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I'd Like a Venti Vanilla HOLY-SHIT-That's-Impressive, Please.

I had cut out coffee and dairy from my diet for about three weeks.  It sucked.  I posted the following epitaph to my departed liquid lover:   “sweet, creamy, divinity incarnate, I will write you a sonnet and think of you in my most secret moments.”  I just figured someone with similar addictions would be entertained by my goofiness. 350 more words

On Coffee...

Number one way to tell you have a coffee problem…it tastes like deer park.


Confessions of a Caffeine Addict

There’s something to be said about your coffee intake when your psych student sister sends you a diagnosis from the DSM5 for “Caffeine Intoxication*” and the message: thought of you. 313 more words


I would like to believe coffee is good for me

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As an addicted coffee drinker, I am pleased to think that coffee in the amounts I drink is good for me.  Of course addiction is bad even if the addictive substance is harmless.  88 more words

Medicine And Health

On a Substitute for Caffeine

I’ve stumbled upon, I think, the cure to the world’s caffeine addiction.

I discovered it entirely by accident and subsequently established the robustness of my findings with several rounds of self-experimentation. 101 more words


#FunnyBlogFriday - That Time I Quit Coffee Cold Turkey

Coffee is my crack. Coffee is my life. It’s what I breathe.

I decided to write about coffee today because I’m writing a piece as part of my memoir that has a bit to do with my love for coffee. 783 more words