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What I learned yesterday

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day, so I didn’t get to write about what I’ve learned. But it’s really very simple. Even when blowing through the very first lessons on… 222 more words


STEAMPunk Project Update

Our 8.1 class was joined this morning by Rachel, a water engineer from UTS. Rachel spent some time sharing a little of her journey to becoming an engineer, before talking about some of the recent projects she has been involved with. 184 more words


Putting some technology into our digital technologies module

Last year, Kevin and I taught a yr 7 digital technology module based around the digital technology curriculum. (If you like, you can read about our efforts… 870 more words


The fax

She stood there. No one had replied to her messages in months. First, they were kind replies ‘wait there’ ‘keep yourself busy’ ‘learn a new skill’, but then they started to get mixed. 117 more words

In English

Profession Purgatory

If you happen to reach this site, I sincerely appreciate it! Whether it’s for 5 seconds with the quick realization that you meant to go to Lifewire or Techradar, or genuinely decided to indulge in learning something tech-related. 623 more words


Rolling a dev environment with Docker and The Devilbox

Nearly three months into 2019 and it’s time for me to start looking at my development workflow once again. Anyone who’s regularly looked at my site over the last year or so will notice that I’ve been constantly trying to improve and build on the way I work with both back and front end web code, from looking at frameworks such as Symfony, to environments such as Node.js and using Gulp to streamline and make my code more manageable. 570 more words


REVIEW: How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk

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Title: How to Code a Sandcastle

Author: Josh Funk… 369 more words

Book Review