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Free Writing #1: Coffee Madness

I tried going to sleep one Thursday afternoon but to no avail. I think I was having an episode of homesickness-slash-lovesickness-slash-anxiety, and tried to find consolation from Facebook. 612 more words


7 Habits of Highly Effective Nappers

Deconstructing the fine art of napping

When’s the last time you indulged in an afternoon nap? Too busy, you say? Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, JFK and John D. 699 more words

The acceptable idol

I want to tell you a story of a woman named Jane. Jane is a strong Christian, who serves in several different ways at her church. 1,540 more words

Making Belief Practical

Brain Drain

Have you ever walked into a room to get something and immediately forgotten what you were going to retrieve? Imagine feeling like that all of the time. 951 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Desperately Seeking Caffeine: Doctor Espresso Mama V's

Let’s not hang about- I’m basically useless without a certain daily caffeine percentage in my bloodstream. I’d rather not get into how healthy that is on a physical/mental level ( 310 more words

Best Coffee

A thank you note to coffee

Dear coffee,

Thank you for helping me get motivated to get out of bed every morning. You’re literally the only reason I get up if I don’t have work. 268 more words


Free Will(y) by Schopenhauer

I thought I might try something different today. Usually I explain scientific, physical concepts, but lately I’ve been getting into some very fun and happy philosophical reading (Schopenhauer), and I thought to myself: why not try myself at explaining metaphysical concepts for a change? 616 more words

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