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Day 9 - Codewars Challenges - #100DaysofCode

I’ve got to 7kyu on Codewars with 54 points.

It’s hard to not get intimidated/uncomfortable when working through the katas sometimes when I hit a road block but I think getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable is the point – and at the end of the day that’s why there’s such as thing as StackOverflow and Google. 216 more words


Coding for Social Justice - Coding Challenge by Eric Mathes

This blogpost contains solutions to Eric Mathes’s coding challenge: Coding for Social Justice in his website:

Chapter 2

CSJ 2-1: Black Lives Matter

Think of a statement you would make about the Black Lives Matter movement. 819 more words


Why everyone can code (and should)

I once heard a quote that sticks with me to this day. I’m really paraphrasing, but it goes something like:

“Knowing how to code today is like knowing how to read five hundred years ago. 934 more words

Terraform, Docker, Ubuntu 20.04, Go 1.14 and MemLock: Down the rabbit hole

I recently upgrade my machine and and installed the latest Ubuntu 20.04 as part of that.

Very smugly I fired it up the new install and, … 700 more words



I seem to have pulled some muscle (I had some?) in upper back and it’s kind of sore. I hope it goes away in the next couple of days so I can continue my little wall plastering job inside :D… 115 more words

ProCodeCG - Private Coding Class - Algorithm & Data Structure - Day #1

Today we learn about programming languages, datatypes and basic principles of programming: sequences, looping, conditionals dan functions :)

we started with looping

and then operators… 66 more words