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Hello and welcome to my first dip into the Internet pool of narcissism and self importance, the world of blogging. I would like to thank my Senior Seminar class for the excuse to dedicate a whole chunk of memory on a WordPress server to my naivety, uninterested observation, and sarcastic self deprecation. 140 more words


Pretty Sharp, See?

I think this has been around for a bit, but I just saw it the other day and thought it was pretty great.

Anyone with a little programming experience (or even if not, it should still be fairly easy to see where it’s going) should get a kick out of this:

Bene scribete.


Work - 1/19/2017

Redesigning my level generator. I imported the old one, and it’s still functional, but I hate it.

Pixel Art and Other Bits

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second blog post! I should be updating this blog daily. Expect a lot of content :D Hopefully you enjoyed the last blog post about how we can convert and image to a series of characters called ASCII art. 413 more words


Program gabungkan dua lagu format .wav di (MATLAB)

title(‘Plot sinyal mono’);
xlabel(‘waktu diskrit(n)’);


Toy Problem Strategy One

Hopefully at some point I’ll walk through an actual toy problem, but for now here’s a strategy for how to approach them.

Walk through your toy problem with the smallest arguments that are still interesting. 142 more words


Links You'll Love

Wow! This periodic table is gorgeous – and it has pictures of how you would actually use the element. 

Google Classroom has introduced some features making it easier to use Classroom to differentiate for your students. 66 more words