdays

Thanks to the visitors of my blog

For the first time, I was having a deep look into the dashboard provided by WordPress. The statistics page is really awesome.

For my blog, I got… 31 more words


Javascript (ES6) - Fat Arrow Functions

Javascript is becoming one of the most widely used programming languages by developers all over. From front-end frameworks for UI development to back-end servers and everything in between, there is no feat that you cannot accomplish with Javascript! 473 more words


Ansible dependencies via meta

I ran across an interesting feature of Ansible this week. A co-worker said that an upstream change to an open-source project he had been working on broke our installation code. 184 more words


On the Origin of Faeces

or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to love the shitpost

Unfortunately this article doesn’t contain any fascinating tidbits on the history of memes. 85 more words