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Be careful working with the atomic directive in OpenMP

I would like to tell you about an error that a person, not familiar with OpenMP technology, can easily make. The error is related to a wrong supposition about how… 326 more words


Setting up Development Environment

So you’re may have finished your training as a as a developer or about to begin, what then? It’s setting up your development environment. This process has mostly been overlook and often leads to frustration while coding. 338 more words



今日手痕拿起放低了很久的Android Studio玩一下。發現Android Studio的確跟一年前小弟的時代已經有很大的進步。第一下開一個Navigation Bar的Template出來時,竟然已應用了Snakebar和fab。究竟這兩個component有什麼用處和關聯呢? 304 more words


Is C the Godfather of Programming?

It’s been a few months now and I’m on the last week of my C programming class. I have to admit, I thought C was such an old language, like old technology, it wouldn’t be used anymore. 202 more words


Two ways to kill code mojo

Break my motorcycle. Break my quadriceps.

Thursday: I read about coding, specifically Ember. I had plans to hit the EmberATX meet-up with some pre-knowledge. I knew that I’d be a kindergartener listening to Ph.D.s, but there’d be things I’d pick up. 223 more words


Starting Again.

Recently I saw a movie with Tom Cruise in which he kept dying, then returning back to life. The last three years of my life has been just that. 57 more words

Twitter UX Teardown

This user design teardown of Twitter is the first of three in a series for Viking Code School. The assignment can be found here: User Design Teardowns 873 more words