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Let's have coffee

Ahh, my favorite part of the week. I actually have a few coupons we could use in Starbucks. We could use it for today! Are you up for it? 441 more words


Let's have coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d start today’s meet-up by telling you that I am really really full. My family and I had dinner and my dad ordered a lot of stuff which meant we had to eat a lot. 341 more words


Iced Coffee

coffee dates in the snow

Idaho road trip, 2016


Let's have coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how foolish I am. If you haven’t known or noticed, I changed domains and moved everything from here to a new site called hello-happiness.net. 534 more words


Metro Gourmet Cafe

I love it when my mom visits me here in the city as I don’t get to visit my hometown as often as I’d like. She brought my youngest sibling with her and we found this quaint little cafe as we were running some errand. 16 more words

Industrious Art

A reflection on the Writer-in-Residence program at McMaster University and my personal experience meeting fellow inspiring writers!

From: http://thepaperstreetjournal.com/read/industrial-art/



If grit and beauty both inspire and repulse you, you’ve likely found a home in Hamilton. 395 more words

Coffee Date

Cafe Day

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Saturday!!

This Saturday is one of the last I have free before finals. So, naturally, I decided to take advantage of it and head into the city for coffee, coffee, coffee. 430 more words