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Third day (introduction to variables)

In the previous class, we learned how to create different shapes and how to fill them with color, set background color, etc. But it turns out that we could do more in P5JS than just draw shapes. 351 more words


One Line Sunday- Blurry code

Before I began studying web design, coding was all a blur to me and still is but not as much as it was before.

Writing Challenges

Learning HTML code

Today I started to teach myself HTML coding in preparation for my new Web Design internship with in Milton Park, Abingdon.

I have wanted to learn to code for a while but haven’t had enough of a reason to take time out of my work to do so, so this is a great reason and opportunity to start. 68 more words


Using Markdown In Wordpress for Note Taking

Markdown is a simple markup language in order to make formatting easier (means you don’t need to move your hand from the keyboard in order to click the mouse). 237 more words


Day ?????

Last you heard from me, I was in progress to complete that JavaScript 30 course.

I haven’t.

Initially, I was a bit ashamed to write a postĀ admitting that I didn’t stick with my plan. 373 more words



Quick strokes across the keyboard with grace and form his time has come again,
another late night binge on instruction and construction of worlds that only the great can comprehend. 172 more words


Welcome to my blog!


This is my blog about DIY projects that I do. I’m a maker who works on DIY projects as a hobby. I did my first projects using Arduino, but I work with other platforms too. 48 more words