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MaxiTaxi Has a Coffee Date

Read my lips…I am never dating again!

And here is why…A dating site guy sent me a message inviting me to meet him for coffee – a coffee date. 299 more words

Coffee Date {#58}

I’m sitting here having a cup of coffee as I wait for J and N’s last-day-of-school picnic (too bad it’s cold and rainy out — grrr), so I figured it was the perfect time for a coffee date! 513 more words

Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Fueled Motherhood

Today’s motherhood story comes from my church friend, Lynda Jordan. Lynda and I met through the ministry of our favorite local coffee shop, Bare Bulb Coffee… 711 more words

Motherhood Stories

Coffee Date {#57}

Helloooo there!  I’m just popping in for a very quick coffee date this evening.  I’ve spent the entire week in trial and will spend all of next week the same way.   151 more words

Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date...

Guys I’m really excited about so many things coming up in my life right now, and mostly I believe it’s because I have gotten appropriate amounts of sleep to truly enjoy them….let’s just say this weekend and it’s copious amounts of events and ‘to dos’ left me feeling less than energetic last night. 465 more words

Marvelous May Ultimate Coffee Date

It’s the first Saturday of the month and for the second time, I’m participating in The Ultimate Coffee Date.  It’s a group of bloggers who share the love and spend a little time getting to know each other.  612 more words

The Cheapskate

Whether we care to admit it or not, we all have a certain type of behaviour we expect out of the dating world. As a dater, and a woman, I sometimes surprise myself at how many social norms I want to see in the person I’m meeting, despite knowing it promotes a stereotype feminists both male and female are trying to dispel. 824 more words