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Similarities between coding and language

Over the last few days I have been studying coding with www.codeacademy.com.

I work in proofreading and copy editing, and I’ve long been conscious of being held back by lack of coding knowledge. 268 more words


Women of the World

Coding – http://www.sciencealert.com/pay-what-you-want-for-the-2017-complete-learn-to-code-bundle

Moments Of Inspiration

Android: Debugging a release APK

A few weeks ago I was finishing up development on my app and was ready to release a beta version …Or so I thought.

I tested it thoroughly in development mode, but when I went to install the release version from the Play store, it kept crashing when I was doing something that worked perfectly fine in dev. 258 more words


Learn how to code

Always feel the power of coding by feeling like an advanced user at the very start. I have alot of Packages i can help you get in line with with just less efforts. 70 more words



This is a question many have asked me on whether they can be developers, and the best answer i have provided to each one of them is what do you think? 103 more words


Setting up Ruby on Rails

I wanted to develop the websiet on my own personal Apple mac. This meant I needed to setup Ruby on Rails on this device for the first time, this is something that would see me running complicated commands in Terminal. 334 more words