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Monk and Rotation [Hacker earth]

Monk and Rotation


Monk loves to preform different operations on arrays, and so being the principal of Hackerearth School, he assigned a task to his new student Mishki. 198 more words

Building User Authentication From Scratch (pt. 1)

Note: I’m currently a student, and the below foray into authentication was very much for educational purposes… I strongly recommend against considering this series a tutorial for, y’know, anything resembling a real-world project. 1,098 more words


My Daily Droll Troll


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Crispy Winter Night

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I Write for Simple Programmer now!

I recently became apart of the blogging team over at Simple Programmer! My first article will be posted sometime soon! Check out his site for great information regarding programming, life, and other things!


reminiscences, chasing rabbits, a brief history of the internet and aol chat rooms

alexa’s response to my good morning today was to inform me that on this day in 1979 the board game trivial pursuit was invented. the trivia part was that it took the creators two years to write the original 6,000 questions and they did it without the benefit of the internet. 375 more words


Round 4 Coding Challenge (Incomplete)

Hey readers,

It has been two months since my last post. I am ending this challenge to begin a new one. Since my last post for round 4, I’ve only: 563 more words


EEG preprocessing

I have been currently reading the Steven J. Luck’s book An Introduction to the Event-Related Potential Technique. I will summarize the important points from the book here. 851 more words