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Tackling Poetry with Python (2)

In a previous post, I described the preliminary work to do automated analysis on poetry. I now describe the actual code that one could run on it, and I give away the code. 812 more words


New and Improved!

This has been an incredibly busy weekend.

I got the bill from the hosting service I’ve been using for the past four years. Each year, they have raised their rates. 101 more words


Network Simulators


Creativity with Electronics

The ‘maker movement’ has been made possible because of the vast growth, portability and availability of digital technologies and the easy sharing and learning of ideas through the Internet (Martinez & Stager, 2014, p.13). 376 more words


Optionals in Kotlin

In No more Ifs I wrote a little bit about the new Optional class in Java 8. It enables the developer to work with optional values without a complex nested structure of if-then-else expressions. 254 more words


Google I/O - 新奇的科技遊樂園

這次來美國,是我第一次用「科技的角度」體驗這個國家。到底一個全世界引為指標的地區 – 矽谷,到底提供了多少吸引全世界人才的優勢? 我在這短短6天的行程中,收穫滿滿。

非常謝謝 @WomenWhoCode 總部提供財務補貼,讓我得以成行。

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