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Birthday Gifts for My Favourite Politically Incorrect Anthrologist!

Back in the days of undergrad, a friend of mine and I came up with innumerable penis jokes because that’s what you do when you’re in undergrad. 135 more words


The Coffee Cozy Avalanche!

Having finally acquired my very own sewing machine, I wanted to do some simple items to practice certain skills that I don’t have a lot of opportunity to work on in class (like straight top stitching. 129 more words


Pink Coffee Mug Cozy with Wood Button

This pink coffee mug cozy with wood button, is the ideal gift for anyone who loves pink! Soft to the touch, you can protect your hands from a hot mug while indulging in the delicious aroma of your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. 83 more words

Fundamentals 2: Patchwork Coffee Cozies!

For my birthday this year, my partner gifted me with another set of sewing lessons at The Make Den! I decided to take Fundamentals 2, and we started our class by making a patchwork coffee cup cozy! 76 more words


Apparently I've been unaware of this concept called stash busting.

I have so much yarn lying around my house. I’m not even joking. It’s just everywhere. The living room, bedroom, spare bedroom…It’s getting to the point where I’m going to need to dedicate an entire room to it. 121 more words


Old pattern: Coffee Cozy

I’m moving all my patterns here (well free ones) and this was originally posted on my fanfic journal on Dreamwidth (not linking because OMG my fics are horrible)  I’m probably going to revamp this one soon, but I’ll keep this one up as well. 269 more words