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Move Attribute Script

Ever get annoyed that you can’t re-arrange the attributes in the Channel Box? I certainly do, but there is something you can work with. When you delete an attribute and then undo, the attribute gets put at the bottom of the list and its connections are maintained. 679 more words



Hello and welcome to Tech Advisor.  This is the first of many posts, information and videos that will be placed on this site.  Tech Advisor was created because millions of people around the world Google and YouTube information on how to complete simple and complex tasks with HTML, coding, IPhone, IPad, IMac, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much more.   51 more words


Navigating Germany as a refugee, soon there will be an app for that

Yes, there is an app for that, or at least there will be soon. In January 2017 refugees arriving in Germany will be able to consult an app called… 720 more words


Mathland Reflections - Game Design

One of my blogging goals is to share more often about coding to learn experiences of the students I am working with at various schools. Case in point, on Friday, some grade 5 students were hard at work during their fourth session (our first was October 3) of game design using… 270 more words


A New Vision

About two and a half years ago, I restarted my endeavor to create a blog. This one. Something that had a smidgen of interest for me, and who cares if anyone reads it. 585 more words

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