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What are those command options? explainshell.com

If you ever wondered what those options to a command are like

rsync -avh folder1 /path/to/remote/dir

Command: rsync

Options: avh

explainshell.com is the place to go have those option deciphered.


Why I chose Node.js over PHP and the rest.

One of the most common questions that Web Developers as these days is “Which is the right way to go? Node.js or PHP for the back-end?”. 1,955 more words


Creating an Online Calculator (2): Algorithms and Code

By James Harry Morris

Previously I uploaded a post about an online calculator that I had created for converting the shakkanhō 尺貫法 units of measurement into their metric and imperial counterparts. 577 more words


Files and Stuff

Today I played a bunch of Path of Exile. GGG (the creators of Path of Exile) released a patch to fix some of the issues with their new league and they totally blew it! 318 more words

Stuck in the web (of resources)!

Last few days have been frustrating. To be precise, since I discovered FreeCodeCamp. After going through dozens of resources and courses and doing a few projects that I am actually proud of (but not enough to show off 🙈), I still had to google the difference between… 465 more words


Coding-3.24 Prep Lab: Text message expander (3)

3.24 Prep Lab: Text message expander (C++)

(1) Get a line of text from the user. Output that line. (1 pt)

(2) Output the line again, this time expanding common text message abbreviations. 164 more words


Coding- 3.23 Prep Lab: Text message decoder (2)

3.23 Prep Lab: Text message decoder (C++)

(1) Use getline() to get a line of user input into a string. Output the line. (3 pts) 165 more words