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WebAPI for VB.net

I came from C# world, and even though I know 99% of the C# code can be directly translated into VB.net, it’s still a challenge for me to write native VB.net code. 509 more words


Create an Android app for free with no prior coding experience

Almost everyone wants to develop an app these days, and it makes perfect sense why. Apps are the best platform to reach out to millions about your service or just about anything, from gaming to simple utility apps like a flashlight. 240 more words


The Cloister: Within & Without

The Cloister: Within & Without

“Tell me how this story ends if one just stay within, the cloister and the cell wall.”

—Woodheavy Brown, The Cloister & The Cell Wall…

279 more words

Rushing Yourself

Can you guess what this post is about just from the title? If not – I don’t really know what to say, and if so – congratulations! 278 more words


Day Three: Treehouse Review 3 of 5

Day Three: Treehouse Review 3 of 5

Enumerators and Structs

Yesterday was a heavy weight day covering a large scope of topics, so it was nice to have a day where I only had Enums and Structs to work through! 556 more words

A new platformer: progress

After playing a bit with the platformer I have made, I’ve decided to make it a PC game, controlled with keyboard/ mouse. I have sketched the basis of the gameplay: 149 more words


The Programming Origin Story

Following up from my Polyamory Origin Story, is my Programming Origin Story!

The programming origin story is a lot shorter and more straightforward. But still had it’s own set of twists and turns! 1,462 more words

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