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How Our Block Bottom Bags Are The Best Solution For Coffee Packaging?

Coffee has become one of the most consumed beverages by people around the world and with this there are lots of industries that are merged with the production of coffee. 358 more words

Coffee Bags

Use Our Kraft Paper Bags to Enhance Your Business in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Recently eco-friendly packaging has become important and very essential because most of the people today have become more conscious and concerned for the deteriorating environment. For some, environmentally friendly is not only an option but also a necessity for an item to try and be considered, and this developing demographic ought not to be overlooked. 413 more words

Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags - A step ahead to coffee culture

In new era fascination towards the coffee is expanded. Various the coffee significant others are becoming step by step. There is no big surprise that with the increment in exchange of coffee, there is continually expanding interest for bags too. 394 more words

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Thank You, Local Coffee Roasters!

A HUGE thanks to Chauvin and Kaldi’s for their generous coffee bag donation. It was my first time at Chauvin’s and man, were they nice! My bestie and I filled up her small SUV to the ceiling and we didn’t even put a dent in their stash. 128 more words


Shower power

There is something about showering under the stars on a balmy summer night and in the fresh of a summer’s morning, before the sun’s scorch.  (Or, if you prefer, on a cold winter’s…whatever.)  We have long been of the opinion that a swimming pool is a costly, time-consuming inessential, so when we moved here, we resolved to find a suitable outside space for a shower.   436 more words

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