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My Precious Coffee & Inner Strength

I felt an uneasy feeling of guilt, the stillest of smallest voices, as I pushed the top down on my AeroPress. The delicious aroma of rich, fresh coffee filled the cold morning air with a warmth that welcomed the new day and reminded me that I could indeed survive out here in the kitchen, away from the comfort of my bed. 910 more words

A Love Letter To Coffee: The One Thing That Never Lets Me Down

When my alarm begins to shriek each morning my hand always reaches out to mute the deafening tone of a new day. I lay in bed amongst the pillows, I fight that halfway state between my dreams and my reality. 609 more words

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coffee addiction on the go

A life of traveling and a severe coffee addiction can be a serious struggle of competition at times. Living in VA and working in NYC has been one of life’s greatest adventures. 588 more words

Sleep, Why Have You Forsaken Me?


This is my current state.

Once the alarm went off this morning, and my feet begrudgingly hit the floor, I have been counting the hours until… 640 more words

Daily Prompts

The Cult of Exhaustion

We live in a world that privileges non-stop hard work and sleepless nights of due diligence over mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s a very real phenomenon, with social media feeds and television shows constantly glorifying sleepless nights and excessive caffeine consumption. 520 more words