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Sunday - 23/10/16


Today was good actually. I am getting very bad at managing my time, I am either very confused on what to do, or I have less time or 100s of other work to do. 376 more words

Coding 4 Learning

When I googled Harvey Mudd, just the thought of doing an online course at a specialty College in Math, Science and Engineering in Los Angeles intimidated me.  884 more words


HackerRank Day 4: Class vs. Instance Solution in Java

Problem statement:

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Solution in java

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Person {
private int age;

public Person(int initialAge) { 106 more words


Week five on Project Flour

Hello again!

Another week has almost come to an end for us and we have been hard at work, believe it or not. We are working on implementing a better menu that can handle the amount of levels that we want in the game as well as the giving the player a way to upgrade different aspects of the windmill and the bag giving you a better chance in beating the levels. 500 more words


Calculating The Darcey Coefficient – Part 4 - Live Testing #strictlycomedancing #clojure #linearregression

I promise this is the last part of The Darcey Coefficient, having gone through linear regression, neural networks and refining the accuracy of the prediction, it was only fair I ran the linear regressions against some live scores to see how it performed. 631 more words

How to open doors for Top MNCS?

First of all , This answer was given by  Aashish Barnwal

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Language has been a topic of debate between aspirants since years. 1,997 more words

Interview Preparation