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Soft Gluten Free Pancakes with chocolate and strawberries

It’s Pancake Day tomorrow and my family love pancakes for their tea on Shrove Tuesday.  We make up a double batch of the pancake batter and its cook, flip and eat nearly all night. 604 more words


Glutenfree Orange & Blueberry Pudding Cake

I love puddings, soft, warm and comforting, just what I need on these chilly days.  They are so versatile, you can eat them straight from the oven, hot and steamy with custard for a gorgeous pudding or the next day they are great cold for a quick breakfast.   1,075 more words


Eating Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Chinese @Hunan, Belgravia, London...

As a Coeliac, Chinese food is a real challenge: primarily because of the Ingredients (specifically Soy Sauce and is included as a base to many dishes) and because of the real risk of cross-contamination (as in Chinese cooking with a wok, there is limited cleaning and scrubbing the pans, as many dishes are flash-fried in the wok), therefore, I often avoid it despite my cultural roots.

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Restaurant Reviews


Bella Italia as a chain can’t seem to make its mind up as to whether or not it caters to Coeliacs or not. Currently, it seems like they annoyingly straddle between catering to the choice diet crowd and those with Coeliac disease or intolerances, all the while making us with the biggest concerns err on the side of caution with their reluctance to actually state “gluten free”. 568 more words

Coeliac Disease

My GLUTEN FREE Year in Review: A look back at 2015 and a brief preview of 2016 (With Links)...

Another year is over; 2015 is closing down, to be refreshed and revised as 2016 after a few GLUTEN FREE drinks and Chocolates. “Gluten Free… 683 more words

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Bake-Off Beauties or Attending & Tasting GLUTEN FREE at Foodie Festival (Truman Brewery) and London South Coeliac Support Group Food Fair...

My last two Food Shows were pretty special: Meeting “Bake-Off Beauties” from previous seasons who were in attendance, marketing their respective Cookery Books for Christmas. Both were friendly, chatty and really charming people. 1,124 more words

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2 Years a Coeliac

Time for an update on my Gluten Free journey. I was diagnosed as a Coeliac on December 6th, 2013. My previous update can be read here( 314 more words