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The Joys of Front-end Testing

Not so long ago I started my job as a bright eyed developer, ready to change the world. My first assignment was regression testing, by… 1,053 more words


Prototype sampler # 1


So, finally, I’ve completed my last major developmental milestone and I think that deserves a post. :-)

The above video simply shows the playthrough of  46 more words


Shout Out Sunday #1

Yesterday was Saturday, and I hadn’t done a shout out. So, as a contingency plan, there will be an occassional Shout Out Sunday :) Groovy? 144 more words


#481 Daily dose : Streak

Algo trade, without codingTM

StreakTM lets you create, backtest, and deploy algos
live in the market without coding.

Algo, on the go

We believe that everyone should be able to wield technology while investing. 173 more words

Daily Dose

Thunkable X - 輕鬆創造跨平台App

Thunkable 是一家位於矽谷的新創公司,團隊裡大多成員之前是 MIT AppInventor 的核心開發人員。這次去美國舊金山也有拜訪 Thunkable 的團隊。當天,他們也展示給我們看下午即將要上線的 Thunkable X 。而 Thunkable X 已經於2018年6月正式推出。

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Council of Thieves: A virtual Chelish Crux

At the end of Book Two of The Council of Thieves, the players find a strange artifact called the Chelish Crux. Book three opens with the players trying to open it. 792 more words

Council Of Thieves

20 Master Plots - HTML

<h1>Plot Archetypes Breakdown</h1>
<p>A character-driven story that has a hero go on a journey for something that changes him in some way.</p> 891 more words

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