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We made Scratch games! Here’s my daughter’s:

And here’s mine:

Scratch is such a cool program! Anyone can learn to build something awesome. They also have a free app called ScratchJr.



I’ve completed some write-ups of my solutions for some of the challenges on the HackTheBox pen-testing platform (these will remain password protected with the full flag until the solutions are made public). 57 more words



Went to school today for the Business App Prog presentation, and it didn’t go too badly. Luckily the client wanted us to “demonstrate” the application so we made sure not to do the things that still cause the thing to crash. 83 more words

The hidden charm of Python: error messages

It’s been almost three months since I started to learn Python and I’ve been enjoying this learning a lot. Of course, I pulled my hair out in frustration and yelled at my computer so many times, but I always came back to my codes. 204 more words

Just Thinking

[LeetCode] 35 - Search Insert Position

My Solution (0 ms / 39.3 MB / beats 100%)
  • Easy question pretty much solvable with basic understandings of working with integer arrays, getting array index and setting up logical operations to compare the input with each element of a given array.

Developer Experience

As developers, we want to get things done. Fast. We want to write as little code as possible and build beautiful modules that work efficiently and flawlessly. 651 more words