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How easily fantasy consumes

bleedingĀ colourĀ from life

reality pales

as the imagined crescendos

magnetically engaging

emptying the soul

yet without the imagined

how colourless life is… 7 more words


My coffee routine + coffee hacks for college students

Cat’s gotta have her coffee

Despite being extremely sensitive to caffeine, I have come to love the buzz of this chemical as it surges through my veins during its 9-to-5 workday.

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Recipes For College Kids

No coffee in the house...

I mean really, none. I was prepared for today, knew it was going to be full on. I know I am the only one in our office today (excellent planning there from my manager), I am well aware that my friend is having a baby via c-section today and that I really wanted to be there to support her (did I mention the excellent planning in my office?) but really? 46 more words

Journal Notes

A Cup of Coffee

This isn’t going to be the most moving story in the world. The prompt I used was to write about coffee or tea. Pretty stereotypical for a writer. 420 more words

Creative Writing

Nemo and late nights

“FISHY! Why are you sleeping!!!?!?!” (From the movie Finding Nemo)

That’s how I feel, except the opposite. The picture is of another night, a night where he was sleeping. 391 more words

Family Life

Squirmy babies, dirt, and pee on the floor....and so much more like...

…not enough coffee. Definitely not enough coffee. And before you tell me I’m addicted to coffee and that’s a bad thing let me tell you it’s a good thing. 572 more words

Family Life

koolitzvlog #2 - My thoughts about Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost, and other benefits. We should be aware what kind of coffee we should intake. 170 more words