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Wake up and smell the coffee!

I love backpacking and I love real, freshly made coffee. However, the two don’t mix very well. A hiker who wants to have a lightweight, never mind ultralight, pack weight can’t carry a percolator or Mokka pot. 408 more words


Homesteading Tip-Make Your Own Coffee Bags

Sometimes I will lay down for a nap and get to thinking about things, and really obvious ideas hit me.

I have a Keurig, that I use in the winter more than anything (with reusable filters, not the cups from the store), and a French press that I love but hate taking apart to clean (and then the grounds get everywhere). 196 more words


Coffee Curtains

Took me a few days to make these. I sewed the bags together, then my boyfriend gave me a faster alternative, stapling! It shaved days off the production time. 28 more words


Preparations Completed / 仕込み完了

Now, as the weather became so hot, preparations had to be made.
This technique requires a large amount of beans.
Therefore this time, to save some money, I used those economical coffee bags sold at supermarkets.