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Reaction to Daily Mail article on prescriptions for special diets

It was with some excitement that I filled in my gluten free prescription this month. According to the Daily Mail there was going to be all sorts of treats on there…doughnuts, muffin mixes, pizzas, pasties to name but a few but, alas, it was just the usual essentials bread, pasta etc and, as a women aged between 19-74, I was still restricted to 14 units… no unlimited biscotti for me then!   368 more words

Coeliac Disease

Gluten Free on Prescription - our truth, our lives!


OK so here’s the thing, at age 4, as you know my son was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition known as Type 1 diabetes. We were told it was life threatening with lifelong insulin replacement treatment the only option.  

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Coeliac Disease

Eating out in Brighton – Top 3 places for Gluten Free

Only a short train ride away from London, Brighton is a must-see city, whether you’re coming from abroad or the UK. Bursting with culture, diversity and creativity, it provides a memorable trip well worth taking. 598 more words


Are UK coeliacs wasting taxpayers' money?

Late last night there was a flurry of activity on the coeliac groups I’m part of on Facebook, largely in reaction to this article from the Daily Mail… 1,699 more words

Coeliac Disease

A sizzling Saturday at The Apple Tree Restaurant

On Saturday, Zoey and her team took the cooking outside for a sizzling Gluten Free BBQ at The Apple Tree Restaurant. With sausages and burgers aplenty, the Coeliac UK Dorchester Group was in attendance to offer information and there was no shortage of gluten free tasters to sample. 75 more words

SansGluten? Mais oui!

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, we’ve been in the Cote! This is what locals call it, and since we were there for two weeks, I’m now considering myself as one. 1,091 more words

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Testing times

The last GCSE exam was a couple of days ago.  It’s been a tough few weeks in more ways than one.  I think we knew it was gong to be stressful, it’s exams, that’s how they are but I don’t think we were quite prepared for just how difficult it was going to be. 1,482 more words