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Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup - A Review

Today I’m here with the completing review for my Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup First Impression. 

So, while I do really enjoy this coffee syrup, I wish it tasted more. 138 more words


Another Birthday Party

Another week, another birthday party. This time we celebrated my uncle and his girlfriend. We had a small taste-test for the best pickled pepperoncini. I’m almost certain that was the kind of pepper we ate, but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, soo. 6 more words

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Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 9.0 feat. Something Out of The Ordinary

I honestly don’t even remember how long ago this was, but anyways… I had to go for a routine checkup at the dentist, because I have braces so it’s necessary. 320 more words


A Third Birthday

Last weekend, one of my little cousins turned three, and we celebrated that with a birthday party a few days later. I’ve been meaning to make this post for days now, but because I’m terrible at life in general, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 10 more words

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Saturnus Vanilla Syrup - A First Impressions

Today I will be doing a first impression post for this Saturnus Vanilla Coffee SyrupI found this in my local Ica Maxi grocery store, and it’s made by a Swedish Brewery, called… 502 more words


A Mother's Day

Mother’s day was this past weekend here in Sweden, and my siblings and I celebrated our mum with some cookies my sister had baked and some gifts. 147 more words

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A Baptism

Yesterday, my family and I went to my little cousins baptism, and I tried to take a few nice photos, but this was the best that came out, everything was out of focus, I mean  68 more words

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